Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stretch Your Smart Phone's Battery Life

A music player, camera, video recorder, sound recorder, mobile phone, gprs receiver, mobile internet, you name it, a smartphone is everything a gadget. It replaces virtually everything, even money.

The most frustrating thing of having a smartphone is when you run out of battery. Especially when you are out and away from the power grid. Good news is there are products that can extend the battery power of your gadgets, like portable chargers, cranked chargers, solar chargers, rechargeable battery operated chargers, and so on. But they come with a price.

Is there a way of extending the battery life of a smart phone? Yes there are actually several easy to follow tips to prolong the battery power of your phone, considering  how you use your phone and the way you intend to use it.

1. Turn off 3G, GPS, bluetooth and wifi
If you do not intend to use the internet while you are out and need your phone just  for making and receiving calls, it is sensible to turn off 3G and wifi. If these two functions are turned on, the device  kept looking and searching for 3G and wifi signals even when you're out of coverage area. Again if you are not using your phone to navigate your way around, it is wise to turn GPS functionality off, as this also uses power when turned on. Bluetooth is also a waste of power when it is turned on.It is better to turn it on just when needed.

2.  Reduce the screen brightness
The brighter the screen the higher it's battery consumption

3. Reduce the volume of notification sound.
The louder your background sound or music, the more power it consumes

4. Disable backround applications
Android phones and other multitasking phones usually have many applications turned on and left running in the background. As there is only one screen, and we can not see multiple windows in our smartphones, it is sensible to run one application at a time. It is also wise to check and kill or end running applications we are not using.

5.Disable vibrate mode
Sound mode to alert you from calls, text, and other messages is enough.

6. Use standby rather than turning your unit on and off
Turning the unit on from being off uses more power than waking up from standby mode, But it is more sensible to turn it off if you do not intend to use  your smartphone for 12 hours or more.

7. Use dark colour wall papers and themes(amoled devices)
If your device uses an amoled screen rather than LCD, using dark or black coloured themes can save more power, as the pixels in that particular screen depends on how much light it emits in order to produce a colour. Obviously, darker colours require lesser light.

Remember that manual control of the phone's functionality is better in saving power than auto mode. As a rule, if you do not use any phone feature, turn  off the feature!

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