Wednesday, 6 April 2016

2 Things You Need to Add Wireless Charging To Your Smart Phone

The advances in mobile technology is not just confined to it's performance and features, but also to it's practical and convenience usage. One of the greatest disappointments in having a gadget is it's inability to stay "up" all day because of limited battery power. Another annoyance is the cable to charge them, which could easily break or get misplaced. I wonder why we still need to buy a cable from an independent company to get a longer lasting cable. Can these mobile manufacturers just ship their products with sturdier ones? Or perhaps wireless charging as an standard?

Durable Metal Connectorss For iPhone

This type of charging a battery is not really new. It's been available since the first electric toothbrush has hit the shelves and it uses the same technology that mobile companies deploy in their top of the line flagships, the induction technology. This makes the new variants to enjoy wireless charging and free the owners from  head scratching and aches because of broken or lost USB charger cables. Phones like the Samsung s6, Sony Z3 and Nexus 6 are just examples with this feature.


2 Things Needed for Wireless Charging

And if you own an older model phones or other phones that do not have this feature, you can enable this easily by just buying two items, an induction charging pad and a compatible adapter coil. In fact the only constraints of using this technology to your older device if the availability of the compatible adaptor coil, which can be embedded to a battery cover or in the form of a sticker.

1. The wireless receiver.

If you have  a removable back cover, you can purchase a replacement cover with the built in wireless contraption on it. This is the easiest and more convenient  contraption to enable wireless charging for your device. Compatible adapter cover  comes in different variety for different phone models. Just make sure to check the model of the phone to the manufacturer's compatibility. 
Wireless Charging Cover
Wireless Charging Cover

For the non removable backs like iPhone, a sticker contraption is also available. This needs to connect to the lightning connector plug of the device as shown in the photo below.
Wireless iPhone Contraption

2. Docking Pad

Once you have set up the device with either the back cover or sticker, you're device is all ready to charge wirelessly with the help of the docking pad. There are several models of this, like single docking and multiple device docking. So if you have multiple devices that you want to charge wirelessly, a 5 device dock is available on sale.

 If you are thinking this is expensive, it is not really, the best price for wireless charging pad ranges from £7 depending on the model. Available on the market also is  wireless charging cover for iphone and corresponding compatible pad.
Wireless Charging Kit for iPhone

Although all USB charging devices can use wireless charging, manufacturers do not make a contraption for every model, specially the back covers. To avoid disappointment, the best place to look for is to search at Ebay with these key words "wireless charging receiver for " then type in the model of your phone.


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