Saturday, 8 October 2011

Browsing Tweaks 2: Speed Up Firefox

Did you noticed that firefox becomes sluggish the longer it is running? That's because the longer it is left on, the more memory it will consume and the slower your browsing will be.

Memory Restart

This is a firefox extension that you can download at . This add-on keeps an eye on the amount of remaining memory and will warn you when it becomes too low. Restarting the browser will free up wasted resources and speed up your browser in effect. Do not worry as the websites opened during restart will be the same websites that will be shown after the browser restarts.

After download and installation, the active add-ons including memory restart should be included at the toolbar below your browser. If you can not see the add ons there, you can click VIEW, TOOLBARS, the tick ADD ON BAR, then right click on the bar that appears at the bottom of the browser window and choose CUSTOMIZE. If the icon does not appear in the selection, click RESTORE DEFAULT SET. Drag and drop the icon to the add-on tool bar. Below is what it looks like after adding memory restart.

Increase Firefox Cache Size

Local copy of websites visited are stored in a browser's cache and these can be retrieved easier. Adjusting it with more than the default allocation will give this container more space to store website's data. You can adjust this by going to TOOLS, OPTIONS, NETWORK, then tick OVERRIDE CACHE. You can then add more MB's to the cache by pressing the arrows.

Speed Up Download

DownThemAll at is an advanced download manager for Firefox that chops data traffic into multiple smaller segments and then fetches each part in at the same time. It is like grinding a coffee bean first before putting it through a tightly weaven strainer. It also let's you pause and resume your download!

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