Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Why You Will Like the iPhone SE

Life is a collection of changes and turns, going and coming back, and we need to adopt to it in order to survive. After all, these changes shape the world we live in and the things we need to live. After a while, apple turns around and re-shape their flagship phone into the previous version. This is a surprise specially to those who are following the trend of apple phones and expecting an iPhone 6C.

Is it because the sale of the enormous iPhone 6/S is disappointing? Or it's size fills the complaints box of people not used to handle bigger gadgets? Whatever the reason is, this turn around is focused on the users, it's functions and affordability.

Brief Specs and Expectations

The newest apple is the same in size and design as the old iPhone 5 with 4 inch- screen. Yet it behaves more like the iPhone 6S in terms of hardware. It sports the newest A9 processor, the same with the 6S, 2 GB of RAM, but obviously a lower capacity battery that can stay up to 13 hours. The back camera is also an 6S copycat at 12MP and 1.5MP front facing cam as the  6. Though it has a fingerprint sensor, it is not equipped with 3d touch which users say does not make any difference as they do not use this feature much.

With these specs and functionality, the iPhone SE is a price crash version of the 6S. Although it lacks the screen size the iPhone 6 users are enjoying, it balances the equation by better capabilities.

The iPhone SE has not hit the shelves yet but is ready to pre-order now.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

CM Booster, Real Android Battery Saver

One of the persistent problems with mobiles is low battery. You can not do anything specially when you are out and do not have any chance or any way  to charge your phone. In this situation, conserving the battery for emergency use is just the only option available. And even without using the phone, normally the battery  is still trickling and discharging it's power like a timer counting down without the possibility of slowing down. But thankfully, there is a way of  retarding the discharge of  power with this "unexpected" free app.

The CM Speed Booster.

I used the word "unexpected" because conserving the battery is not it's major task. It is actually a booster to speed up the phone by releasing resources, deleting unwanted cache and tweaking the RAM. It's new feature, "the app standby", automatically lists apps that are wearing down the battery specially when the power percentage is in critical level and puts the phone into low bat mode. Although it does this  automatically, it still needs your input to "hibernate" these apps into standby mode by forcefully quitting them.

After hitting the launch button of  "hibernate idle apps" (1) and force quits all automatically chosen apps(2),

the application managed to keep the battery percentage to 12% for 8 hours(3). The figures are just impressive and for the first time I am seeing the effective conservation of battery without switching off the phone. Screenshot 4 shows the "plateau" state after the hibernate mode for idle apps is activated. Notice the steep drop when the phone is used.

Download CM Booster

CM booster can be downloaded from google play store by clicking here. This is a lightweight application compared to other similar programs and at the time of writing, it is advertisement free, meaning it will never use any of your internet connection, thus contributing to energy efficiency and saving data tariff, if you use mobile data to access the internet.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Why You Will Like the Samsung Galaxy S7

A new "world" has emerged adding to the collection of discovered galaxies on the Samsung's flagship mobile phone universe! Exciting and full of promise like a new born, would this newly discovered galaxy has the charisma to make us focus our spotlight and take a closer look? Or has the alluring quality that make our wallet come out of the pocket and splash every cash and card content to make a purchase?

The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Family:

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Gold

 One thing for sure, the S7 is a stunner. It is one of the most beautiful phone in 2016. With it's 5.1 inch size(5.5 inches for the edge), it fits comfortably on your hands and pocket. The curved shiny metallic-glass backing makes it slide easily in the back pocket so therefore, before accident happens, it is better to invest on a good case to protect this expensive gadget.

Accessories for S7

Caseflex Premium Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Genuine Leather Slim-Line Stand Wallet Cover With ID / Cash / Card Slots - Black

It features the always on screen, that allows to show the date, time and the remaining battery life which is helpful to know if it's time yet to charge the unit. It also notifies missed calls and messages. This feature saves you from turning the unit's screen on and off. Although it is always on, the battery is conserved because of the way the super AMOLED screen works. It only illuminates the needed pixels! And also, the battery is beefed up with a massive 3000mAh (3600mAh for the edge) power which doesn't let you down even when you use it for 24 hours or more.

The S7 also boasts 4GB of RAM that makes all tasks as fluid as possible, and more applications to run at the same time without noticing a lag or a drag in performance. Not to mention the 32GB native storage, you can now extensively expand its memory of up to 200GB. The removable storage and battery remained a strong point in owning a Samsung rather than the competition.

If you are up for crisps photos and selfies, it also upgraded it's camera to a 12MP rear and 5MP front facing snapper, coupled with a bigger sensor to accommodate more light specially when shooting in the dark. The work horse is also 30% faster than it's predecessor with the more powerful 2.3 GHz, Samsung Exynos processor. And good news to everyone,  the bloatwares has been trimmed down to minimum, meaning there is less clutter of apps that you'll never use.

Ready to explore the new galaxy? See best and latest deals below.

Galaxy S7 £36per month.
Galaxy S7 edge £36 per month


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