Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year, New Phone Gimmick!

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It's 2015! With the saturated mobile world, what would be the next thing to entice fans to spend another dollar or pounds to buy a new one, whilst the new apple 6 has just making it's way to the top of the basket checkout  list? So after the battle of big screens,which apple decided and have been subdued that this really an important game tactic for users, and totally incomprehensible list of functions that in the real world we do not have use of, what's next?

Here's a phone manufacturing company that thinks differently from the other top brands. Although their product has been around for a year or  two, it has not been properly globally introduced, but to certain countries. But I bet the top brands are already studying it's design if it causes another threat to mobile domination, that could make their engineers in thinkering what to do better with this new phone concept. What's special about this phone is, it has two faces!

Yes it does, face A is a normal typical smartphone and when you turn it over, the B side is an extension of the smartphone's notification center. And the trick bit in here is it uses electronic paper display (EPD) like those found on e-book readers. EPD's are known for energy efficiency and readability even when under a bright sunlight. This new generation of smart phone is called Yotaphone. The name may not be the coolest you have heard of and can mean something to "ilocanos" like me, but here are the practical reasons why I would like to buy it.

Being Android.

It does operate under google's android mobile operating system, which has it's advantages over the competition. Like the ability to install third party applications that is banned by other OS unless you pay a gamble to freely cut off the ties on it's operating system that most users have never thought of it doing. Paid for Android apps, as far as I can remember, are cheaper than other OS, and would not worry about the shortages but the capacity of the phone's memory. And not just apps that it has the advantages of, the user's interface can be customized to make the environment lokkk like an apple, blackberry or windows phone. Not to mention than it also supports cross flat form development that means developers using other codes can easily release a version of android faster than other OS.

Battery life.

This is the first thing that struck my mind, as my phone has developed a strong affection to the mains. I usually charge everyday, as I want the battery to be at least 80% full when I go out. This is also because of my oncall duty to make my mind at peace knowing that I can be called 24hours. The second screen of this phone is made up of EPD which is efficient in using power resource.

Running an android operating system can be battery hungry but transfering the  phone function to the EPD screen  and turning on yotaenergy  mode will add at least 4 more hours to use smartphone functions. This is brilliant. This also means you can finish what you are doing or not to prematurely terminate a call because of low battery.


Smartphone acreens are all lovely specially with new models, but the one thing I hate about them is the difficulty of reading under the sunlight. No matter how much squinting, the bright sunlight takes over the show. With the EPD, it's just like reading a print from a newspaper. So under bright sunshine, just turn it over and use this screen. Although it is in monocolour, this does not matter as reading the message or accessing the phone book with ease is more important.

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Summary features.

Operating SystemAndroid Kitkat
Screen5 inchesCamera8 & 2 Mp
Int Memory32GBRAM2GB
Ext MemoryNot supported

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Practical Photo File Keeping

Which file clutter most inside a computer or any device? Photos! As it is so easy to take them and the devices to take photos are just so accessible, we are overflowing with it. And most of us keep these files  inside computers. Transferring digital data is so easy but to remember which folder where we keep them is the problem. Basically, keeping is easy and retrieving is a pain, specially photo's. This is always causing me headaches specially when looking for a file that has not been accessed for quit sometime. Actually the problem's root happens when we first save it, so it is then necessary to solve the problem from the beginning. How?

Adopt date folder naming.

 Let's take for example the 'Pictures' folder. Usually, we name photo folders by the place they are taken,  the name of the occassion or some other names . As we attend more gatherings, visit more places, and take more photos with more people, the 'Photos' folder will soon be a collection  of random names of places, occassions, persons, etc. It will easily become a cluttered 'Photos' folder and will be so confusing to find the exact picture you are looking for.

To avoid this, start a folder and name it as a 'year' (1) , then a subfolder with the month(2, don't forget to put number before the name of the month for easier sorting) then another sub folder with the date(3) when the picture is taken. It will be very easy to retrieve photos and to remember which folder you've put the photos. It will also make your explorer window tidy.


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