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The Latest Craze Pokemon Go

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Nintendo is making a comeback with the newest video game craze. And this time, it is no longer a propreity
to their nintendo player but encompasses popular flatforms like android and apple. After all it is more profitable to include neighbouring brands than enclosing it in the nintendo backyard which is just limited to proper gaming flatform.

How To Download

The game can be downloaded and played for free on both android and apple smartphones, although it is still too early to rollout the possibility of extending this to the remaining mobile systems. Just visit the google play or app store in your mobile phone to get it. Click here to visit and download Pokemon Go.

What To Watch Out For When Playing

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The object of the game is to catch Pokemons  by flicking a ball unto them when they become available on your surroundings. As the game uses your location to find pokemon in the augmented reality environment, your device should be connected to any internet gateway, 4g, 3g or wi-fi. Your device will vibrates to alarm you to get ready for the shot or chase.

If you tend to hide your phone away from  view but couldn't resist playing the game, a bracelet (Pokemon Go Plus)  like device can easily vibrate or light up as a warning of nearby catch or events.
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One thing to watch out for is your data limit, as you may incur surcharges when you go beyond your data limit.

As the app uses your camera,, data connection, and location to play,  not to mention that your screen needs to be turned on all the time when playing, you may need to know the nearest mains to charge your phone or could benefit from bringing along a portable battery pack or charger.

In this time of the year when the sun's brandishing it's power, a solar portable charger is not a bad idea.

And as this game encourges everyone to be looking everywhere, a near free public wi-fi area is a must. But in case this is not possible, a mi-fi device could be a fun saver for kids hunting far and wide, though it could be a wallet menace as it needs another data loaded simcard.

Warning Advisory

The game is still in it's infancy state so to speak, but it is proven to be so engaging that even grown-ups are not spared form it's snares. The playing of the game at the unappropriate places and activities has so far  caused accidents and injuries. So please, if you are planning to play, do not do it whilst driving, crossing the road, or in places of worships or when silence is of much important. There is nothing bad in having fun but to cause other's inconvinience whilst having fun is not acceptable. And do not try to die whilst having fun, because that's stupid!!

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