Thursday, 30 June 2011

Download Online Videos

Download RealPlayer for FREE

There are a lot of video sources online, and the videos from PC through internet is slowly replacing televisions as a source of movies. And someday will also replace video recorders as PC's are becoming powerful and the storage media's capacity is growing each day.

But one can only harness the true power of a PC with an appropriate program for an intended purpose. Like downloading videos online. There are a lot of softwares that can do this, some well known, unknown, free and premium.

There are premium softwares but they cost something, although most of the paid softwares has better and more functionality, there are free ones that can provide you with all you need that a premium software can. There are also free out there but lack functionality and not straightforward to use. Others are ridden with spywares and malwares so BEWARE.

The question now is which one to choose? Which one is safe? Which one can deliver the basic downloading requirement, from a reliable software company and free?

I am sure everyone is familiar with the REAL PLAYER, but doesn't really know there are a lot of plus points with this software. Most of us are familiar with Windows Media Player, iTunes and the likes which play movies, streaming videos, etc. My question is can these players download videos from other video sources and not necessary from the players built in store? Can these media players browse internet content other than their own content? Probably not, but the real player can.

Real Player Interface

Other than organising your digital content into libraries and playing your media files, the Real Player can browse any web content.

The Real Player's Browser Interface

Click File, New, New Web Browser

Why use the Real Player Web Browser?

If you want to download videos from online sources, it is better to use the RP's web browser. Other browsers may disable or not compatible to the RP's download plugin. How to know if the plug in is disabled or not compatible? If you can not see the real player sign at the top right hand corner of the video window when you point your mouse at this location, it is not enabled or not compatible.

Below are screenshots of websites using RP's browser allowing video download.




After downloading videos you like, you can share your videos to your social network sites using the built in share button at the library interface.

Not only that, you can transfer videos from your RP library to any mobile device using the transfer functionality within the same library window.

And you can make a dvd copy or back up using the Burn button which is located at the library interface as well.

Download Real Player now and enjoy downloading your favourite videos, transfering them to your mobile device, sharing to your social networks, or making a DVD copy, without sweat and nasty threat.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Smart Tips For Smartphone Abroad

Smartphone is slowly replacing the mobile world. With it's multifunction image rolled into one, it can do almost everything. Handy and a real useful invention. But beware, it can make a hole in your wallet. Here's why.

Using Smartphone Abroad

Bringing along your smartphone abroad, could be expensive, specially when your phone is locked to your network. This means you cannot use any sim card from the country you are visiting other than your current network. And if that is the case, it is better to turn the data function off. If not, data usage while in a roaming mode can be very expensive. While in roaming mode, you'll be charged per amount of data used, not how long you've been online.

Data allowance

To use your smartphone with a data allowance is a better choice than paying data plans as you go, especially when you access internet a lot. Data allowance is not only for the monthly tariff one, you can subscribe to a data allowance even when you are in a pay as you go tariff. Pay as you go networks has a data bundled with a top up, which is sufficient checking emails, but for the heavy users who access GPS, update status on social networks, geo tag photos, etc etc., additional data purchase is a smarter choice.

Use WAP version

And if you can not avoid going online, make sure the site you go to has a WAP version, the full web version uses more data than the WAP and this means paying more. To check if the site has a WAP version, try typing "wap" before the domain name. Example is which will direct you to the wap version of the site. For other sites, you need to type "m" like And if you search use

Other smartphones automatically direct you to WAP sites but others do not, so watch out.

Set camera to a lower resolution

Snapping away photos during holidays is easy, and sending those to your social network couldn't be harder. Remember that the higher the resolution of an image, the higher the amount of data needed to upload it, the higher the price you will spend on it.

Turn off synhcronisation

There are a lot of functions we can sync, but the things that can make a hole in your pocket are those that sync using internet access, GPS seeking apps like geo tags, log me in, status checks like social networks, notifications like emails.

These are the problems with smartphones when going abroad, but there are simple solutions to it! 

Use pay as you go sim

You can buy a PAYG sim from your network which you can load via internet when you are out of credit. The good thing using PAYG sim is you can predict and control your expenses and  do not worry of expending too much, and no surprise bill as well.

 Unlock your smartphone

This means you can use any sim from any country, you can buy sim card usually inside the airport of destination or stores outside. 

Free Wifi

Look for free wifi usually at your hotel lobby,  and just sync and upload at will before you go to your room.

Off With Data Roaming

This should be the first one you should do when you are with monthly tariff and you are going abroad. Avoid surprise charger, be smarter than your smart phone!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S II

Buy it from £26 per month

The Samsung Galaxy S II is becoming a fierce competittion to iPhone4. Here's why!


    HSPA+ 21Mbps/ HSUPA 5.76Mbps, EDGE/ GPRS Class 12
    Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900, Quad band UMTS 850/9 /1900/2100
    Dual Core Application Processor
    4.3" WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus *
    16GB/32GB, MicroSD (up to 32GB)
    8MP AF with LED Flash + 2MP Front
    Wi-Fi a/b/g/n ,  BT v3.0+HS,  USB v2.0
    MicroUSB, 3.5mm Ear Jack

* May not be applicable in some regions.  * Display: "4.27" in actual measurement

    Android Platform 2.3
    SMS/MMS (OMA v1.2), Email (POP3/IMAP/SMTP, SSL/TLS), Exchange ActiveSync Email
    MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV, DivX, Xvid, VC-1,  Recording & Playback 1080@30fps
    Easy Set-up (WPS PIN/PBC, Wi-Fi Direct, AllShare (DLNA1.5), Samsung Kies 2.0, Samsung Kies air

4 Hubs
    Social Hub / Readers Hub /
    Music Hub / Game Hub
    Google Mobile Services

Slim & Light Design

The Galaxy S II is Samsung’s slimmest and lightest Dual Core smartphone, weighing just 116 grams at a thickness of only 8.49mm. Featuring a premium metallic look, its tactile surface will sit perfectly in your palm.


The Galaxy S II features a new smaller and even more powerful battery. Samsung’s advanced power consumption technology significantly improves standby and talk time even further.

Super Amoled Plus Screen

Experience sharper images and smoother graphics with the Super AMOLED Plus display. With super-fast response times and outstanding contrast ratio, the 4.3” display is Samsung’s most colourful and brightest screen.

Data Speed

Enjoy PC-like browsing thanks to the Galaxy S II's downloading speeds of up to 21mbps or lightning fast downloads with Dual Channel Wifi.


Social Hub brings together your contacts, calendar and email with Instant Messaging and Social Networking Sites, like Facebook and Twitter, onto one convenient screen. Keeping up-to-date, organised and in-touch has never been so easy or streamlined.

Contacts - Provides a natural starting point for all communications via an integrated contact screen.

Social Hub - Manage all your incoming and outgoing messages and conversations from one place.

Email - Install multiple email accounts supported with real-time push to stay constantly on top of your email.

Instant Messenger - Utilizing a variety of popular IM networks, you can use this feature to stay online all the time.

Calendar - Manage your schedule by integrating events from all your online accounts in one view.

Readers Hub

Books - From classics to best-sellers, enjoy access to over 2.2 million eBooks, now with amazing new interactive features like the page curl effect.

Magazines-With over 2,300 Magazines in 22 languages, featuring both article and page view, you will never be short of an interesting read.

Newspapers-Enjoy easy access to breaking news at your fingertip with access to over 2000 newspapers in 49 languages.

Music Hub

Music Hub is an all-in-one music service that gives you anywhere-anytime freedom with your tunes. From one screen you can access up to 12 million songs for download and purchase, view artist biographies, discographies and reviews, create your very own playlists, and much more.

Game Hub

Join in the action with the Samsung Galaxy S II’s Game Hub. It lets you download premium HD games in the palm of your hand, while also providing access to over 10 social network games. And to get you started without delay, the Galaxy S II comes preloaded with social games - We Farm, Safari, We Rule, We City. Featuring the Super AMOLED Plus screen and the enhanced 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, the Galaxy S II delivers a dynamic gaming experience that will simply blow your mind.

    Preloaded with easy social games and HD games
    Easy access to best downloads and game information
    Lightning fast graphics paired with a 1.2GHz dual core processor
    3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensor for dynamic      gaming experiences

Best Deals

O2 from £26 per month  300 minutes, unlimited texts, 1 month insurance free

O2 unlimited wifi £27  300 minutes, unlimited texts, 1 month insurance free, unlimited wifi, 500MB allowance

Pay As You Go Deals  See all pay as you go deals subject to £10 top up upfront.



Email Scams

Since the birth of the internet especially emails, these bugs from the web keep on sprouting like mushrooms after a thunder storm. But unlike the real mushrooms, they just pop out without any warning. The main reason of any of these is money. They want your money by luring you into letting them know your bank details. And when they get hold of your account's data, your pocket ends up busted and sometimes beyond negative balance without you knowing.

Money Mails

Email is the favourite medium. The sender might be somebody familiar (your friends email address which became zombie accounts for the scammers) or names never heard at all, saying something about a large sum that needs to be collected and looking for an associate (that's you) to do this. They talk about God, their dying situations, struggles, everything that will make you feel good about themselves even you haven't met them yet.

What to do?

Ignore or play with them like the scambaiters are doing, making the scammers suffer for what they have started. See hilarious stories of failed scams at  , the photos of those sending you scams at   and if you want videos, keywords are, scam baits, scambaiters, scambaiting on you tube.


 Phishing emails are more of a threat as they send it with a spoof email addresses ( legitimate bank email addreses), which is quite easy to do and sometimes come with a fee.  Just google hoax email or spoof email and it will give you sites that can make you send emails from your favourite superstar or bank account like . The idea of phishing is to lure you to log in into your bank account by giving you a hoax landing pages. And when you type in your information, the details will be saved in their servers and then you will be transferred  to the legitimate site using a URL forwarder to make it not very obvious that they have your log in details already.

List below comes from my fairytale bank accounts and mortgage provider.

When you open up your email and click on the link with in it, you will be redirected to a site which might be similar to the login page of your bank but of different URL address(web address).

Taking for example, the second email on my Phishing Attempt collection, the email address is legitimate, but the landing page of the link and the real URL address of the link is of a different address. On this letter, the sender wants me to go to  which is very different.

How to see the real URL landing page? If you are using Mac or a PC, just hover your mouse over the link and the link will be shown at the left bottom corner, If it does not show, try right clicking it and then copy location then paste it to a note or any word processor. Right click in Mac is to hold the ctrl button while clicking.

As the link is more than a year ago and the sender uses a subdomain, his sub-domain account "ubg" under the domain is no longer working, expired or might have been taken down with complaints. 

Another example is the tax refund from the HRM revenue which looks like legit but the link is not, and wants me to go to 

Like the above link, the subdomain is already taken down.

The sender keeps sending me about refunds but I just do not bite on his bait.

What to do?

If you receive emails of this nature, it is wiser to forward it to the corresponding bank account so they can make an action straight away, rather than logging into it. Or just ignore it, if your bank wants to talk to you and inform you about something important, letter is their best medium that's true with the tax man as well.

I thought these scams are already declining but I heard a similar story from a friend a while ago, and this made me alarmed that they are still on, and even the savvy internet users might be lured into it. Warning guys, if you want to log in to your bank account, just type the address in your address bar, do not rely on links!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

iPAD Alternatives

A good reason to choose tablet over laptop is easier internet access. A tablet is always ready to bring you anywhere over the web without waiting for booting up or starting up. It's like a mobile phone that  can be brought anywhere without the messy wires and bulky size. As it brings up simplicity and convenience, it also comes with a price, like apple brand or samsung.

Since the apple ipad tablet's birth, other companies followed and launched their own brand, some cheaper and some can bring you more functionality. Here are some.

Archos 7

Overview and Features

Enjoy HD entertainment, at home or on the go, with the Archos 7 Home Tablet! This great value touchscreen tablet is full of fun features for all the family to enjoy, and you can store your favourite movies, music and photos on it, ready to enjoy anywhere.

    7” resistive touchscreen, for your favourite HD movies (up to 720p), eBooks, photos, games and much more.
    Powered by Android™ 2.1.
    Wi-Fi capable tablet, can connect to the internet via wireless networks and share your smartphone’s 3G data connection through tethering.*
    8GB internal memory to store your favourite photos, movies, games, music and apps or add a MicroSD card to store even more.
    AppsLib application store is only a touch away - download games and apps to enjoy on your tablet.
    Add a keyboard or mouse to your tablet’s USB port and be more productive on the move.

Screen Size (inches):        7" Touchscreen 
Wi-Fi                              Yes     .
Tablet Memory                8GB   
Screen resolution (pixels):     800 x 480    

Asus Transformer

Overview and Features
Asus Eee Pad Transformer gives you a HD entertainment experience on the go. It’s a light, slim tablet with an intuitive touchscreen and powerful features that let you do more on the move.

ss10.1” HD display

Transformer’s scratch-resistant, multi touch display has a high resolution of 1280x800 pixels, for HD movies and gaming. It’s been specially optimised for full web browsing and up to 1080p HD playback.

Android™ 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Transformer is powered by Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), software that’s specially built for tablets. It gives you access to thousands of specially optimised apps, and it gives your tablet a fresh new look with richer multitasking and notifications.

NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 dual core processor

With a best-in-class Nvidia® dual core processor, Asus Transformer is speedy and powerful. The Tegra™ 2 chip is optimised for gaming, web browsing, and supports rich Adobe Flash 10.2 media, so you can see the whole internet, including all your favourite online videos.


You can snap high-resolution photos and videos with the rear 5 Megapixel camera, share them via Facebook™ or upload them to YouTube™ and Flickr™. The front facing 1.2 Megapixel camera is great for self portraits and live face-to-face video chats.


The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is full of connectivity options, including:

    Mini-HDMI port, for easy connections to external displays
    2 USB 2.0 ports
    A headphone audio jack
    A 4-in-1 card reader
    Secure ASUS WebStorage with unlimited storage space in the cloud.

Binatone Homesurf 

Overview and Features  
The Binatone HomeSurf 7 touchscreen tablet is an affordable, family-friendly device that will keep you entertained. This compact, lightweight tablet is designed to be easy enough for everyone to use – with a roomy TFT display that you operate using a stylus pen or the tip of your finger.

HomeSurf 7 runs the Android operating system, so it gives you access to lots of handy Google services, such as Google Internet Search, Google Maps navigation, Gmail and the GTalk instant messenger client. You can use HomeSurf 7 to access a wireless network and visit Android Market™, where there are thousands of free and paid apps, games, themes and widgets available to make your tablet even more fun.

When on a long journey or out and about, HomeSurf 7 makes it easy to stay entertained. It's got a built-in eBook reader, music player and internet browser, so whether you're a YouTube fan, a music buff or you want to get engrossed in the latest bestselling title from your favourite author, you can do it all with just one device.

HomeSurf 7 has a 2GB internal memory which is roomy enough to store your favourite photos, songs, video clips and Android apps. You can expand the memory with a microSD card, or a high capacity microSD card, and keep even more media files with you when on the move. The built-in speakers and 3.5mm headphone slot allow you to listen to your music and movies privately or share them with friends.

HomeSurf 7 is a great value tablet that would make an excellent gift for anyone. It's compact enough to carry with you everywhere, and it comes with two silicone protective sleeves, to keep it safe from bumps, scratches and scuffs.
Screen Size (inches):     7 inches
RAM (MB):                  256 MB    
Screen resolution (pixels):     800 x 480    
Tablet Memory           2 GB    
Wi-Fi                         Yes
Height     119 mm    
Width     185 mm
Depth     14 mm
Weight     500g

Blackberry Playbook

Overview and Features 
Web without limits

Experience uncompromised, full-fidelity browsing, on a high-resolution 7” touchscreen that’s optimised for Adobe® Flash® and HTML 5. Pinch to zoom, look up text and see the whole web, without restrictions.

Amplified BlackBerry experience

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is designed for seamless BlackBerry® smartphone pairing*, giving you full access to your email, calendar, BBM™, documents, tasks and more. It’s all possible thanks to BlackBerry® Bridge™ - a fast, secure Bluetooth® connection that lets you see personal information on your tablet without storing it there.

Groundbreaking performance

Do more on the go, with seamless multi tasking on your BlackBerry tablet. Move effortlessly between videos, music, games, your email and any of the thousands of available apps. The dual core processor keeps everything running fast and smooth.

Perfectly portable

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is a perfect size to take with you everywhere – it’s less than 1cm thick and it weighs only 425g, so you can slip your tablet into your handbag or carry it in your suit pocket, and enjoy the extraordinary every day.

True HD entertainment

Your HD movies are breathtaking on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s crystal clear 7" display. The rich stereo sound will immerse you in the action, and with Dual HD video cameras you can even make your own mini movies to share with friends, or enjoy a live face to face video chat over Wi-Fi.

*BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can pair with BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry® Device Software V.05 or higher

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world

Screen Size (inches):                   7" HDtouchscreen
BlackBerry Bridge connection     Yes     .
BlackBerry Tablet OS                Yes
Dual Core Processor                  Yes
Tablet HDMI                             Yes   
Tablet Memory                          16GB     .
Tablet Processor Speed (GHz)   1GHz Dual-Core Processor 
RAM (MB):                               1 GB 
Screen resolution (pixels):           1024 x 600    
Rear facing Camera                    5MP High definition    
Front Facing Camera                  3MP High definition   
Height     130mm 
Width     194mm  
Depth     10mm    
Tablet weight (grams):     425g

Commtiva N700

Overview and Features
The Linx N700 is an affordable Android tablet with a large 7-inch display that lets you comfortably view movies, websites and eBooks on the move. Its slim, lightweight body is made from durable Aluminium, so you can pop the N700 in your bag or briefcase and take it with you everywhere.

Tap the bright, clear screen to access a world of features – there's multi touch support, so you can pinch, swipe and scroll through all of your apps with ease. With multiple homescreens at your disposal you can add shortcuts to all of your favourite people and things, so that everything important is just a tap away.

With built-in Facebook™, Twitter™, push email and instant messaging support, the N700 is a social hub that's always up-to-date. There's a 3G connection for phone calls, text messaging and web browsing, and with Bluetooth® 2.1 onboard you can use a wireless headset to make hands free calls. The front facing 3 Megapixel camera lets you make live video calls, so that you can feel closer to your contacts no matter how far they are away.

Visit the Android Market™ online and choose from thousands of amazing apps, including games, social network shortcuts and great location-based services like Google Maps™ and Layar, the augmented reality app that gives you great insight into your surroundings.

The amazingly powerful li-Polymer battery gives you more than 26 hours of talk time, 30 hours of music playback, up to 5 hours video playback and up to 5 hours web browsing from one full charge - so you can browse, read, play and chat for longer.

With 512MB RAM and a 3GB microSD memory card included in the box, you'll be able to store music, photos and apps on your tablet. You can also add a 32GB microSD card for tons more storage space, and turn it into an entertainment library, full of amazing content that you can keep with you everywhere.

The Linx N700 touchscreen tablet is a brilliant alternative to other more expensive models currently on the market. It does everything you could need it to do, from phone calls to web browsing, and with flash support you can view the whole wide web on your device. The built-in GPS connection and Google Maps™ app mean you can even use your tablet as a Sat Nav, and there's also a 3 Megapixel camera for capturing photos and videos to share via Facebook™ or Flickr™.

Creative Ziio

Overview and Features
The Creative ZiiO touchscreen tablet is your all-in-one entertainment centre. It’s built to be fast, light and easy to take with you everywhere. Carry all your apps, movies, music and photos with you on the 8GB ZiiO tablet, and turn every journey into a destination.
Pure Android Audio

The Creative ZiiO tablet has been developed to look and sound amazing. Simply touch the onscreen icon to launch X-Fi, and pair your Bluetooth speakers or headphones with your tablet, for clear, powerful sound.
X-Fi Crystaliser & Expand

Unique to the Creative ZiiO tablet, X-Fi Crystaliser intelligently enhances your digital audio content, for purer, sharper sound. X-Fi Expand enhances your movie and game soundtracks, for even more immersive entertainment.
100,000+ Android apps
Discover a world of amazing apps at Android Market™, from games to content streaming services like Spotify and social networking apps that take the hassle out of staying updated.

 HD entertainment
Hook up your ZiiO tablet to your HDTV via a HDMI cable (sold separately), to watch your movies and view your photos on the big screen. Pure HD entertainment.
MicroSD up to 32GB
ZiiO has 8GB of built-in memory and you can expand this further with a microSD card, up to 32GB. You can store all of your favourite content on your tablet, and take it with you everywhere.

Front-facing camera
The Creative ZiiO has a front-facing camera that you can use to make video calls over Wi-Fi, for enhanced instant messaging chats that bring you closer to your contacts.

With its 7” touchscreen, powerful audio and access to a wealth of Android apps, the Creative ZiiO is a powerful tablet that’s worth tapping into. It’s lightweight, stylish and made to go where you go.

Dell Streak

Overview and Features
The Dell Streak 7 Android tablet is slim and small enough to take with you everywhere. It’s packed with great aaentertainment features, from apps and games to full sat nav capabilities and a full featured web browser.

Full web browsing with Adobe® Flash support

With so much to see and do on the Internet, you don’t want to miss a thing. Powerful, pre-installed Adobe Flash 10.1 makes sure that your favourite sites load and look their very best on the Streak 7 Android tablet. You can purchase a data plan and 3G sim card from your mobile network, for 3G internet access on the go.

Movie magic

Enjoy your favourite movies on the move, with the Dell Stage™ UI on Streak 7. You can easily pull up a video and start enjoying it in seconds, whether you’re at home, on the bus or in the park. The vibrant 7" multi-touch screen display with Corning® Gorilla Glass is both durable and bright.

Face-to-face video chats

With a front-facing 1.3MP camera, friends and family are practically with you wherever you go. The large 7” screen is great for face-to-face chats with the people who matter most to you. Connect with 3G or Wi-Fi™ and stay close no matter the distance.

Read eBooks on the go with Amazon Kindle Store

With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly browse and enjoy over 700,000 eBooks in the Kindle Store and fly through your favourite titles on your tablet’s 7” multitouch display.

Store more of your stuff

Dell Steak 7 has a roomy 16GB of available memory for you to store your stuff on. You can purchase a microSD card, up to 64GB, and turn it into your mobile library of music, movies, apps, files and photos.

Screen Size (inches):              7 inches
Tablet Memory                     16GB    .
Flash_Support     10.1           Flash Player 10.1 Support
Android                                Yes    
Screen resolution (pixels):     480 x 800 
Wi-Fi                                  Yes    
Webcam                             Yes   .
Front Facing Camera          1.3 MP
Rear facing Camera            5 MP 
Height     200 mm 
Width     119.8 mm
Depth     12.4 mm
Weight     453.6g

Hannspree Hannspad 

Overview and Features
The Hannspree Hannspad is designed to entertain you, whether you love watching movies, you're always browsing the web or you're really into apps and games. It's powerful and affordable, with a large built-in memory and impressive multimedia features.
10.1 inch touchscreen
The Hannspad has a large, bright display with a high 1024x600 resolution that's great for HD movies, high quality photos and all your apps and games. The 16:9 aspect ratio is even used in cinemas, to give you a great view of the action.
Arm Cortex A9 dual core processor

Hannspad has a powerful dual core Arm Cortex A9 processor that lets it process multiple tasks more easily while using up less power. That means you can do more on your tablet for longer.

The Arm Cortex chip also accelerates Adobe Flash 10.1 content, so you can easily stream online videos or play games without experiencing a lag in performance.
Masses of memory
The Hannspad has up to 16GB of available user memory, plenty of room for your music, movies, apps, photos and files. There's also a MicroSD memory card slot, so you can increase the amount of storage space and keep all your favourite content on your tablet.
Powered by Android ™

Hannspad is powered by Android. It gives you access to thousands of fun and useful apps, to help you make the most of your day. You can add your favourite apps to your homescreen, and customise your tablet to suit your needs.
HD entertainment

Download movies and photos on your tablet via a fast Wi-Fi internet connection, and then watch them on your TV, in full 1080p HD quality. All you need is a mini HDMI cable (sold separately).
Longer battery life

With a powerful Li-Polymer battery, the Hannspad gives you up to 8 hours of non-stop entertainment, so you can enjoy full movies and listen to your favourite albums on the move.

LG Optimus Pad

Overview and Features

Optimum entertainment
LG Optimus Pad is the first tablet that can record 3D videos, which you can watch back in HD quality. You can even hook the tablet up to your HDTV or 3DTV, and use your television to display all your favourite games, photos and movies.

True portability
Because of its slim, portable design, Optimus Pad can be comfortably held in only one hand. It has a high-resolution touchscreen that measures 8.9" across, so it's large enough for your HD movies and there's no widescreen effect or letterboxing during playback.

Powered by Android
LG Optimus Pad is powered by Android™ 3.0 (Honeycomb), software that's specially built for tablets. It improves your tablet's interface, battery life, web browser, touch keyboard and YouTube™ app. Plus, you get access to over 150,000 Android™ apps and games!

2x the performance
Optimus Pad has an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor with two separate cores that work together to power your tablet. This makes it faster and makes everything run smoother, so you can perform more tasks and play games or watch videos without interruptions.

3G connectivity
LG Optimus Pad is compatible with 3G sim cards, so you can purchase a data plan for your tablet and get online anywhere there's mobile signal. There's no need to wait for an available Wi-Fi hotspot when you want to update your Facebook™ status, send an email or browse the web.

Screen Size (inches):                     8.9 inch   
Flash_Support                              Flash Player 10.1 Support
Android Honeycomb 3.0              Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating system
Operating System                         Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)    
Wi-Fi                                           Yes
HDMI output                               Yes.
Webcam                                      Yes 

Galaxy Tab

Overview and Features
The Galaxy Tab is a brand new type of mobile device, with a beautiful 7inch screen that's perfectly proportioned for web browsing, gaming and movie watching on the move. This slimline tablet is so compact and lightweight that you can comfortably take it with you everywhere, and use it for web browsing, social networking, gaming and video calls - it's all you need when on the move.

Experience the whole web wherever you are - Galaxy Tab has a super fast processor, a speedy Wi-FI connection and a full web browser that supports Flash videos, so you can catch up with your favourite BBC shows on BBC iPlayer, watch YouTube™ videos and see the latest movie trailers on the brilliant WVGA display.

Take all your favourite movies, music and apps with you everywhere - Galaxy Tab has a huge built-in memory and a separate microSD slot, so the possibilities for entertainment are endless. It's so super-fast that you can comfortably play all the latest Android games without experiencing lag, and the brand new Samsung MOVIES portal gives you access to over 900 titles, available to rent from just 99p.

Turn your tablet into a library of bestselling titles - Galaxy Tab comes with a built-in eBook reader and access to Kobo, Zinio and NewspaperQuest, three great online stores, with thousands of available free and paid novels, newspapers and magazines, which you can download and enjoy reading on the big, beautiful screen.

Connect a Bluetooth headset to your Galaxy Tab to make hands free calls. The front facing video camera allows you to enjoy face-to-face chats with your contacts, and there's also a separate 3 Megapixel camera for snapping photos to share online via Facebook™ or FlickR™.

The full HD video recorder lets you capture the world around you in flawless high quality videos, and you can share your home movies and photos with family and friends, using the built-in wireless DNLA connection, which allows you to stream content from your Galaxy Tab to a compatible TV or computer.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will change the way that you use technology - this compact, powerful tablet will allow you to leave all of your other devices at home, and stay in touch, entertained and connected on the move. Designed to fit into a busy city lifestyle and make things easier, Galaxy Tab is packed with every desirable feature, from social networking shortcuts to a built in document viewer and editor.

Screen size            7 inches    
Flash_Support       Flash Player 10.1 Support
Android              Yes
Operating System     Android 2.2    
Wi-Fi              Yes
Card reader     Yes          .
Webcam          Yes
Weight            380 g    
Dimensions     190.09 x 120.45 x 11.98 mm

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer is a tablet for everyone. It’s amazingly powerful and easy to use, with touch controls and a HTC Scribe™ digital pen for making notes and audio memos. You can browse the whole web, enjoy video chats, play games and watch blockbuster movies. That’s just the start.
Set your creativity free

Never lose an idea – capture it with your HTC Scribe Pen! Retouch your favourite photos, highlight key passages in your eBooks and make notes at meetings. Your scribbles are synced back to a free Evernote account that you can access on your smartphone and PC.
Jog your memory

Remember last month’s conference keynote? Your HTC Flyer does. When you use the Scribe Pen to make notes, HTC Timemark takes an audio snapshot of your meeting or class. Just tap on your notes to hear the original context again and jog your memory.

HTC Flyer gives your family access to their favourite content, from holiday snapshots to blockbuster movies and the latest touch games available on Android Market™. It’s designed for everyone, with a safe Kids mode, simple, intuitive controls and a fast web browser enhanced by the 1.5GHz processor.
Powered by Android and HTC Sense

Designed from the ground up for tablets, the new HTC Sense interface adds a slick, colourful look and additional features to your Flyer, like split screen media panels, a full email client with reading panes, and a full web browser that supports Adobe Flash 10.2 videos. You can choose between thousands of specially optimised Android apps, like Google Maps™ and Angry Birds HD, ready to download straight to your tablet and enjoy on the go.
NEW HTC media services

HTC Flyer opens you up to new entertainment experiences. It’s the first device to have HTC Watch™ – an on demand movie streaming and downloading service that you access through your web browser. You can also enjoy furiously fast, console-quality online games, and exclusive HTC apps!
3G ready

HTC Flyer is 3G ready, for on the go web access via your mobile network. Why wait for a Wi-Fi hotspot to check Facebook™, watch a YouTube™ clip or fire off emails? All you need is a 3G sim card and a data plan that suits your needs.

Screen Size (inches):     7 inches    
Flash_Support         Flash Player 10.1 Support
Android     Yes   
Screen resolution (pixels):     1024 x 600   
Wi-Fi     Yes    
Webcam     Yes    
Tablet Processor Speed (GHz)     1.5GHz    
Front Facing Camera     1.3 MP    
Rear facing Camera     5 MP    
RAM (MB):     1GB    
Tablet Memory     32GB Storage    
Height     195 mm    
Width     125 mm    
Depth     12.9 mm     
Weight     420g

Motorola Xoom

Overview and Features
Motorola XOOM™ 3G is a fast, powerful tablet with all the features you need to stay entertained and get online on the go. It's one of the most feature-rich and exciting tablets yet.
Powered by Android™ 3.0Honeycob)
With live widgets, richer notifications and a true multitasking manager, Android 3.0 makes it easy to enjoy your apps, movies, games and eBooks.
HD entertainment - at home or on the move.
See every detail in your favourite movies and family photos, on your tablet's stunning 10.1" HD display. You can also connect your Motorola XOOM tablet up to your HDTV, for a big screen experience that the whole family can share and enjoy.
App Happy
Get full access to fun and useful Android™ apps, as well as console-quality games and Google services, and discover something new everyday.
Web without limits
See the whole internet on your tablet, with every web page beautifully rendered on a fully optimised HD display that's powered by a dual core Nvidia® Tegra™ 2 processor.  You can enjoy rich Adobe® Flash content and open up to 8 tabs at once, flicking between Facebook™, email, iPlayer and YouTube™ without any lags or delays.
Shoot and share in an instant
You can turn special moments into lasting memories, with XOOM's 5 MP camera and 720p HD video recorder. Edit your photos on your tablet, view them in a slideshow, and upload them straight to YouTube, Facebook, FlickR or Picasa for everyone to enjoy. You can also snap self-portraits and make video calls using the 2 MP front-facing camera.

Let's get down to business
With a live multitasking panel that remembers your most recent activities and all the processing power of a true computer, Motorola XOOM 3G lets you work and play on the move. Gmail™, Google Docs, Microsoft® Exchange email and Quick Office™ support allow you to send and receive emails, create, view and edit documents, and then share them instantly with work colleagues.

Viewsonic Viewpad

Overview and Features
Viewsonic Viewpad 10S 3G is a powerful, affordable tablet that’s packed with the latest technology. If you want to enjoy full web browsing, HD entertainment and fast, smooth gaming on the go, Viewpad 10S is a great choice.

Power & performance

With a best in class Nvidia Tegra 250™ dual core A9 processor, ViewPad is slick, fast and great for gaming and multitasking.

Full web browsing

Viewpad is powered by Android™ 2.2 (Froyo), so it naturally has a very capable web browser. Add to that built-in Adobe® Flash support, plus multitouch controls and pinch-to-zoom, and you’ve got a brilliant web browsing experience.

3G ready

Get online on the go with 3G internet on your tablet! Viewpad 10s has a standard sim card slot, so you can pick a 3G data plan that’s right for you and access the internet wherever there’s mobile signal. No waiting for a Wi-Fi hotspot to be nearby, just fast access to your favourite web services.

Face-to-face video calls

Use Viewpad’s front facing camera and internet connection to make video calls to friends! No matter how far you are away, you’ll feel closer together.

Up to 7.5 hours battery life

Do more on the move with a tablet that has a long battery life. Viewpad lasts up to 7.5 hours before needing to be recharged, so you can email, play games and watch movies for longer.

With great features and an affordable price tag, the Viewsonic Viewpad is a practical and appealing tablet.

Screen Size (inches):     10 inches
RAM (MB):                 512 MB
Tablet Memory             512 MB     .
Android OS                  Android 2.2
Flash_Support                     Yes
Screen resolution (pixels):     1024 x 600
Wi-Fi     Yes     .
HDMI output     Yes    
Front Facing Camera     1.3 MP    
Height     178 mm
Width     275.5 mm
Depth     14.5 mm    

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stretch Your Smart Phone's Battery Life

A music player, camera, video recorder, sound recorder, mobile phone, gprs receiver, mobile internet, you name it, a smartphone is everything a gadget. It replaces virtually everything, even money.

The most frustrating thing of having a smartphone is when you run out of battery. Especially when you are out and away from the power grid. Good news is there are products that can extend the battery power of your gadgets, like portable chargers, cranked chargers, solar chargers, rechargeable battery operated chargers, and so on. But they come with a price.

Is there a way of extending the battery life of a smart phone? Yes there are actually several easy to follow tips to prolong the battery power of your phone, considering  how you use your phone and the way you intend to use it.

1. Turn off 3G, GPS, bluetooth and wifi
If you do not intend to use the internet while you are out and need your phone just  for making and receiving calls, it is sensible to turn off 3G and wifi. If these two functions are turned on, the device  kept looking and searching for 3G and wifi signals even when you're out of coverage area. Again if you are not using your phone to navigate your way around, it is wise to turn GPS functionality off, as this also uses power when turned on. Bluetooth is also a waste of power when it is turned on.It is better to turn it on just when needed.

2.  Reduce the screen brightness
The brighter the screen the higher it's battery consumption

3. Reduce the volume of notification sound.
The louder your background sound or music, the more power it consumes

4. Disable backround applications
Android phones and other multitasking phones usually have many applications turned on and left running in the background. As there is only one screen, and we can not see multiple windows in our smartphones, it is sensible to run one application at a time. It is also wise to check and kill or end running applications we are not using.

5.Disable vibrate mode
Sound mode to alert you from calls, text, and other messages is enough.

6. Use standby rather than turning your unit on and off
Turning the unit on from being off uses more power than waking up from standby mode, But it is more sensible to turn it off if you do not intend to use  your smartphone for 12 hours or more.

7. Use dark colour wall papers and themes(amoled devices)
If your device uses an amoled screen rather than LCD, using dark or black coloured themes can save more power, as the pixels in that particular screen depends on how much light it emits in order to produce a colour. Obviously, darker colours require lesser light.

Remember that manual control of the phone's functionality is better in saving power than auto mode. As a rule, if you do not use any phone feature, turn  off the feature!

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