Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Siri on iPhone, Evi on Android

Your wish is it's command. That's Siri's tagline for the iPhone 4S users. Siri can make them use their voice to get a brilliant and sensible response from their phone, and can even command their device to do messaging or as an operator to dial numbers without doing it themselves. The user's input interface for such devices have been improved through the years. From the keyboard to the touch screen, screen gestures and swipe touch, and now the voice "touch". 

This particular artificial intelligence is interesting and became addictive to users. And according to some friends I have spoken to who has the latest apple phone model, they bought the device to try out the new feature. It is indeed a big selling point! And they do like it.

They can do almost anything with the voice command. The virtual personal assistant has an access to the telephony function like writing a text and sending it and making a call from it without the usual touch input. It can  tell you anything you ask for by accessing the apple's dedicated data center for information. This means as long as your query is in it's data base, Siri can tell you about it. As the information is retrieved in apple's data servers and does not really resides within the device, internet connection is needed to use Siri, either by 3G or Wi-Fi. If you use Siri away from your home Wi-Fi most of the time, just be careful not to finish all the data allowance you have, or to be safe choose an unlimited data allowance contract. There are also contracts out there that offer unlimited network Wi-Fi hotspots (Wi-Fi away from home, provided by the network operator), but the availability of the hotspots depends on the device's location. Unlimited 3G is still a better option over Wi-Fi hotspot at this time for reliability and availability.

Below is the list of applications that Siri has an access into.

Watch Siri in Action

iPhone 4S Deals

Evi on Android

There are several artificial intelligence apps that do a "Siri" in android devices. One of which is Evi. Powered by True Knowledge Limited, this application is designed to give phone users other than iPhone, a personal assistance with human touch. Unlike Siri which is exclusive only to iPhone 4S at the moment, Evi has a version on both apple and android users. Aside from voice input, you can also input your command by typing it. This is specially useful when silence needs to be observed. The best thing is it's free.  To get this just go to the apps market and search for Evi!

See Evi in action.

Other superb Siri alternatives you can find over the apps home for your android devices are Iris and Vlingo. Try them out and decide which one to keep as your virtual assistant!

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