Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How To Edit Your Email After You Send It

Have you ever in a situation that you wish you can edit the email you have sent? I am a mistake prone person in terms of emails and I've always wished for this feature. Unluckily, there is no feature like this with my email providers. But there is an email service that can let you do this and other practical features that you are wishing for in an email!

The Pluto Mail

This is an invitation only email service at beta(testing) stage, but uninvited users like you and me can queue to join the service. Just register your intent at https://www.sendpluto.com/waiting_list_users/new.

The Cool Features

Edit sent emails

This is a handy feature specially when you are mistake prone like me. After sending it, you can edit your email as long as the recipient has not opened the email yet. 

After composting an email(1), it will appear at the list of sent messages and if the recipient has not read the letter yet, an edit(2) button is available to click to let you make the changes(3).

Unsend an email any time.

Emails sent via Pluto mail can be unsent anytime(5), whether it has been read(4) or not. If the original recipient forwarded your email, the forwarded email will also be unsent!

Know when your email is read

If your recipient denies receiving your email, you will know of he is telling the truth because Pluto mail will alert you the day and time when the recipient opens it(see 4). No more excuses!

Make your email self destruct

You can set (6) your messages to disappear from the recipient by setting a time to expire  sometime after being sent or after being read! This will not allow the recipient to read the content of the email again and in case the recipient forwarded this as an attachment, the forwarded recipient will not also be able to access it after the set time.


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