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How to Safely Unlock Your iPhone

Jailbraking, is it worthy?

One of the ways for the iPhone to be unlocked is jailbreaking. This means gaining read/write access into a device's operating system to modify the device. And when read/write access is successful, it is possible to run 3rd party softwares like unlockers, and other programs that are restricted to the original device's capability. Jailbreaking is not only unlocking it to be available to all mobile networks. It is more than that! 

The only downside in jailbreaking is, the device might get reversed to pre jailbroken form when updated using itunes. Or it may get bricked! 

Is it worth it? For a regular user like me, jailbreaking is not, but unlocking it to accept other networks is essential!

Why unlock your iPhone?

Unlocking your iphone is necessary for you to be able to use any sim card from any operator in any country. It is also beneficial especially when you are planning to use your phone with another network with lower charge.

How do I know if my iPhone is unlocked?

Unless you bought your iphone directly from apple which they supply the phone sim free or unlocked to any network.
To test, insert a sim card from another network, if it accepts it, it is unlocked.

How can I unlock it?

The safest and most sensible method is to contact your network provider and let them know your interest in unlocking your iphone. A form to unlock it might be necessary. 

How much would I pay to unlock it?

Monthly tariff is usually free, however pay as you go customers must pay at least £15. Some operators can only do it after you've been with them for a year or when you finish your contract.

What would I need to unlock it? 

When you contact your network and tell them about your account number and other details, be sure to include your IMEI number which you can access by typing in this combination on your keypad

What's the unlocking procedure?

1. contact your network, 
2. fill up the unlocking form, 
3. pay the unlocking charge or free for pay monthly customers, 
4. they will contact you when the unlock code is ready or in the form of an update through itunes.
5. if in the form of a code, they will give you instruction on a key combination  which will get you into unlocking mode where you key in the code unlock key that they will supply

and if in the form of an update, you need to connect your iphone into your computer and log in to your itunes account which you use with the particular phone you want to unlock, the unlocking software will be delivered as an update and once your iphone finishes update, you can try to change the sim card with a different network sim, 

your done!

It's time to save money.
Now you can get any sim from any network! Imagine using lebara, vectone, nomi, sim cards on your phone which will save you from overseas calls! Imagine using buying a £5 worth of call credits from 3 pay as you go and you could be getting internet for 3 months from your last top up and can use skype free as well.

Does it pays to be network free or unlocked ? Yes.

Unlocking  From UK Networks 


02 pay monthly costumers can get their unlocking form here

Orange Customers

If it's a pay monthly phone you’ll need to call 150 free from your handset, or 07973 100 150 from a landline (call charges may vary).


If it's a pay as you go phone you’ll need to call 450 from your handset, or 07973 100 450 from a landline (call charges may vary).


If you are on 3 network, they can be contacted free when you dial 3 on your 3 network phone. They charge at least £15 from the service. 

Tesco Mobile

If you wish to use Apple iPhone on another network tesco Mobile will only provide an unlatching code after you've had your Pay as you go iPhone for 12 months or after the completion of any Pay monthly contract period.

Vodafone Customers

Vodafone pay as you go needs to contact customer service

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