Sunday, 19 January 2014

Samsung's Air View and Air Gesture Feature

It seems like the touchscreen phones manufacturers, Samsung in particular, are getting bored by the touch interface. They have added the "air" input to command the device. Is this a worth addition or is it just a burden to the processing power, battery life and the physical hardware of the device? Let's find out, at least from a regular user's point of view!

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Air Gesture.

What it can do?

This feature let's user perform a task without touching the screen, like flipping a page from left to right or the reverse, scrolling a page up or down by "waving" your palm over the "air", movement,  sensors.

How to activate?

To turn the feature on, go to settings, controls, motion control, air gesture(1). Do not worry that you do not see the air gesture icon(2) at the top as this does not show until a suitable situation where air gesture is compatible, like in an opened email(2) and whilst reviewing pictures. It can do four things.

  • Quick glance function lets you see important information when you activate the sensor(encircled) whilst the device is lying on a flat surface. It shows the  call summary, messages received, battery life and other notifications. 

  • Air jump lets you scroll opened email message. It doesn't work when you are with the list of email. You need to touch and open one to activate it.
  • Air browse. The name has nothing to do with internet browsing. It flips forward or backward opened photos from a folder. Whilst it says it also support pages and music tracks, I could not make it work when  I am playing music and reading Metro digital magazine. I hope I am just doing it wrong.
  • Air call accept. This feature could be helpful when you are driving. There's an option to put turn the device speaker phone function when it is activated by air gesture. If you do not have a bluetooth handsfree installed, then this is a good help.

Air gesture seems to be an impressive feature but it is not practical because of it's compatibility to only a handful of programs. And I think the sensors need polishing as well as sometimes your gesture is not recognized when you move it too slowly or too swiftly, or too far off from the screen. I noticed that to get the best result for this feature is to keep the palm distance about half an inch away from the screen and about 1/2 to 1 second speed.

Air View

What it can do?

If Harry Potter has a magic wand to control object's movement and turn them into something, you can do that do, with a stylet or with your finger tips and one of the latest Samsung smartphones. You can  see the content of a text message, see thumbnails of photos in a folder, see the elapsed scene whilst watching a video, or magnify a part of the screen whilst reading.

How to activate?

Go to settings, controls, motion control, airview. You can choose which one to use, either your finger or the supplied stylet depending on your preference, but I do recommend to choose auto switch(3). I use primarily my finger to do this trick although the pen option has more functionality with it.

  • For the finger option, the information preview shows  the content of a text message(4) whilst in the list view, or a glimpse of a message whilst using the email application. This doesn't work when you use your browser to view your email. This is a useful feature when you usually receive bulk emails or text messages and need to get a quick look.
  • The progress preview lets you go to a specific part of a scene whilst watching a movie by showing a preview of a scene whilst hovering your finger over the progress bar. It can make your video editing faster.
  • The webpage magnifier(5) is a real treat for me, with my eyes failing to focus, I do not need to use an eyeglass or squint to read a page. These feature is only active when you are using your browser. The magnifier does not work in documents, text messages or emails read using the email application.
  • It can also preview the assigned speed dial numbers whilst you are at the phone's keypad. Though I have not tested this feature yet.
The previews and magnifier are quite useful to me. Specially now that I need to wear eyeglasses when reading small texts. But still, the only let down of these features is the compatibility issues with most of the existing programs. I would like to magnify everything in my screen, but at the moment it is only available with the browser function. Even the built in digital magazine is not supported. With this limitations, the air features are not really a big selling point or either a thrill factor for me to like Samsung products more!


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Why You Need To Factory Reset Second Hand Samsung Smartphones

I was eating my late afternoon snack at a supermarket when a man in his mid twenties approached me with an S4. He asked me if I am a samsung fan and started showing off his phone. He showed me his google play paid for downloaded applications. Then he told me he is selling it for a low price and he is ready to download other paid application free of charge if I would buy it at that moment. I said I do not have money and walked away.

I could not determine if this man is the legitimate owner of the device. The fact that he can log in into google account connected with it is not the definitive proof of ownership. His offer of a paid application might look generous but if you look closely, this might be dodgy. And here are the reasons why.

Google play account is different from samsung account, they are separate identities. Google account is only applicable with play, gmail, you tube, maps and other third party apps located at play marketplace.  Whilst the samsung account is more intimate, in terms of samsung devices, and more discreet. This is because most samsung mobile owners are more familiar with their google accounts rarther than their account on samsung. And this is where the problem arises.

Possible Problems

If you have bought a second hand samsung device and it is not set into  factory setting, the previous owner can lock your device at will. Or they could play with your phone like wiping out the whole content of your SIM card, memory card and the phones memory. They can even track your location, your calls, messages and can even send you messages or even ring you in the middle of the night. And if the seller is a real annoyance, he might black mail you and ask money in exchange to leave you some peace.

How can they do that? This is by using the original samsung account and a piece of application on the device.

Samsung Account Find My Mobile

When you turn on your samsung phone for the first time, you are required to create, for new users, or sign in to your existing samsung account. The email you can use here is not necessarily from google or gmail. After signing in, your samsung account will be able to have an access to exclusive samsung mobile enhancements and findmymobile is one of them.

You can use your mobile phone or computer to access the site at 

From the site, rogue traders can do the following:

Lock your device. Once they lock (1) your device, you will not be able to unlock it unless you come into terms with the one who locked it remotely. You will need the unlock PIN(3) they set., which is different to the lock screen you have set. They might send you a threatening message (2). They can also have access to your call logs(4) and annoy you more by wiping data (5) on your phone's memory, sim card or memory card. They can also track the device's where abouts, once you are connected into the internet.

The most alarming is when they call and message (6) you with threats. You do not know where they are coming from and once they are able to lock your mobile, they can send you messages anytime they like and the only solution to this at this point is to power off the phone.

See video on how easy to do this whilst logged on to find my mobile.

To avoid this potential problem completely, make sure that the second hand unit is reset to factory default. You will know that it is on factory reset when you turn it on and you will be shown to log in or create a samsung account. Otherwise just click the settings, general , under accounts and back up, click back up and reset. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Oovoo Tips and Tricks

Skype might still be the king of the VOIP communication, one of the very pioneer ( I remember trying to use it during internet dial-up era) and widely used application covering all flatforms. Then just like a mushroom after thunderstorm, wannabe SKYPE apps sprouted from here and there,  Viber and the likes, but one app has noticed my practical nature, the OOVOO!

It has been installed on my laptop for at least three years and only got the hang of it recently, when my wife and the kids use my SKYPE account to chat to other relatives whilst I need to talk to my brother at the same time.We could have had a group chat but it is better to have a more private conversation. So from then on, my brother and I used oovoo.  

On the go tweak for low bandwidth area

What I like about oovoo is it's clean interface, simple, but functions are easily available when required. In just a click, you can change it's settings whilst video chat is ongoing.  My brother might have a broadband connection but I suspect that the bandwidth is still low. This is evidenced by receiving his video and audio feedback clearly at my end but he could not hear what I am saying unless I turn off my video feeds.

Then I noticed a function button at the top of the screen. This button allows you to tweak the video feed upload to compensate from the low bandwidth. This is also useful for those who are on a pay as you go data tariff as they will be using less data meaning their data allowance is stretched more. To get to this function, click resolution(1) then choose low resolution(2) whilst chat is ongoing if you have a low bandwidth problem. Both parties should do the same so the transmitted image has a smaller file size and the receiving end will process this quicker.

Three way calling

The problem of communicating more than one party at the same time is when they are not in the same location. More problem when internet is not available on one of the parties. But with oovoo, three way calling is just a click away. Other good thing is you can let somebody who doesn't have oovoo join the conversation.  This is as long as you have bought a calling credit to use at oovoo. You can let a mobile phone contact or landline contact join in a 3-way conference. Applying the low bandwidth solution can make this possible with ease.

To do this whilst chat  is ongoing, click add to call(3) then choose phone(4) then you can dial from the keypad that shows or when your contact is already on your phonebook(5) you can click the name entry(6) to call. 

Recording Video Chat

This is my favourite feature so far. The ability to record conversation and video chats. Just in case you are forgetful like me, or want to make sure you understood everything on an ongoing chat, you can record everything very easily. At the chat window, you can find the record button(8) at actions(7) menu.

After you stop recording , do not turn off your computer yet as the recording will still be processed by oovoo servers, otherwise it will not be saved.

All recordings will be stored at local files(10) which is located at the main oovoo interface. Click oovoo(9)  history, then recorded files. 

You can copy it to your computer by right clicking on it(11) and choose save as. This will be converted into avi file which can be played by windows media player and can be saved to any location of your choice!

You can download the application here if you want to try oovoo.

Which Pay as You Go Sim?

Pay as you go sims are a good way to budget your calls. Although the air time rate is rather higher, it is perfect for those who do not use voice calls often. And you can top up as rarely as you can, depending on your need. One of my PAYG sim for example, has been topped up more than a year and the sim is still active. This means a good alternative to a monthly subscription for the kids which is just intended mainly for receiving calls and sending a few texts.

All operators in the UK has a PAYG equivalent. What made me choose a particular network depends on my calling needs. Below is the list of my PAYG's and the specific reason why I liked them.

For free international calls, freebie rewards

For international calls, this is my main SIM card. It gives you free international allowance on top of the money you paid. For £10, in my tariff, I have free 60 minutes to call the Philippines and other destinations included in the list below.

Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea - South, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam

The £10 top up can be used to call the UK at 30pence a minute and 14 pence per texts. But I do not use the £10 to call or text but again "recycle" the credit for another international call by texting the word "Bcall" (without the qoutes) to 80550 for a £5 international credit. This credit can be used to any BT line or from a monthly subscription mobile using it's free minutes. The text is chargeable by 14pence so the remaining £4.86, I again send the word "Bcall" to 80041 for a £3 credit. So an additional £8 to call international destinations with cheaper rate using BT Phone or another pay monthly mobile using the included free minutes. See the tool rate below.

Another perk from PAYG vodafone is for every top up, you earn points that can be exchanged. I turn my points into Amazon e vouchers and use it to purchase products at amazon.

Get your free sim card here!

For half price movies, free international calls

If you are a movie fan, this is the PAYG sim for you. Orange offers Orange Wednesdays on Vue cinema that let's you buy a movie ticket for two for the price of one. This is a good offer for 2 adults. If you are a family with two kids, you are better off with the in house cinema family deal offer.

Orange has also an international call freebie if you choose the Camel variant which gives you free 60 minutes international call to these destinations:

Antigua, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, USA, Virgin Island US.

Philippines is not included in the list, that's why this SIM is only for the cinema's buy one get one offer for me. Still I can use the topped up money  to buy an international credit using the "Bcall" method.

The cost of calling to a UK number cost 20p per minute, UK texts are 10p and overseas texts are 15p. This is lower than the Vodafone price.

Get your free sim card here!

For unlimited text and calls. 

I've been with O2 PAYG two years ago. In fact I still have the SIM card with at least £3 top up on it. The last top up I did was over a year already but the number is still active.  The reason why I have chosen O2 was the free international call bundle, your country tariff, that they have before. But unfortunately, it was abolished and replaced by a different international country pricing. There is no longer free calls but a flat rate cost for a destination country, like if I want to call the Philippines or place a text to a mobile or landline, would cost me 10pence a minute or per message.

O2 rewards is still available with every top ups and applied as a 10% off on the money you spend. Your £10 top up to O2 unlimited tariff can be eligible to unlimited O2 to O2 texts, £15 can give unlimited O2 to O2 calls.

Cost of calls are 25pence for landline and mobiles, 15pence per text.

Lebara Mobile
For low top up, low international calls on other destinations, free calls, unlimited data

This is one of the specialist international sim providers. The cost of calls to the Philippines is pegged at 14pence per minute. Taking this into consideration on my case is not really a good deal for me. I have been with them about 4 years ago when the international bundles from the UK sim card providers were not yet available. 

Ongoing promotion for this SIM provider are free lebara to lebara calls, low top up of £5, and extra credit if you pay at least £20 in one go. These promotions should be used in 30 days and can not be extended unless you top up another £5. 

There is also an option of unlimited data, UK data plus, for the internet users. This is an ongoing promotion at the moment and  the price is £12 which is valid for 30 days. This includes 500 UK minutes, unlimited texts and free lebara to lebara calls. 

Standard UK minutes and texts costs 15 pence.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Controversial iPhone 5 Keyboard Case

The Typo apple keyboard is a dual purpose product. It serves as a case and as an attached keyboard for the apple mobile product. This makes your iPhone5 very similar to a blackberry phone, which is well known for an integrated QWERTY keyboard. Whether the iPhone will benefit with this comparison or not, it is obvious that users who usually use email or text messaging application will like this new product.

Physical keyboards are ideal when speed and accuracy is demanded. I myself is deterred to use  touch screens when doing some lengthy notes. Therefore I use laptops instead of tablets in emailing and other writing tasks.

Typo The Keyboard Case


The device is compatible to the iPhone 5 series but unfortunately do not support the earlier versions. It is composed of two separate top and bottom plastic parts. The Typo is connected to the iPhone via bluetooth, and this means the phone should be on bluetooth mode to use the device. It has a separate power supply. And not like the iPhone 5 that has a lightning connector, the Typo uses a micro USB type charger.

The Feel

When in place, the home button is obscured with the physical keyboard but to compensate for that, there is a home button key in place at the bottom-right corner of the device. As typo keyboard is positioned just at the lower screen's opening of the phone, it could be impossible to swipe up from the bottom of the phone. This means the shortcut screen for airplane mode, wi-fi, bluetooth, screen rotation and so on is not accessible with the Typo on. Nevertheless these can still be accessed via settings.

The separate power pack of the device could last up to 14 days on one charging cycle. The backlit for the keys is also avaailable and it can be switched on and off to save even more battery. Unfortunately, the device can not be a source of secondary power to the iPhone.


Those who have tested the device noticed the responsiveness and lack of latency in terms of touch input. The overall built is of high quality. They even compare it as the same or better than other full sized bluetooth around. There is just a slight displease in the QWERTY first row level as it is slightly more flexible than the rest of the material. This makes the device less sturdy whilst typing specially from the top row letters.


This became controversial when star like Ryan Seacrest is up in backing up for it's development. This is because he feel it's practical use as he usually carry two phones, one for calling and the other, with QWERTY, for messaging. And I am guessing he has his iPhone and blackberry together at the same time. 

This became more controversial when Blackberry filed a case against it over the design. As blackberry argued there is a copyright violation involved. 

Where to buy it?

At the moment, it is only available to pre-order by going to their site. And I would say that at this moment, it is pricey at $99 per piece. However, if there would be a restriction of it's sale because of the law case, then this is the best time to get one.

There are other bluetooth keyboard solutions, like the onebelow, that cost fraction of the price. But if you are desperate to turn your iPhone 5 into something like a blackberry clone then this case will do the job.  
See More
Alternative Product


TYPO PRODUCTS - iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Free Internet Dongle, Is It Worth It?

I do not understand why mobile operators are still pushing for the sale of internet dongles. For those who do not know, this is a gadget that is fed with a SIM card to provide internet access to laptops and other internet devices. They are usually USB connected and power fed by the laptop, or has an integrated rechargeable battery. 

Why I am saying this is because I think it is just another waste of money and a redundant machine to buy. Other than providing internet connection, the dongle doesn't have any more function. Although they might bundle you with free texts but the problem is you can not use this up without being connected to a laptop or a phone. Other makes have built in physical storage or free cloud storage, but still, you can get those offered by other products at lower prices and lower running costs.

I say lower running cost because the dongle's SIM card needs an additional top up. A redundant device, because a smart phone can be an internet access to a laptop and other devices. More and more people have the access on smartphones and even the very basic of smartphones can do the function of a dongle, and that is to become an internet access point to other devices by tethering function. It is easy to do, less configuration, no additional cost of another SIM card which means lower running cost.

A friend of mine has been "had" by her network by an "upgrade" on her mobile contract by giving her an internet USB dongle, which has a 1GB of data allowance a month for 12 months and costs an additional £10 a month. And they told her that because she' been with them for 2 years, she can have this at a 30% discount, meaning, £7 a month. To sum it up, she will be overpaying £84 on her existing tariff. 

The existing tariff is not that bad in terms of data allowance. She has 2GB data, 500minutes free calls and unlimited text. She is paying £30 for this. With the addition of the new dongle SIM, she will be paying £37 a month. The free dongle, which is worth £20 or more if bought separately without contract, doesn't justify this.  This is a losing situation for my friend.

If she could have looked around first, she can have a tariff upgrade or a new contract (remember you can always request for a PAC code with existing mobile operator so that you can transfer your old number) with all internet she needed, 500minutes free calls, unlimited text, a new top ofthe line phone and a new tablet for £32!!!! You can use the unlimited internet to power up any internet device by using your phone as a wi-fi hotspot! To sum up the actual tariff below, the S3 mini is £219, the TAB 3 is £159, unlimited data at an estimated £20+ a month when bought separately, 500 free minutes and unlimited text, is a win-win bundle!

So beware when you ask for an upgrade, do not go for a dingle or mobile wi-fi free gifts!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to Restore "Lost" Blog Photos in a Few Clicks

The uploaded photos of my blog have all disappeared five days ago, including my banner! The problem started when I was making a post. The photos can be uploaded but I encountered errors when I try to embed them. It also caused my browser to crash. The cancel button at the compose window does not work, even the browser's back button is not responding. The only option at that moment is to use other browser. I tried all four browsers but I encountered the same problem.  I have given up at that moment and decided to continue some other time.

The next morning, I had the horror of my blogging life. My blog looked very bare without my photos and screenshots. My posts still has the URL's for the images but they are not loaded when browsed. I suspected that they might have been deleted. This is still a mystery to me as I could not have done any deleting as my browser was not responding!

Here is what it looked like! The banner is gone..

..and all posts doesn't have any photos!

Desperately I was looking for an answer and a way to restore them but the forums that I have been through seemed like the symptoms my blog is suffering is  a unique one, that all of my entire blog photos and banners are completely gone!

I decided to email blogger forum services at   and got an answer with the perfect solution.

The email says 3 ways to restore them

"1.The images for your blog are stored in a Picasa web album (, or, if you have a Google+ account in a Google+ Photo album (go to, click the "More" option at the top and select "Albums")

2.If you deleted the album for your blog you may be able to restore it from the trash:

3.If you changed the permissions on your blog's album to private, you should be able to restore the photos on your blog by making the album public."

The second solution proved the best and restored everything, here's how to do it!

1. Whilst logged in to my blog, I went to

2. And from there, I could see all photos from my blog in the trash (what ever happened that made them end there remains a mystery) and selected them all then clicked the restore button. Honestly, I do not know that blogger is backing up the uploaded blog photos!

3. The images from my blog appeared once again like nothing happened. If I have waited 60 days before doing this then I could have lost everything and could not restore the blog in just a few clicks!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Video Streaming Audio Problem

Video contents are freely available online. You only need an internet connection to view the latest movies and TV programs. Fast and more convenient than renting a physical disc. And if you like to get the ambiance of a real movie theatre rather than from a laptop screen, there is no problem, as you can connect it to a big screen TV.

This is easy with paid for legit streaming sites. All you need is a connector, the HDMI. This type of connection carries both video and audio signals. But if you are accessing video contents from free sites, you might need to have additional connection for the audio output. This is because most free sites do not support HDMI audio signal! This means when you plug in your laptop to your TV with the HDMI connector, only the video is mirrored into the TV. It seems like you are watching a silent movie. The laptop's speaker no longer receive the audio signal as the default audio playback is taken over by the TV.

Below is a streaming movie from a free site. The laptop's default audio playback is automatically disabled. And you can notice that the audio level is grey, meaning there is no signal detected. You can bring up the audio playback options by right clicking the speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen and by selecting playback devices.

If you are contented with your laptop's audio output, then you can just use your laptop as the default sound playback. To do this, first you need to right click on the TV's playback icon then click disable from the menu.

Then right click on the laptop's speaker and click enable. Do not forget to click on the OK button.

This will bring back the audio playback to your laptop. 

And if you are not contented to the audio output, you can enhance it by connecting to a sound system with a 3.5mm male to male stereo connector. This is the same size connector that your earphone has!

If you do not have a separate sound system then check if your computer still have a VGA output and an VGA input on your TV. If your TV have this, it is automatic that there is a 3.5mm audio input near the VGA input. You then need a VGA connector, like the connector from a desktop PC, and a  3.5mm male to male stereo connector to connect into your TV for the sound.

If you do not have these equipments, then you can try to download the video first before playback. If you are successful in downloading, the HDMI should work.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Practical Photo Sharing Tips

Have you shared your photos yet taken during christmas and new year? Gone are the days when you usually share them using the post. This time it is easy using digital snaps and the internet. In just a few clicks, your family and friends can already see whom you were with and what was in the menu.

Sometimes it is not really straight forward to upload photos, especially when you are using large photo files from an SLR or from any high megapixel camera. As they are so big, it takes time for you to upload them. And when it is uploaded, depending on what device they use to access them, your friends may have a problem in downloading them.

Here's a practical explanation on how you can upload faster and how to get a copy of a photo that can not be downloaded.

Upload Photos Faster

You can upload an image faster by reducing it's size. But before that, you might like to trim or crop the photo to remove unwanted elements. If you are using a windows computer, you do not need to additional software as the paint program can do this.  After cropping, next is to resize it. 

Paint is my favourite program to do resizing because it shows me the correct dimension as you resize it, and I find it very easy to use. Other programs automatically fill in the whole photo in the screen as a default view.

An 8.3MB photo. Using paint, you can preview the size of the image whilst using the adjustment at the right.

Here's the photo at 25% of the original size. This means it can shrink the 8.3MB at 25%  and still get a reasonably good photo size.

At this stage, I tried to resize it by 25% of the original 100%. 

If you think the size is still high, you can still resize it. I did resize it a bit more until I come up to a 679KB  from an 8.3MB photo file! This means this can be uploaded, theoretically, 12 times faster!

It will also benefit those who will be viewing your photo as they will have 12 times faster loading and use 12 times lesser bandwidth, especially those using mobiles and dongles on a low data tariff. 

Resized or not, when a photo is uploaded into a site's server, it will still be resized, especially on social networking sites like facebook. So it is better to resize whilst the photo is still at your hands to benefit from faster uploading.

Photo's Can't Be Downloaded

There are sites that the web masters disable the right click menu. This means you can not bring out the save as menu to save an image. If this is this case, a straight forward solution to copy a photo is to do a screen shot. To do this, go to a page or a photo you want to copy, press Prt Scr button, open up paint, then press paste then save. 

If you have a problem downloading emailed photos on your facebook email account using a FB application on your smartphone, do not worry, there is nothing wrong. This is just how FB designed their apps, it doesn't have the necessary button to download. The soft keys menu are not helpful as well.

Good news is, you can download this using the smartphone's built in browser. Go to, navigate to the emailed photo attachment and a download button is just below the image. You can also use the left soft key to bring out the download menu.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Best Case For Your Gadget

Gadgets are the most popular gift this Christmas. Did you have one? I bet, if you had one, would be thinking of buying a protection for it. Like a case, or a cover to keep it pristine through the years to come, or perhaps to give it away sometime when you are tired of it.

Did you know that not only gadget makers are cashing in with the rise in sales but also the case makers, specially the premium brands. Why should not be, as for every gadget purchased, one or two cases are also bought. They are the first in the list after gift gadget is unwrapped. They do not only provide protection from accidental damage, but give a premium look and feel. The book or folio type is my personal favourite for practical reasons, as it also doubles as a wallet for cards and paper money. 

Many brands of this product offer almost the same design and functionality, but I would like to commend one manufacturer that makes one of the best product for gadget protection. It doesn't only give a good look, protection, and wallet functionality but also the range of gadgets covered is very wide. From simple smartphones to high end top of the line, e-readers, tablets, mp3's, and camera, it has the case for most gadgets available, it's TUFF-LUV!

Here are some example of cases for popular gadgets of today!

Tuff-Luv for Popular SmartPhones

  • Tuff-Grip wallet-style case in "Vintage" genuine leather: brown
  •  Specially designed to fit your Samsung Galaxy Note 3/iPhone 4 or 4s/iPhone5 or 5s/Sony Smart Phones
  •  Includes a secure clip-on shell for your phone and slots and pockets for your cash and cards
  •  Camera and all controls accessible through cutaways in the case
  •  Magnetic clasp to keep your case closed and free screen protector 
  • This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials and conditions apply

Tuff-Luv for Tablets

  •  Alston Craig by Tuff- Luv premium Slim-stand case in "Vintage" genuine leather: brown for iPad Air and for other tablet manufacturers
  •  Handcrafted Interior includes Green / Olive pinstriped Interior
  •  Multiple positions for viewing
  •  Magnetic sleep function and secure clasp for closure
  • This Alston Craig case comes with a lifetime guarantee as standard against faulty workmanship / materials and conditions apply

Tuff-Luv for Laptops

  •  Metro shoulder bag handmade in high quality camvas and faux leather in black / brown
  •  Internal 10" padded pouch for tablet/laptop/netbook
  •  Fits A4 documents and other devices up to : 31 cm x 22 cm x 6 cm
  •  Internal and external secure pockets
  •  Extendable and padded shoulder strap

You might see their price is quite high for a product but the features and materials justify for it. Another good news is, there might be a way of getting at least 15% off the full price. I am just in the process of checking and would post how to do it soon!


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