Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rumours On The iPhone 6

History of the iPhone suggests that a new unit emerges every couple of years, and variants(same model) are enhanced every year. It's been almost two years when the iPhone 5 was first released on September 2012. Many mobile trend analyst are betting the new model will be coming out very soon, and speculations on how the new iPhone will look like intrigues every apple fan. Here is a list of what we might be looking at.

Bigger screen size

The iPhone, despite one of the most successful model, has continued to retain it's one hand operation philosophy. Whilst most manufacturers have already ventured into using phablet size screens to entice customers, the iPhone has no problem of selling it's models with smaller ones.

Analysts are saying it is time for the iPhone to grow in size literally, as users are more likely using their phones to access the internet on the go rather than tablets. Practicality and functionality wise, you can control a bigger screen better than a small one. And with the introduction of 4G connectivity, the amount of activity you can do with the phone whilst on line is only limited to how fast and how accurate you can tap. Obviously, the bigger the target, the more accurate and faster you can tap.

NFC  Enabled

The near field communication  is already a standard feature of most high end smartphone a few years back, but apple decided not to use it on the iPhone 5. Personally, I find no excitement with the NFC on my S3 at first. But as the technology is being used more specially with simple financial transaction, tapping and going with an NFC card is more convenient and fast rather than inserting and entering the card and access number. With further development of the NFC and the support of application developers, there will be a time that all we need is a mobile phone for any  transactions. Apple need to realise that this is coming and need to do something about it. They need to include the NFC chip on their next model.

Wireless Charging

This is another convenience taken into consideration. Though wireless charging is been around for quite sometime, manufacturers are not really serious in putting the whole system into their products. It still needs a dock and an additional sleeve connector to charge wirelessly. If apple wants to have an edge with this popular technology, it is time to embed this on their new product. Imagine a world free of wires.

Removable Battery

One  of the worries of owning an expensive device is when the battery needs replacing. Specially when the battery is embedded inside a unit that you need a special tool, a lion heart, and a hidden extra ordinary talent to disassemble then put back together again. There are videos on how to replace this, and you just need to follow the instructions, and batteries are cheap on bidding sites. But if you do not posses a strong will then the best bet for you is to take the expensive and long way to apple customer service. It would be nice and more practical to make the battery easily replaceable like most manufacturers.

Expandable Memory

Restriction of memory is also one of the negative factors of owning an iPhone. Although cloud storage is available, the miniscule free storage is not enough for todays smartphone usage, and additional storage comes with a price. Though this feature, like the removable battery, is more likely to be not in the menu, this is worth considering. This will show that apple considers the user's need of storage and the flexibility that it can bring.

Who knows what the new iPhone 6 would look like? As they keep us guessing, the more they keep us more curious. We just hope that there will be a major change for the phone and to consider to add those previously restricted  features.

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