Sunday, 12 January 2014

Oovoo Tips and Tricks

Skype might still be the king of the VOIP communication, one of the very pioneer ( I remember trying to use it during internet dial-up era) and widely used application covering all flatforms. Then just like a mushroom after thunderstorm, wannabe SKYPE apps sprouted from here and there,  Viber and the likes, but one app has noticed my practical nature, the OOVOO!

It has been installed on my laptop for at least three years and only got the hang of it recently, when my wife and the kids use my SKYPE account to chat to other relatives whilst I need to talk to my brother at the same time.We could have had a group chat but it is better to have a more private conversation. So from then on, my brother and I used oovoo.  

On the go tweak for low bandwidth area

What I like about oovoo is it's clean interface, simple, but functions are easily available when required. In just a click, you can change it's settings whilst video chat is ongoing.  My brother might have a broadband connection but I suspect that the bandwidth is still low. This is evidenced by receiving his video and audio feedback clearly at my end but he could not hear what I am saying unless I turn off my video feeds.

Then I noticed a function button at the top of the screen. This button allows you to tweak the video feed upload to compensate from the low bandwidth. This is also useful for those who are on a pay as you go data tariff as they will be using less data meaning their data allowance is stretched more. To get to this function, click resolution(1) then choose low resolution(2) whilst chat is ongoing if you have a low bandwidth problem. Both parties should do the same so the transmitted image has a smaller file size and the receiving end will process this quicker.

Three way calling

The problem of communicating more than one party at the same time is when they are not in the same location. More problem when internet is not available on one of the parties. But with oovoo, three way calling is just a click away. Other good thing is you can let somebody who doesn't have oovoo join the conversation.  This is as long as you have bought a calling credit to use at oovoo. You can let a mobile phone contact or landline contact join in a 3-way conference. Applying the low bandwidth solution can make this possible with ease.

To do this whilst chat  is ongoing, click add to call(3) then choose phone(4) then you can dial from the keypad that shows or when your contact is already on your phonebook(5) you can click the name entry(6) to call. 

Recording Video Chat

This is my favourite feature so far. The ability to record conversation and video chats. Just in case you are forgetful like me, or want to make sure you understood everything on an ongoing chat, you can record everything very easily. At the chat window, you can find the record button(8) at actions(7) menu.

After you stop recording , do not turn off your computer yet as the recording will still be processed by oovoo servers, otherwise it will not be saved.

All recordings will be stored at local files(10) which is located at the main oovoo interface. Click oovoo(9)  history, then recorded files. 

You can copy it to your computer by right clicking on it(11) and choose save as. This will be converted into avi file which can be played by windows media player and can be saved to any location of your choice!

You can download the application here if you want to try oovoo.

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