Monday, 26 May 2014

Fix Flash Player Crashing On Firefox With Old Laptop

 Updating a software is necessary to enjoy the latest function of a program. It also fixes bugs that usually make it crash and makes it more secure to hacker's threats. But sometimes it is a source of disappointment specially to older computers that can not cope with the computing requirements of the newly added functionality. Upgrading the computer's RAM is an obvious solution but before you buy anything,  read on how to solve it with a few clicks.

Video plug in crashing

I have an old windows vista that I use to connect to our TV to watch movies. The installed browser is firefox. Because I have not used this laptop for quite sometime, firefox says about a new update. Thinking that this will improve my ageing's laptop's performance, I did installed it. After installing, there seemed to be a bug in the update that the videos from the website play a bit then stops! The flash player seems unresponsive or doing too much work every time.  At this point,  stopping the plug in is the best option.

The new firefox is default to run to "use hardware acceleration when available" which is not a problem with the latest operating system, processor and ample amount of ram. Whilst my old laptop is a vista and has only the basic 2GB of ram, it could not take the additional load of hardware accelleration to run the flash.

1. Disable hardware acceleration.

To disable it, click the open menu, the last icon(1) at the top right hand corner>options(2)>advance(3)>then untick "use hardware..."(4). Don't forget to click OK to confirm. Close your browser and relaunch again.

2. Install lower resulotion flash

 If disabling the acceleration does not cure the problem, you might need to install a flash player with lower resolution.  There is an available add-on for firefox's latest browser. Just dearch for it under add-on list.

To do this, click open menu(1)>addons>get add-ons>type shockwave flash(6) at the search window>scroll down to low quality flash>install(7).

3. Disable high resolution flash

For the lower resolution flash to take effect, disable the higher quality flash by going to open menu(1)>add-ons(5)>plug-ins(8)>scroll down to shockwave flash ans choose never activate(9). Close your browser and re launch.

4. Adjust video quality

If you are not happy with the low resolution video, you can adjust the newly installed add-on to automatically play medium resolution instead of low, by clicking the cog icon(10)>view recent updates(12)>options(11)>untick low resolution and tick medium(13)OK then restart the browser.

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