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How to make cheaper international calls with a UK mobile contract

Calling overseas with existing mobile company standard tariff can be very expensive. Calls ranges from 60 pence to £1.99 depending on country destination and mobile company. There is a way to put down the price to at least 30 to 70 percent lower using the mobile network's extra bundles for pay monthly. Most of the networks in the UK has this kind of additional service to their pay monthly customers. So if you forgot to buy international phone card, or too lazy to go out as you run out of credit or simply fed up using these cards, good news is you can use your existing contract to call overseas!

O2 Customers 

     1.   International Extras

 This can give up to 110 minutes for £5, depending on the destination and is available for 33 countries. See the 33 countries covered at

Philippines for example, can make 35 minutes call for £5. The £5 will be added to the monthly tariff on your bill, and you can only be charge when you purchase the service

If you want to try the the 02 service and get 35minutes to call the Philippines mobile or landline, text Philippines5 to  80282 
      2.   International Favourites

This additional service can boost you a 3000 landline minutes and 100 mobile minutes to countries like the US, Australia, Canada, Poland, India, Malaysia and more. See countries included below.

The cost is £10 on top of the monthly tariff, and this allows you to call three different international destination. If you want to add up to a total 5 international numbers, the cost is £20. You will have 3000 minutes to call landline international destination and 200 minutes for mobile calls.

3 Mobile Customers

  • Add International Saver Add-on

With the Add International Saver Add-on, you'll get 3,000 minutes to use for making international calls from the UK on your Three phone. They charge £15.32 a month if you are already with a 3 contract. Popular destination countries included are the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Hongkong, Ireland. Check out the whole list at and procedure at,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Article,varset_cat=roaming,varset_subcat=4161,Case=obj(4158)

Orange Customers

  • Call Abroad Subscription
Call abroad subscription is tailored to Orange monthly tariff  customers who make overseas calls often. It is priced at an additional £2.50 a month. With this extra bundle, Orange charges from 12 pence to 80 pence depending on the call destination, compared to 30 pence upto £1.20 per minute without the bundle.

To see the cost per country, click on the link below

T Mobile Customers

  • Flexible Tariff Booster

On T-mobile contract mobile tariff, there is a flexible tariff booster that you can choose which is free of charge. International call is included and can give you 120 international minutes to call mobiles and landlines in USA & Canada (calls from the UK to overseas customers), or 60 international minutes to call mobiles and landlines in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Rep, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey (calls from the UK to overseas customers).
For the rest of the booster additional tariff and monthly contract costs, please see


  1. I want to know how to make cheapest international calls from uk to Australia with best possible calling rates. Can anyone suggest me something?

  2. If you have pay monthly UK mobile phone with free calls inclusive, you can use it to dial an access number to call Australia at cheaper rate. First you need to buy credit using your mobile phone for international calls, the rate at the moment is 1pence per minute to call Australia from your mobile phone and 7pence to call Australia mobile. You can use your credit to call other countries as well. If you are planning to use BT line, you can also use a direct access number, the same rate but a connection set up charge of 13.1 pence per call. Please see "International Calls" page from this blog to see the countries served and their corresponding rates.

    Thank you for visiting.

  3. I would like to call cheap from uk to Greece.Any advice?

    1. if you are planning to call a landline phone on Greece with your contract mobile phone, one of the cheapest method is to buy a call credit and use your existing free minutes. This method will cost 1.5pence per minute. If you call to a mobile phone in Greece using the same method, it costs 14 pence. See how you can do it by visiting the International calls page of this blog.

      If you do not own a contract mobile phone, and you have a BT line, you can direct dial Greece with an access number. You can see the list of access numbers in there as well.

      If you do not have contract mobile phone or you do not have enough free minutes, or you do not have BT line, the best method is to buy a pay as you go International sim card from Vodafone and top up 15 pounds. This will give you 100 minutes to call Greece, land line or mobile phone, or other countries. Your £15 will not be charged when you call any of the 100 overseas destinations, and you will only be charged if you finished the 100 free minutes. You can order your free sim at VODAFONEFREESIMS You can also convert the £15 into international minutes with simple trick. Watch out for the post regarding this.

  4. I live in Australia but most of my relatives lives in other countries so i wanted to know how to make cheap international calls from London to reduce my call rates.

    1. Do you use BT land line or mobile phone? If mobile phone, is it contract or pay as you go and which network?

  5. I am living in Australia But mostly I use to make international calls for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make Cheap international calls It would be help full for me.

  6. try Digital Calling Cards to make Cheap international calls from UK

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  8. With Smartgroschen app, you can make cheap phone calls to all mobiles and landline in the world from your smartphones and tablet without sim card. You can try Smartgroschen phone calls to mobiles and landlines, because at start you get 0,50 euro gratis!

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