Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Resurrected Nokia

Nokia was the king when mobile phones have started filling the pockets of the young professionals. Existing side by side with the bleeper, it was the cream among other brands like Erickson, Sony and others. Always the first to introduce new features and amassed millions of fans and followers, among all walks of life worldwide.

With the emergence of other highly competitive companies, it seemed that Nokia has raised both hands to concede and embraced the fact that they can no longer sustain their popularity as once the ruler of the mobile world, or maybe they just  lay low for a moment whilst thinking of what other phones hasn't offered yet to the public. 

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Microsoft shared the same fate with Nokia, once the "only" software and brand preference among technology users has hidden and buried itself to the unsuccessful products like the internet explorer and the windows variants of operating system. But the emergence of the Windows 10 seemed like the future of Microsoft, as the top operating system and it's new Edge browser will bring the once taken away prestige back to where it was before.

The question is, will the taking over or merger of Microsoft and Nokia can bring the spark back to the pioneer maker of mobile phones and make the top guns of today's mobile brands a run for their money? What are the features that users missed from other popular brands? Here are some reasons why it could.

1. Windows 10 onboard

Windows is making a comeback, not only in personal computing on operating systems but also from internet browser, email client, VOIP(skype), digital personal assistant and many more. Imagine getting all this on your laptop and synchronising it to your phone whilst on the go would mean more productivity for less work.  This is also a great selling factor to people who like to work on familiar environment.

2. Simplicity

Big buttons(tiles) and intuitive menu are components of easy to use phone. Placing on calls, composing text and other messaging engagement can be a breeze with this design. Perfect phone choice for people who are just after the basics and surfing the net. But could be a let down to those who uses different apps a lot as Windows version might not still be out. This is not Microsoft's fault but the developers seem not having interest in making a Windows version yet.

3. Call handling 

There are times that we are tied up to something that it is impossible for us to answer our phone or just really not in the mode of starting a conversation. This phone has the ability to send a customized message instead of the usual conversation, thus saves you from the impression of being a snob.

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4, Essential Application

The mobile flat form is flooded with millions of apps ready to download into your phone. In reality, we just need a handful of them and the rest are just a pile of rubbish lining up with the hope of being downloaded. Popular applications might not have a Windows mobile version but this should not disappoint users as there are many alternatives out there.

Even paid for applications has a better alternative. You can also try a paid app before deciding to buy. But  to be honest, being minimalist in what we download to our phones is a good thing as the lighter the load, it is more beneficial to the phone's response time..

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5. Essential Features.

Windows phones will not shortchange you when it  comes to features. NFC, bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, hotspot host, biometric sensors, removable memory and other essentials too long to mention here are available depending on the model you choose. You can visit this link to get a glimpse of the top of the line Windows phone at the time of this post.

6. Price.

Majority of the Windows phone are not that pricey like the top brands. In fact the selling range is very flexible, it can accommodate users from A to Z budget. The good news is, even the lowest specification  unit can be upgraded to have the trimmed down mobile Windows 10.


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