Friday, 9 May 2014

6 Reasons Why My iPhone 5 Won't Last A day

Smartphones are getting smarter. This makes us use the phone more, other than for voice calls. It's obvious edge in convenience over other devices makes it a top choice to carry anywhere and anytime. In my case, always. The only thing that stops us from using it is when the battery is drained! But we can stretch the battery life by understanding this practical list.

1. Do not push but fetch messages or better, manually receive it.

The iPhone's message setting is by default set to push. This means when a message is available from the message center, it pushes the message straight  to your phone. This event wakes up the processor on your phone and the message application to receive the message. This event will in turn uses energy from the battery. Depending on how many messages are pushed and how many emails are active, and how many other applications are set to push determines how much battery is used.

To lessen this event, you can set up the phone to fetch the message up to every 45 minutes or so to limit this event. You can choose to individually set applications depending on your need. If you are serious in saving battery, setting everything to manual is best. You can set this by going to settings, Mail Contacts Calendar, Fetch New Data, tap your message centre(2) then choose fetch or manual(3). You can turn everything to manual when you  slide the Push button(1) to the left.

2.Turn off radio buttons whilst not using it.

Most often we leave the wi-fi button on when we go out. We are not bothered to turn it off. When we do this, the wi-fi button continuously searches for an active and visible connection. It does the search until it finds one. This is a real waste of battery specially when you do not have the intention of using the wi-fi or constraint to using it because you do not have the correct credentials.

The same is true with the bluetooth button. iPhone's bluetooth services doesn't have that much of use other than input devices and audio peripherals. If you do not use any of these, thenit is best to permanently turn it off.

Make sure that the GPS button is also turned off. If it is on, the receiving and transmitting of information to pinpoint your location as you move is constantly on.

3. Avoid the heat

Heat reduces significantly the battery's performance. So avoid leaving it inside the car under the sun. Some over all cases make the iPhone warm when charging. When this happens, remove it's case or better, change it.

4. Set apps not to run on data

We commonly exceed mobile data usage without being aware of it. Specially when you are with a limited tariff, and use the internet for videos or music. Other application that are downloaded are by default set to run on data. So just an accidental tap to a VOIP application or you forgot to close it properly will cause the program to connect when you are in data coverage.  To avoid unnecessary data spending, you can choose application not to run on data(4) by tapping the button to the left, or turn off data button whilst you are not using the internet. This will not only save data but battery as well

5. Use Facetime Audio Instead of Video

If you can not avoid to call a contact through face time when you are away from wi-fi coverage, you can save data and battery by switching to FaceTimeAudio mode. To launch it, tap Facetime or Contacts, choose a contact and look for the phone icon(5) in the FaceTime section. Tap it to FaceTime audio call. This is also applicable to other VOIP applications. It is obvious that using just the microphone uses less energy that using both microphone and camera.

6. Turn the Screen Dim

The iPhone uses a back light to illuminate the screen. The higher it's setting, obviously, the higher the illumination and the brighter the image. This also means the more battery is used.  Dimming it to a comfortable level will stretch the battery life. Setting it to automatic is also good, but remember that this uses a sensor to adjust the light automatically in relation to it's surroundings, which uses power as well.

There are many factors to consider why the phone discharges quickly. Knowing how these components consume power will let us anticipate how to lessen it and improve the battery life.

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