Saturday, 11 June 2011

Can't Upload Photos or Write Comment on Facebook

From time to time, these problems occur on a particular website, not only facebook. It might be because the site is being updated, under maintenance or just updated and your browser is just giving you the image of the site according to the cache data (graphic images such as buttons, banners, icons, advertising, graphs, and color bars or photographs, and even entire web pages) which is  stored in your computer. This data is the previous known state of a certain site and not the present state. This giving you a latent state of the site which the  components are no longer there when they updated the site. Your browser now resolves this issue by overwriting the cache data from your computer by downloading present information again from the site. But sometimes, depending on your internet connection and your computing hardware power, this might not be resolved instantly.

Practical solution is to clear the cache of your browser. Steps below!

Internet Explorer Users:

1. Click TOOLS

3. Restart your browser.

Firefox users:

1. Click TOOLS

2. Select CLEAR RECENT HISTORY and tick CACHE then select CLEAR NOW

3. Restart your browser.

There are other problems like connection error, DNS server problems, website server problems that can brought about the same symptoms, which can't be solved by just clearing your cache. But most of the time, this problem can be simply solved by this simple solution or restarting your computer.

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