Thursday, 22 March 2012

How To Output Galaxy Tab Into TV

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The Galaxy Tab (P1000) is a multi function gadget. It can make a call using mobile networks (clear advantage over other tablets that can only make calls using VOIP softwares), surfs the internet through wi-fi or data calls, takes photos and videos through an 8 megapixel rear camera and a self portrait using the front cam. It can also functions as a navigator and as a personal media player. The device's size which is at 7 inches, makes it very portable for carrying media files, especially music, photos and videos. It would be very useful when you do a lot of travelling or going on a vacation. It can be the only device you will ever need as it does all the  functions of a phone, a camera, a video camera, a computer, data storage and as a multimedia player. The flexibility of an expandable data storage is also an added attractive feature .

But sometimes the screen size is a bit too small  for users and a larger screen is much favorable especially you would like to watch the stored photos or movies on it. This is no problem as you just need one piece of equipment to output it into a bigger screen like television or a projector.

The AV Galaxy Tab Cable

This accessory is a must for those who want to use a bigger screen to show off what's inside the Galaxy Tab, and this doesn't cost much as long as  you know where to look. You can buy this cheaply and  Amazon sells this for at least £4 including delivery.  See the photo at the top.

This has a 30 pin connector to output the device (TAB), the usual yellow(video), white and red(audio stereo) RCA input connectors into the TV. The USB port is for the charger which can be connected whilst the device is playing a movie to keep it's power topped up.

It is very easy to use, there is no complicated setting from the Tab or the TV, just plug the 30pin connector to your TAB and the yellow, white and red RCA socket to your TV . You just need to select which TV system, NTSC or PAL,  you are going to use. Europe uses PAL, USA uses NTSC.  The tab has a toggle button to do this. Just tap SETTINGS, DISPLAY, TV output then select PAL or NTSC. If you're not sure which TV system your country uses,  please click here

If your TV does not have RCA socket but instead a 35mm AV input socket, then you need to buy a female 3.5mm RCA socket.

Connection Sequence and Tip

It is recommended to connect the RCA TV connectors into the telly first ,  before turning on the TV. Turn on the TV and tune in your TV to where your RCA connector is connected . Turn on your TAB and connect the 30 pin socket into it. Wait until the image is shown in your TV before connecting the USB port into the TAB's charger. 

In my experience, if the USB is inserted into the charger before the image is shown into the TV, the TV remains blank.

Once connected, what you can see in your TAB is being shown in your TV, like a clone view. You can play stored games, surf the internet, watch you tube videos and see these activity at the big screen. Almost all applications are supported except for the Camera function. What you can see in real time whilst using the TAB's camera can not be shown in the TV screen but a message saying this application is not supported is shown. The photos taken by the camera can be seen using the TAB's built in picture viewer without any problem.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Get The Edge With Infofree

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of infofree for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Online stores have grown in number through the years, and every year a new name is added in the list. The sad news is for every new addition, another name is also lost. Others just can not survive the competition. I would like to think that online store's survival is a battle of the fittest. 

How could anyone fight with the big names? How could anyone so small could turn the heads of the costumers away from big, reliable and popular brands, and let them see, take notice at the offer from an unknown store? How can a new born fight for survival against a giant? It seems like these questions are without no answers but as they say, if there is a will, there is a way. The way is to get a source of accurate sales lead information!


Like winning a war, intelligence is a crucial key. Knowing the enemy, it's location, capability and weaknesses usually lead to victory. Surviving the online game is also like that. A good source of reliable pieces of information about possible buyers can be all what it takes  to get a chance and survive in the very competitive online marketplace. And that's what InfoFree give's to it's subscribers, precise information.

 It has over 50 diverse databases that help in the search result and can narrow this according to specific parameters like age, gender, marital status, income, geography and others. This gives  an edge in identifying customers fit for any product or services. The information like this can take years to complete but thanks to technology, it is just in  a click.

InfoFree can also tell the legitimacy of  a company. This info is valuable especially when dealing with suppliers for the first time. Included within the search results are the address and contact number of the company in query. Knowing this will help you watch out for bogus sites that are just after your money. 

What makes InfoFree on top of what it does is, it doesn't tie you up in using it. You can opt out anytime you like. InfoFree can give you unlimited searches of sales leads, email leads, and other sales tools like viewing  leads on a map! If you are one of the owners of a small online businesses or big ones that want to improve their site's performance then make InfoFree your edge. Try it out with a discounted price of £39.95 when you use BLOG39 code at the check out! Good luck.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Siri on iPhone, Evi on Android

Your wish is it's command. That's Siri's tagline for the iPhone 4S users. Siri can make them use their voice to get a brilliant and sensible response from their phone, and can even command their device to do messaging or as an operator to dial numbers without doing it themselves. The user's input interface for such devices have been improved through the years. From the keyboard to the touch screen, screen gestures and swipe touch, and now the voice "touch". 

This particular artificial intelligence is interesting and became addictive to users. And according to some friends I have spoken to who has the latest apple phone model, they bought the device to try out the new feature. It is indeed a big selling point! And they do like it.

They can do almost anything with the voice command. The virtual personal assistant has an access to the telephony function like writing a text and sending it and making a call from it without the usual touch input. It can  tell you anything you ask for by accessing the apple's dedicated data center for information. This means as long as your query is in it's data base, Siri can tell you about it. As the information is retrieved in apple's data servers and does not really resides within the device, internet connection is needed to use Siri, either by 3G or Wi-Fi. If you use Siri away from your home Wi-Fi most of the time, just be careful not to finish all the data allowance you have, or to be safe choose an unlimited data allowance contract. There are also contracts out there that offer unlimited network Wi-Fi hotspots (Wi-Fi away from home, provided by the network operator), but the availability of the hotspots depends on the device's location. Unlimited 3G is still a better option over Wi-Fi hotspot at this time for reliability and availability.

Below is the list of applications that Siri has an access into.

Watch Siri in Action

iPhone 4S Deals

Evi on Android

There are several artificial intelligence apps that do a "Siri" in android devices. One of which is Evi. Powered by True Knowledge Limited, this application is designed to give phone users other than iPhone, a personal assistance with human touch. Unlike Siri which is exclusive only to iPhone 4S at the moment, Evi has a version on both apple and android users. Aside from voice input, you can also input your command by typing it. This is specially useful when silence needs to be observed. The best thing is it's free.  To get this just go to the apps market and search for Evi!

See Evi in action.

Other superb Siri alternatives you can find over the apps home for your android devices are Iris and Vlingo. Try them out and decide which one to keep as your virtual assistant!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

iPad 3's New Specs

As expected, the price of the iPad 2 came down from at least £70 with the arrival of the new iPad. What can you get with paying £70 more? Is it worth it? Let's see what's really new and weigh the difference.

Form Factor

The new iPad (iPad3) has the same form factor like that of the old iPad 2, surprisingly it is a bit thicker at 9.4 mm compared to the old at 8.8 mm. It is also heavier by 51 g and topped the scale at 652 g. This means another adjustment to be made for the folio and case makers. Another promising business at the cost of slashing the price on the old cases.


The immediate distinguishable difference  is in the graphic's retina display. While the iPad 2 has a resolution of  1024 X 728(132 ppi), the iPad 3 doubles the figure at 2040 X 1536 (264 ppi). This means the tendency for the display to show pixelated images goes a longer way than the iPad 2. This is noticeable specially when displaying fonts magnified as much as you like. It can also display HD images onto a bigger screen without the rugged square edges of pixels. This is very good when you use your iPad 3 as a video source.

The Processor

There's much of a confusion when Apple says the iPad 3 is a quad core. People then has the impression that the processor of the iPad 3 has 4 cores! The truth is, it is a dual core processor, the same dual core like the iPad 2. The processor is a dual core A5X 1GHZ with quad core graphics compared to the dual core A5  1GHZ with dual core graphics. Both devices are capable of multi-tasking without being stunned specially when using multiple applications at the same time. Where's the right place for the quad core hype then? It is in the graphics (GPU), which has nothing to do with the brain of the computer.  While this helps in the burden of the CPU to process images, which in turn makes the CPU process data faster, having more CPU cores would really make a big difference.

The iPad 2 has 512MB Ram and the new one has 1GB.

Mobile Internet

The new iPad is 4G enabled. This new wireless protocol for mobiles offers 10 X more speed than 3G. This will be good in facetime and other VOIP communication or video calls. And of course  for normal browsing and surfing the internet. But users with this technology should be aware about their data bundle limits as it might also be consumed as fast with the very fast connection. It would then be more practical to opt in for unlimited data.

There's no worry in the UK, as there's no network transmitting 4G signals yet. 


Obviously, the camera on the new one is superb for these reasons. It has 5-megapixel backlight-illuminated sensor (BSI), a five-stage lens configuration, 1080p video recording, face detection and image and video stabilisation. 

iPad Dictate

This is not the SIRI virtual assistant in iPhone 4S, it is a  feature that turns spoken word into text on applications that has a text entry field like email, messaging, or notes. While this is helpful with devices that doesn't have physical keyboards, the accuracy of translation depends on many factors like noise and distance from the device. If the translation is not reliable in a certain distance, why not just type it?  

So there you go, the list of the things that can make you decide if you are really up to grab the iPad 3 or just get the cheaper iPad 2 for the meantime while waiting for the real iPad  QUAD CORE!

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Virtual Favourites In Just A "Clip"

Imagine this, you wanted to buy something for your friend and you turned the computer on. You went to your favorite price comparison site then started to search and compare the prices of the thing you are looking for. There are individual products that fancied your attention and you started to jot down the details, you did added the items into your browser's favorites as well. You did that several times until your little piece of note has no more space left to write down details.

After a  few days, you went into your friend's home with your little note. You've shown her the content  and delightfully decided to look for it online. The problem is, you've forgotten to write down the website where you have seen the item. And you have not emailed the link to your friend. The comparison site no longer shows the same search results. Shame!

How you wished you have the capability to export or email your bookmark favorites so that you can access the links easily anywhere. How you wished you could easily email or share these links and how you wished you can let your friends see the exact link and image of the item that you have found!

Thanks to Clipix, these wishes will come true!

This browser's "favourites" add on can do these things for you. It is very straightforward and easy to use, it sits there silently waiting along with the other web favourite tools. It is more practical and accurate in remembering things online than writing web pages on a note. Sharing  links to a friend is also no sweat and one of  the beauty of Clipix is you can access it anywhere as long as there is an internet connectivity! This means no more note taking manually and carrying your list around.

Clipix is a great tool in creating virtual clipboards of products you want to compare or sites you want to go back to at some point. All you need to do to get started is to go to their website,, like the application, and create an account. You can even log in with your facebook or twitter account. Installation is just a few clicks and the whole instruction is available at the site. You can start clipping what you fancy straight away once you're done.

When you get into a site or an item that you want to save, just click the clipix tab at the favourite's tab, select a category, then click the clip button.

The resulting clippings will be available when you go to your Clipix account. And the fun does not end there, you can share your virtual clipboard to your social network friends or email it.
The application is a great help for me as a blogger. Instead of going into the blogger's login interface first to access the post editor, or see my stats for the day, I can go straight away into any pages of the blogger flat form bypassing the  log in page, by making a clipping of the different pages of the blogger interface. I did made a description of the  pages based on it's contents so that I will have an idea on what I can see when I open up that  page. This technique simplifies and makes my editing faster as I just know where things are because of the page descriptions. 
So what can Clipix do for you? Get the application at and start your own Clipix clippings gallery! You can also share about your experience with the application and things you think that should be improved by writing it here as a comment!
See Clipix in action.
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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Where to get free eBooks

Today's merging of different gadgets into one  is making digital products cheaper. Taking for example ebooks. You can fill in your digital reader with a few pounds with nice titles which is a lot cheaper than filling up the whole shelves with books, which can costs hundreds with the same titles. Whilst making a saving on the price, you can also save on space.

While "elibraries" can be a fraction of the price, it is also possible to have it for free, without buying anything as long as you have the hardware in hand, iPad, iPhone, any smartphone, Kindle and other eReaders.

Amazon Kindle.Users

There are free ebooks that you can get when you go to the kindle store at amazon. Popular classic book like Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, children stories like the works of the brother's Grimm and others. Just go to

or you can use the search embedded below.

You can also get alerts when free ebooks are added to Amazon when you join the free service of  eReader!Q. The site also lets you know when there's a drop in price in any book  and also alerts you with the latest book that is kindle transformed. Join at

iTune Users

You might have not noticed but iTunes has a surprising free 27 thousand ebooks and still mounting everyday. I personally like their free "guide" ebooks, about iphone, ipad, and other electronics products. These guides when purchased in physical form can range from £5 to £20. They are also very easy to use and informative. Get them by going into the book section of itunes and just select the free ones.

Open Library Users

If you fancy books dating back from the 11th century, then Open Library is for you. There are more than 1million ebooks on it's virtual shelves. Newer versions may require you to sign up and create a borrowers account with ebook distributor OverDrive. Formats for the download includes PDF, EPUB, and MOBI(kindle format). It has also the ability to direct the ebook to your kindle device.

Google Users

If you want ebooks on your computer or laptop, then google can help transform your device into a library without spending a penny. Formats of the download is at EPUB and PDF file. 

If you want to transfer the file into your kindle, you need to convert the file into MOBI format using a free converter from ebook manager Calibre. It supports all major ebook format, from sony, ipad, smartphones etc. Video on how to use it is also included at 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Smart Phone, Smart Shop, Smart Price

Comparing the market before you buy is one of the ways of making the most of your smartphone's capabilities. Not long ago, we need a computer to do this stuff but thanks to mobiles and the apps coders, it can be accessed easily with just a press of a button and from almost anywhere. Virtual shopping is indeed a plus and a helpful tool for both the shoppers and the store owners. Now the saying money when you sleep clearly makes sense and defined. 

The question now is, which site are you going to use to get you the most savings? Which apps can get you the search you really need and can show you the best deal? And which comparison site can give you more than just comparing prices and giving you cheaper alternative. Here's something worth to try.


The application has the search box conviniently located at the top. The resulting earch result for an item is impressively more than similar applications I have tried. The result comes from many sitez and online bidding sites included, and can be sorted by the cheapest product. QR code reader is also included at the top. Just tap it and you can scan "quick response codes" and decodes it for you without the sweat of typing web addresses. Voice search is also available as long as your device supports voice search function.

There is also a price reminder function where you can set the amount you want to spend on a certain item and when the set price is met in the future, an email reminder will be dispatched to you. This function will surely help you save something but you might need to wait for sometime depending on the price you set.

You can start setting the reminder by tapping the reverse triangle at the top right.

Recommended products and deals are neatly placed at the center of the home screen for the latest bargain hard to resist price to grab.  If you want to get back from your previous searches, just tab the search button.

Tapping the cup ike logo at the top right while the result search is shown will give you an option to refine your search according to price, relevance, ratings and so on.

Tapping on the categories tab can also help you find alternative or similar items based on what you are looking for. The sale category is my favourite. It shows you on sale and price drop items and on how much you save compared to the original price. This is useful for the bargain seekers like me!

This application is available for iPhone and Android devices. Just search IDEALO when you get to the Apps Store. It is also available for PC's and Mac's at


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