Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How To Log Off Remotely From Online Accounts

Have you ever used your friend's internet device to log on to your email, social network or other sites requiring a log in? If you did, your account might have been compromised! This is because browsers on PC's and apps on smartphones can remember your log ins without you knowing. The common mistake is we often forget to log off specially on smartphones and tablets. Hitting the back button of these devices does not log you out, either  closing a browser's window. Your account is effectively on and your friends or anyone that have access to that device can access you account.

And if ever you have forgotten to log out from a public machine, then this is a major problem. This can let anyone to take over your account without sweat. And the worst is, they might use your account to their illicit activities. One of the symtoms is your email or social network contacts are receiving messages from your account without your knowledge of sending any.  Is there a way you can prevent this from happening?

The good news is emails and social networks have a way to log you off remotely and here's how.

Log off remotely


On a pc

Whilst logged on to your email, scroll down to the right bottom of the screen and click details(1). A pop up screen will show your recent email activity, the device used to access, the time, location and IP address. If you can not identify any of these, then it is best to sign out all other sessions(2)

On a mobile

You need to use the built in browser of your mobile to log on to your email.  Do not use the app installed. Whilst on your messages, tap the menu botton(3)>desktop(4)>details(5). A window similar to the one above(2) will be shown. 


On a pc

Whilst logged on, click the small inverted triangle at the top right side(6)>settings(7)>security(8)>where you're logged in(9). The most recent log in will show at the bottom and notice if you can not identify any of the log in parameters like the location of the log in and device used. End the activity(10) on any entry you have doubt with or better is to end all activity(11).

On your mobile

You can use the mobile application with facebook. Log on and top the menu(12) at the top right>privacy shortcuts(13)>more settings(14)>security(15)>active sessions(16). The next page will give you the active sessions. If you can not identify any of these, it is best to end it's session(17) by tapping the x button.

Other online services

If there is no option to log out all of your sessions in any online service, the best way to stop those sessions which might be exposed to others is to change your password. This would log you off immediately to any access opened to your account. This is also the reason why security experts strongly suggest to change passwords from time to time.

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