Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fix Internet Explorer Problem

I have not used internet explorer for quite sometime, as I have been using alternative browsers for the internet. Because there was one video software that I wanted to try that only supports internet explorer 11, I have to put it back into action. It is still my default browser and have not replaced it. The problem is the video software installer could not detect internet explorer and when I click a website's shortcut(1) in my desktop that opens with the default browser( internet explorer), it says the application could not be found(2).

Rescue Attempts

  1. I have attempted installing it using the original files (computer>system(c)>program files(x86)>internet explorer>ieinstall.exe), but it doesn't seem to be working. Clicking ieinstall.exe (3)doesn't do anything! I also noticed that the internet explorer shortcut is missing inside the IE folder.
  2. I've downloaded a new installation file(4) and successfully installed it(5). But still  I could not launch it, and the application still not found after the restart.
  3. Internet explorer is not in the list of applications at programs and features(control panel>programs and features), where I could have attempted installation repair.

Problem Solved

 Still at programs and features, I have noticed a "windows features on or off" (6)link at the left side of the screen. Clicking this link opened a new window containing applications including internet explorer. I noticed that the box before IE is not ticked(7). It took a bit of time (10) after ticking(8) IE box and confirming(9) before the change takes effect.

After this, the internet explorer shortcut is again included in the IE folder and the web shortcut that opens with IE now launches without any problem.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Fix Flash Player Crashing On Firefox With Old Laptop

 Updating a software is necessary to enjoy the latest function of a program. It also fixes bugs that usually make it crash and makes it more secure to hacker's threats. But sometimes it is a source of disappointment specially to older computers that can not cope with the computing requirements of the newly added functionality. Upgrading the computer's RAM is an obvious solution but before you buy anything,  read on how to solve it with a few clicks.

Video plug in crashing

I have an old windows vista that I use to connect to our TV to watch movies. The installed browser is firefox. Because I have not used this laptop for quite sometime, firefox says about a new update. Thinking that this will improve my ageing's laptop's performance, I did installed it. After installing, there seemed to be a bug in the update that the videos from the website play a bit then stops! The flash player seems unresponsive or doing too much work every time.  At this point,  stopping the plug in is the best option.

The new firefox is default to run to "use hardware acceleration when available" which is not a problem with the latest operating system, processor and ample amount of ram. Whilst my old laptop is a vista and has only the basic 2GB of ram, it could not take the additional load of hardware accelleration to run the flash.

1. Disable hardware acceleration.

To disable it, click the open menu, the last icon(1) at the top right hand corner>options(2)>advance(3)>then untick "use hardware..."(4). Don't forget to click OK to confirm. Close your browser and relaunch again.

2. Install lower resulotion flash

 If disabling the acceleration does not cure the problem, you might need to install a flash player with lower resolution.  There is an available add-on for firefox's latest browser. Just dearch for it under add-on list.

To do this, click open menu(1)>addons>get add-ons>type shockwave flash(6) at the search window>scroll down to low quality flash>install(7).

3. Disable high resolution flash

For the lower resolution flash to take effect, disable the higher quality flash by going to open menu(1)>add-ons(5)>plug-ins(8)>scroll down to shockwave flash ans choose never activate(9). Close your browser and re launch.

4. Adjust video quality

If you are not happy with the low resolution video, you can adjust the newly installed add-on to automatically play medium resolution instead of low, by clicking the cog icon(10)>view recent updates(12)>options(11)>untick low resolution and tick medium(13)OK then restart the browser.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

How To Stream Multimedia From a Windows Laptop To an Apple TV

Apple TV is great with apple devices. It can output anything you can see on the screen of an iPhone, iPad or iMac in a single tap to a bigger screen. You can see web pages, photos and movies or play games in full view depending on the size of the TV that it is connected to. And it does this wirelessly. Another talent of this little device is not only limited to apple products. It can also stream movies and music from a windows laptop or PC.

Here are the simple steps to do this. Just make sure both the apple TV and windows laptop are connected to the same wifi network.

1. Download iTunes and if you have it already, make sure you have the latest version.

Click the drop down menu(1)>Show Menu Bar(2) to show Help(3)>Check for Updates(4). It will let you know if you have the latest version or needs updating.

2. Add files to iTunes library. You can add a file that you have purchased through iTunes or acquired somewhere else. You can add any multimedia as long as it is inside your computer.

Click the drop down menu(1)>add file to library(5)>locate where you kept your files>choose the file you want to add(6).

3. You can check the files that you have just added by clicking the file category menu(7). Like in the example, the movie file is kept at films category(8). It shows you the number of files and you can distinguish the newly added one by the label added to the thumbnail. Clicking the monitor icon(10) lets you choose if you want to output the movie with the laptop or apple TV(11).

4. To stream the playback to the apple tv, double click the file and the movie will start playing at the TV monitor. Your laptop will show you the progress and the apple tv's connected status(13).

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How To Log Off Remotely From Online Accounts

Have you ever used your friend's internet device to log on to your email, social network or other sites requiring a log in? If you did, your account might have been compromised! This is because browsers on PC's and apps on smartphones can remember your log ins without you knowing. The common mistake is we often forget to log off specially on smartphones and tablets. Hitting the back button of these devices does not log you out, either  closing a browser's window. Your account is effectively on and your friends or anyone that have access to that device can access you account.

And if ever you have forgotten to log out from a public machine, then this is a major problem. This can let anyone to take over your account without sweat. And the worst is, they might use your account to their illicit activities. One of the symtoms is your email or social network contacts are receiving messages from your account without your knowledge of sending any.  Is there a way you can prevent this from happening?

The good news is emails and social networks have a way to log you off remotely and here's how.

Log off remotely


On a pc

Whilst logged on to your email, scroll down to the right bottom of the screen and click details(1). A pop up screen will show your recent email activity, the device used to access, the time, location and IP address. If you can not identify any of these, then it is best to sign out all other sessions(2)

On a mobile

You need to use the built in browser of your mobile to log on to your email.  Do not use the app installed. Whilst on your messages, tap the menu botton(3)>desktop(4)>details(5). A window similar to the one above(2) will be shown. 


On a pc

Whilst logged on, click the small inverted triangle at the top right side(6)>settings(7)>security(8)>where you're logged in(9). The most recent log in will show at the bottom and notice if you can not identify any of the log in parameters like the location of the log in and device used. End the activity(10) on any entry you have doubt with or better is to end all activity(11).

On your mobile

You can use the mobile application with facebook. Log on and top the menu(12) at the top right>privacy shortcuts(13)>more settings(14)>security(15)>active sessions(16). The next page will give you the active sessions. If you can not identify any of these, it is best to end it's session(17) by tapping the x button.

Other online services

If there is no option to log out all of your sessions in any online service, the best way to stop those sessions which might be exposed to others is to change your password. This would log you off immediately to any access opened to your account. This is also the reason why security experts strongly suggest to change passwords from time to time.

Monday, 19 May 2014

4 Common iPhone 5 Headaches

Apple products are known for their reliability. They do not breakdown easily and doesn't give much of a headache. But still, these devices are assembled with human intervention where lapses could happen that can lead to imperfect product. And the iPhone 5 is no exception. Let's see the common problems and simple solutions to these.

1. Home button not working

If you have this kind of problem, call apple straight away. This is a hardware issue that's affecting some iPhone units. The sooner you report this, the quicker the replacement if you are still under warranty.
But if you are no longer under warranty, they might charge you for the service. If you do not want to be charged, there is a built in solution to this. by using  the virtual home button function of the phone.

To do this go to  Settings> General (1),  Accessibility> Assistive Touch (2)> and turn it on(3).   The accessibility button(4) will appear at the screen and when you tap it, the virtual home button(5) will appear.

2. Rattling sound inside

What could be causing the rattling sound from the inside when you shake the iPhone? There's no other suspect but components inside the phone that could loosen up for sometime after everyday use, specially when the phone is subjected to falls and vibrations. And the most common part that causes this is the battery. The iPhone 5's battery is not held by any screw. Unlike the older models, it doesn't have a double sided tape to hold it in place. This makes it easy to be misaligned that causes the rattling noise.

There's no other option but to open the phone and realign the battery. If you have the right equipment, iphone 5's battery is very easy to access, unlike the previous models. And the tools needed are becoming cheaper. But if you are a faint heart, leave it to the experts.

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3. Battery is hot and drains easily

Over exertion of the battery by ongoing processes or application is causing this. Specially those programs that connect to the internet to work, like emails, social network programs and so on. Remember that high temperature affects battery performance.

Obviously, the problem can be solved by exiting from these applications. Or turn off internet connectivity. Check the setting of your email and calendar. Make them run on manual mode. To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Fetch New Data and turn Push to Off and select Manually(6).

Another way to solve this is to buy a power sleeve that serves as a case and a backup battery to the unit.

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4. Wi-Fi connectivity issue

There are instances that it is hard to connect to the home wi-fi. It might takes forever to connect, suffers from low signal, and disconnection. Internet connection can be intermittent and drops frequently. Or the connectivity animation seems to be OK but could not connect to the internet.

Remedy this by going to settings then toggle the airplane mode to off then on(7) again. It should refresh it's connection to the home wi-fi. If it does not, tap your wi-fi access(8), then tap "forget this network"(9) and try to reconnect again. If it reconnects but still could not use the internet, try clearing out your safari browser's cache by going to settings>safari>clear history>clear cookies and data.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

4 Ways To Improve Cellular Signal

A work colleague has a data connectivity problem the other day. She was sitting very near the window trying to send emails using her mobile phone network. She told me she has tried several times but could not send it. And when I tried it myself, the message did not go through either.

The signal bar was at least at level 1, but I have already suspected that because we work inside a building and most of the time we are at a no signal zone, the animation of the data signal might be having a problem that it is showing level 1 whilst in reality there is none. Obviously the accurate way to get the real signal is to restart the phone, but this could take at least two minutes. The quickest and equally effective is to put the phone into flight mode on then off again. This process takes seconds as it only toggles connectivity functions only. After we did that, presto, all of the emails in the queue were sent.


To solve the problem is to understand the possible causes first. There are many factors that can affect connectivity. This could be a network proximity problem, or your distance from the closest cellular tower. The farther you are from this results in weaker signal.

The second is obstructions of radio signals like solid and thick walls that results in signal traffic that can not penetrate through.

The third is the ability of the phone to receive signals. Sometimes even the way you hold the phone can affect the signal strength. The same with battery condition.

Sometimes the network is to blame. Every network works independently from each other, and the strength of their signal depends on the number and location of their cell sites. The more sites they have, the wider their signal coverage.


  • 1. There's nothing much we can do about the distance and network causing the problem. There are simple things we can do to this according to individual circumstances. If you experience this whilst inside a building, going to an open area can improve the reception. Or walk to a near window whilst placing a call. 

  • 2. Keep the battery topped up at it's peak level. When the battery is low, it might have enough power to place a call but not strong enough to search a signal. Holding the phone upright and avoiding to touch the top portion of the phone (usually the built in antennae is located) whilst on an active call can improve signal reception.

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  • 3. If you have a permanent low signal at home, it is best to invest on a cellular mobile phone signal repeater to boost the weak signal from your cellular network. This can increase signal reception over the coverage area. Though it is a bit expensive, it would worth every penny when this means not going to have a walk when you want to place a call. But be wary about those cheap stick on signal boosters as most of them do not really work.

  • 4. If everything else fails, you might want to change your provider. There are places that a certain network does not have a signal at all whilst other have a strong presence. This depends on the location and number of their cell towers. To check which network is available in your area, tap settings(android), connections, more networks, mobile networks, network operators. The strongest network will appear at the top as it is the first to appear at the search.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Android Smartphone Faster

Does your smartphone seem to run slower than usual? Or has an observable delay before it responds to your touch when you launch an application, and restarting it does not solve the problem? The slowdown is not caused by a single factor alone but most of the time it is a result of a combination of  situations. Here are the most common reasons and what to do about on each.

1. Clear up running out built in memory

Every application we download is saved in the internal memory of the phone by default and run from there. The more apps we download, the more likely that the available space will soon be running out. This will result in the slowdown of performance.

Solution to this is to move the applications to the external SD storage. The problem is only a handful of applications can be moved without rooting your phone first. To see which applications can be moved, go to settings, general, application manager then tap any of applications. If the move to SD card button is greyed out(1,2), this means it can not be moved. As you can see, these apps, usually have large total byte size(3).

The move to SD card (4) button is active to apps that can be moved to an external storage. Tapping this button will transfer all files related to the apps into the SD card.

The fact that not all apps and usually the large sized applications can not be moved,  the simplest solution here is to choose wisely which one to install and uninstall(5) those we seldom use or never used.

2. Update the firmware

If your phone is not set to auto update, you can do this manually by going to the settings, general, about device. You need to be connected to wi-fi rather than data connection and it is advisable to connect it to the mains charger. Tap software update, then update(6) to see if there is an available download for your phone. This will take sometime so be patient. You can tick auto update(7) to check for updates automatically. Because the updates contain usually big files, it is better to tick wi-fi only(8).

3. Install antivirus

Like computers, smartphones are also vulnerable to infections, viruses and other malwares. These could significantly affect the performance of your phone. As these are usually concealed to other softwares when we download apps, we do not know we got them until symptoms appear. It is also advisable to download antiviruses from reputable and popular companies. Avast (9) and AVG two of the leading names in internet security, have free versions to download from the play store.

Once downloaded, it is advisable to check for the recent update before you begin your first scan.

4. Restart the phone

Closing up applications do not mean the programs has already shut down, sometimes there are programs that are still running on the background. As they are still running in the phone's processes, they are still using the phone's random memory without us knowing, and this results in the phone's sluggish performance. . Restarting the phone will cure this and also get rid of various glitches when apps become corrupted that impedes performance of the device.

Restarting the phone do not only includes powering off the phone. It is also a good practice to pull the battery out and reinsert it before powering it back on again.

5. Reset the phone

If you have done everything and you think the phone's performance is still not improving, the best remedy is to reset the phone into it's factory setting. This means, everything in your phone will be wiped out, including contacts, photos, downloaded applications, account settings and etc. So before you do this, you need to back(10) these up otherwise you will lose them all. To reset, go to settings, general, backup and reset, factory data reset(11)!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Why You Will Like the Sony Z2

The company that offered the first water resistant smartphone has comeback for the second time with some refinement from the first. It come with something that might entice customers depending on their taste. Though sony couldn't please everyone, here is the list of improvement


This is another android phone with the latest Kitkat 4.4 operating system and sporting a  quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor that are both known to be energy efficient. Performance wise, the phone is fitted with a massive 3GB of RAM, the biggest I have seen so far from the newest phone flagships. This makes sure everything runs smoothly no matter how much application is opened at one time. It promises no lags and fluid performance.


The machine's 5.2 inch screen is a power drainer but sony knows how to handle the situation by shipping it with a high capacity 3200mAh battery and a software that can be activated to save battery.  The stamina mode conserves power starting one minute after the screen has been turned off. The data traffic is automatically blocked and background activities are prevented from waking up the system which usually the culprit of low battery performance.


The Xperia Z2 is one of the largest smartphone of today. It has a screen size of 5.2 inches, bigger than most of the new model flagship of  HTC and Samsung. It is perfect for viewing photos taken from it's 20.7 MP camera that has an Exmor RS sensor on it. This means it can take high definition photos even in low lit locations. The noise reduction feature does not only apply to still photos but do well in video mode. In fact it can record clips at 4K resolution. Perfect to project into a 4K TV that is DLNA capable or use MHL adaptor for older TV versions with HDMI port. On it's own, the phone's front facing speaker is capable of 3D surround, which might be sufficient not to use a docking speaker. It is also the first smartphone to introduce built in digital noise cancelling feature that makes you can enjoy noise-free sound with the use of the included MDR-NC31EM headphones.


iPhone 5 Feature You Wouldn't Like To Try

The  Switch Control

It is a harmless feature of the iPhone5 with the purpose of ease of access but can also drive a regular smart phone user to go nuts! Got it yesterday when I got curious and activated with the intention of trying it. Then my nightmare began.

Who couldn't go insane when everything I wanted to do is in cycle sequence, and couldn't jump to the next menu selection without choosing an action from another cycling sub menu's? I could not use the phone normally without tapping the menus blindly and hoping the tap works to get me back or forward to where I want to be.  Entering password is also a pain. Even the four digit passcode could take at least half an hour or more to figure out how to enter it.

The feature is called switch control that helps in navigating the iPhone with multiple switches. Though apple made this feature with good intentions, based on my experience, my opinion is it makes things frustratingly complicated and therefore would not recommend activating it. If you have activated it and had the same nightmare like me and has not able to disable it because of the complexity of inputting keystrokes and navigating through menus, here's what I did to activate it, how I had the nightmare, and how I saved my sanity from it.

Activate it

Curious cats like me can activate it by going to Settings, General, Accessibility, Switch Control. The menus will then be highlighted one after the other. Activating it will need at least two touches, one to select it whilst menus are automatically highlighted and one to activate it from the submenu whilst they are again automatically highlighted one after the other.

The nightmare

From this point I had the chance to choose not to proceed or choose cancel. But curiosity taken over and decided to press the power button. That's the nightmare begun. As I use 4 digit passcode to activate the phone, and accessibility access is on, the phone started to highlight and cycle what's in the screen. It started with the time, date, slide to unlock, the camera, then starts all over again. Hitting the slide to unlock whilst it is being highlighted will bring up a submenu of actions that are highlighted one by one. As I am not still familiar with the actions of the sebmenus, I ended up tapping all of them. But ofcourse the one to tap is the first option called tap. And to get out from the submenu, wait until the phone says get out from the menu and tap the selection whilst nothing is highlighted.

Trials to escape

Frustrated with the taps and hit and misses, my only choice narrowed down to resetting the phone to it's factory setting. But it is not straight forward as find my iPhone needs to be activated before I can erase everything plus the messed up Switch Control setting. Tapping in the my correct 14 digit password combination of numbers, letters and upper cases plus waiting for the cycling menus for the correct highlights, it took me at least an hour or more just to disable it.

I made a back up just in case I would dare to thread this way again and to preserve everything in the phone.

The reset is successful and I need to register the device as a new one otherwise it will pick up the same problematic setting if I will restore it from the recent back up. This means everything is wiped up from the phone's memory and I would not like to do that. And this would allow me to study how to get into the settings and to get to the correct button as quickly as possible.

Getting back to my phone's data and getting rid of the setting

After learning how to get to the setting, I have outlined my tap attack as follows, settings, tap, general, tap, accessibility, tap, then tap any selection then tap scroll, tap scroll down, then tap any of the menu, then tap scroll, tap scroll down until you get to the Switch Control. When you get there, tap Switch Control to turn it of and tap OK when highlighted then tap!

In order to do this, I need to restore the phone from the latest date with all my data and the problematic setting on. Luckily this time after resetting, I ignored setting on a pass code and go directly to settings. As I know where I am going and how many scrolls to do before going to the Switch Control menu, I was there in half the time. The only problem I have encountered here is chasing to tap the right menu as it is too fast and my taps are not always accurate!

Important tips when you want to try it

When you want to try this feature, make sure you turn off screen lock and find my iPhone feature just in case you'll run into the same problem that I had.

Friday, 9 May 2014

6 Reasons Why My iPhone 5 Won't Last A day

Smartphones are getting smarter. This makes us use the phone more, other than for voice calls. It's obvious edge in convenience over other devices makes it a top choice to carry anywhere and anytime. In my case, always. The only thing that stops us from using it is when the battery is drained! But we can stretch the battery life by understanding this practical list.

1. Do not push but fetch messages or better, manually receive it.

The iPhone's message setting is by default set to push. This means when a message is available from the message center, it pushes the message straight  to your phone. This event wakes up the processor on your phone and the message application to receive the message. This event will in turn uses energy from the battery. Depending on how many messages are pushed and how many emails are active, and how many other applications are set to push determines how much battery is used.

To lessen this event, you can set up the phone to fetch the message up to every 45 minutes or so to limit this event. You can choose to individually set applications depending on your need. If you are serious in saving battery, setting everything to manual is best. You can set this by going to settings, Mail Contacts Calendar, Fetch New Data, tap your message centre(2) then choose fetch or manual(3). You can turn everything to manual when you  slide the Push button(1) to the left.

2.Turn off radio buttons whilst not using it.

Most often we leave the wi-fi button on when we go out. We are not bothered to turn it off. When we do this, the wi-fi button continuously searches for an active and visible connection. It does the search until it finds one. This is a real waste of battery specially when you do not have the intention of using the wi-fi or constraint to using it because you do not have the correct credentials.

The same is true with the bluetooth button. iPhone's bluetooth services doesn't have that much of use other than input devices and audio peripherals. If you do not use any of these, thenit is best to permanently turn it off.

Make sure that the GPS button is also turned off. If it is on, the receiving and transmitting of information to pinpoint your location as you move is constantly on.

3. Avoid the heat

Heat reduces significantly the battery's performance. So avoid leaving it inside the car under the sun. Some over all cases make the iPhone warm when charging. When this happens, remove it's case or better, change it.

4. Set apps not to run on data

We commonly exceed mobile data usage without being aware of it. Specially when you are with a limited tariff, and use the internet for videos or music. Other application that are downloaded are by default set to run on data. So just an accidental tap to a VOIP application or you forgot to close it properly will cause the program to connect when you are in data coverage.  To avoid unnecessary data spending, you can choose application not to run on data(4) by tapping the button to the left, or turn off data button whilst you are not using the internet. This will not only save data but battery as well

5. Use Facetime Audio Instead of Video

If you can not avoid to call a contact through face time when you are away from wi-fi coverage, you can save data and battery by switching to FaceTimeAudio mode. To launch it, tap Facetime or Contacts, choose a contact and look for the phone icon(5) in the FaceTime section. Tap it to FaceTime audio call. This is also applicable to other VOIP applications. It is obvious that using just the microphone uses less energy that using both microphone and camera.

6. Turn the Screen Dim

The iPhone uses a back light to illuminate the screen. The higher it's setting, obviously, the higher the illumination and the brighter the image. This also means the more battery is used.  Dimming it to a comfortable level will stretch the battery life. Setting it to automatic is also good, but remember that this uses a sensor to adjust the light automatically in relation to it's surroundings, which uses power as well.

There are many factors to consider why the phone discharges quickly. Knowing how these components consume power will let us anticipate how to lessen it and improve the battery life.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rumours On The iPhone 6

History of the iPhone suggests that a new unit emerges every couple of years, and variants(same model) are enhanced every year. It's been almost two years when the iPhone 5 was first released on September 2012. Many mobile trend analyst are betting the new model will be coming out very soon, and speculations on how the new iPhone will look like intrigues every apple fan. Here is a list of what we might be looking at.

Bigger screen size

The iPhone, despite one of the most successful model, has continued to retain it's one hand operation philosophy. Whilst most manufacturers have already ventured into using phablet size screens to entice customers, the iPhone has no problem of selling it's models with smaller ones.

Analysts are saying it is time for the iPhone to grow in size literally, as users are more likely using their phones to access the internet on the go rather than tablets. Practicality and functionality wise, you can control a bigger screen better than a small one. And with the introduction of 4G connectivity, the amount of activity you can do with the phone whilst on line is only limited to how fast and how accurate you can tap. Obviously, the bigger the target, the more accurate and faster you can tap.

NFC  Enabled

The near field communication  is already a standard feature of most high end smartphone a few years back, but apple decided not to use it on the iPhone 5. Personally, I find no excitement with the NFC on my S3 at first. But as the technology is being used more specially with simple financial transaction, tapping and going with an NFC card is more convenient and fast rather than inserting and entering the card and access number. With further development of the NFC and the support of application developers, there will be a time that all we need is a mobile phone for any  transactions. Apple need to realise that this is coming and need to do something about it. They need to include the NFC chip on their next model.

Wireless Charging

This is another convenience taken into consideration. Though wireless charging is been around for quite sometime, manufacturers are not really serious in putting the whole system into their products. It still needs a dock and an additional sleeve connector to charge wirelessly. If apple wants to have an edge with this popular technology, it is time to embed this on their new product. Imagine a world free of wires.

Removable Battery

One  of the worries of owning an expensive device is when the battery needs replacing. Specially when the battery is embedded inside a unit that you need a special tool, a lion heart, and a hidden extra ordinary talent to disassemble then put back together again. There are videos on how to replace this, and you just need to follow the instructions, and batteries are cheap on bidding sites. But if you do not posses a strong will then the best bet for you is to take the expensive and long way to apple customer service. It would be nice and more practical to make the battery easily replaceable like most manufacturers.

Expandable Memory

Restriction of memory is also one of the negative factors of owning an iPhone. Although cloud storage is available, the miniscule free storage is not enough for todays smartphone usage, and additional storage comes with a price. Though this feature, like the removable battery, is more likely to be not in the menu, this is worth considering. This will show that apple considers the user's need of storage and the flexibility that it can bring.

Who knows what the new iPhone 6 would look like? As they keep us guessing, the more they keep us more curious. We just hope that there will be a major change for the phone and to consider to add those previously restricted  features.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Always Win On Any Mobile Tariff

Mobile phone tariffs are expensive specially with the latest handsets. This could cost you at least £30 a month to have one. If you are not ready to pay for the introductory price  then it is best to wait until it drops which could take at least two years for an apple product, and one and a half  for the samsung. This is because this is the usual time for the new variant to fill in the shelves.

If you can't wait and want to have the top of  the line phone now but want to haggle for a better price, then what you can do is to maximize the discount you thought never exist. Here's a "streetsmart" list of how you can do this.

1. Pre Order Offers

Carphonewarehouse is generous in offering free items and special prices when a new variant is about to go on sale. Watch out for offers at least 3 months before the release of a new product. They are  usually generous in giving samsung tablets or other related products for samsung new releases.

2. Cash Backs and Free Gifts

After the preorder season, most mobile phone resellers will follow with cash backs and free gifts. You can find them from Dialaphone, Phones 4 U, Carphonewarehouse and so on. Freegifts can range from game consoles, laptops and the popular tablets.

3. Discount Codes

Google discount codes and the search will bring up results with specialist sites offering usable discounts. Look for the code you can use for your favourite mobile site and it is only a matter of typing or copy and pasting it to the voucher code space when you check out. You can save from £3 up to £100, depending on the tariff and product using these sites.

Try typing voucher codes or discount codes to the search engine below.

4. Join Cash Back Sites

Joining cash back sites give you another freebie with your normal order. Just like affiliate sites that give commissions to click on a link, they like you to use their links for you to get a cashback in the form of money. These sites are better that affiliate sites as you can usually withdraw anything payable in your account rather than waiting to accumulate threshold payment from affiliate sites that could be somewhere between £30 to £60 before you can touch it.

Like discount codes,  there are generous offers from £30 to £100 or more per transactions. Here are two of the best paying cashback sites.

5. Haggle With Your Existing Operator

If you are renewing your contract, you can haggle with the network to give you a better deal from your old contract or to give you something in return for you to continue there services. Discount tariff of up to 50% or going unlimited calls without paying extra are only some of good offers.

Here's the list of contacts for the top UK operators.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Speed Up Mobile Browsing With Chrome's Hidden Experiment

Internet browsing speed is affected by many factors like the speed of the network, the capability of your device and the user friendliness of a website, meaning if there are too much elements in it to load, the slower it is to appear in your screen.

 If you are using the native browser shipped with your phone then there's nothing you can do about it, but chrome has some tricks that might speed up your internet experience.

If you have not downloaded it yet, go to the play store or app store in your phone and search for chrome to download it. Once downloaded, launch it and  type in the following at  the address bar

chrome://flags/max-tiles#max-tiles-for-interest-area (1)

Then go to the max tiles for interest area drop down menu(2) and tick the highest value(3). Once you have chosen your selection, a relaunch button will appear at the bottom of the browser(4). Click this to take effect.

If you think this does not improve your browsing experience then you can easily revert chrome into its default state easily by typing this at the address bar, chrome://flags(5) reset to default(6), then relaunch(7).

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Speed Up Windows Boot Time: Delete The Registry's Unnecessary Files

Wise Registry Cleaner
Clutter in Windows registry slows down the PC's performance and it's start up speed. But cleaning  these unwanted pieces of files manually can be a complicated task. For the regular user like me, I would not know which one is a clutter and which one is not. These items in the registry are so sensitive that modifying them could make the computer un operable. That's why caution is needed when you are to do something on it.

The safest way to pinpoint the clutters and remove them is to use a software dedicated to do the job. One of the exceptionally good and has an easy interface to use is the Wise Registry Cleaner. Download this at

How to use it?

1. Create Back Up

 As this involves the windows registry, it is best to create a restore point and a full registry back up in case something wrong will happen. Click back up(4), then click system restore point(8) and wait until it says system restore point created(9). Next is to make a backup of the registry items(10).

2. Clean Up Registry Files 

The first task button cleans the registry(1). Click on it then you can start scanning(5). The results(7) will show up and the start scanning button will be replaced by start cleaning(8). Click on it to remove the scanned problem files.

3. Optimize the system

The program can help other components to run at their best by going to the system tuneup tab(2) and clicking optimize button. Improvement include faster start up and shutdown,  network activity, prevents system crashes by closing unresponsive processes. All of these contributes to faster and smoother running computer.

4. Make Registry Files Compact

As the registry is reduced by it's redundant contents, empty spaces are created by the deleted files causing a "gap" between the remaining files. This causes a delay in files being read as the usual continuous sequence is now fragmented by the "gaps". The registry defrag(3) button rewrites the registry without the empty spaces to make it compact. 

Restore From Back Up

If you run up some problems after using the registry clean up,like some programs not running as they shoould, you can restore easily from the computer's previous state by going to the restore button(15), click registry backup(11), highlight the cleaning event that you want to restore, or you can go directly to the system restore and highlight the restore point(12) before the cleaning up the registry, then click restore(14).


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