Monday, 13 February 2012

How to Resolve Wireless Connectivity

I have a new broadband provider and I've decided to use the same wireless setting from the previous one. The SSID is the same (EmpireNetwork) and the pass key is also the same, only this time I have changes the kind of security from WEP into the newer WPA-PSK, but nevertheless the same key value.

I noticed that apple mobile devices IPAD, IPHONE, and other mobile devices has not a problem with the new connection of the same wireless value. Could it be because of the operating system which is not windows? I do not really know.

The windows based computers and laptops has an issue. They can not connect. The computer and laptops can see the broadcast of the SSID name and it's strength but when tried to connect, it says there is an issue with the credentials, and  the built in network diagnostic and repair tool can not repair the existing problem.

Click the wireless network icon at the bottom and you can see the available networks within range. The screenshot below shows that my EmpireNetwork wireless connection even though it is within range has a red X on it.

When I hovered the mouse over the EmpireNetwork, the computer can detect it's strength.

When I tried to connect, the problem shows as mismatched credential. I tried diagnostic and repair tool but failed.

How to simply resolve the mismatched credential for a wireless connectivity

1. First step is to delete the existing connectivity, in this case my EmpireNetwork.
  • Click the "Open Network and Sharing Center" like the one shown at the screenshot above or go to Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click  Manage Wireless Networks

2. Highlight the  network name

3. Then click Remove

4. Go back to the network icon at the bottom right of the screen, and you can see that the router's SSID in the list without the red X

5. Click on it and choose connect

6. Type in the passkey 

7. You should be then be connected to the network and internet access


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