Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cheap Galaxy Tab Case

When it comes to gadget cases, functionality is as important as the quality of the product. I am not really brand conscious but I look more closely on design and it's practicality according to the nature of the device.

The Galaxy Tab 3G is a crossover between a tablet computer and a smartphone. It's functionality as a smartphone is a sure edge over iPAD and it's tablet computer function is also a sure advantage over iPhone range. It's 7-inch screen size is cleverly thought about, because as a user, making a call with this size is not bad at all holding the device single handedly. It's a bit too large but with a good folio case, it's easier to handle. I couldn't imagine making a phone call on the move with a 10-inch something device. It would be not so practical and won't look good. It's also easier to work round on it's 7-inch screen size than the smaller phones when surfing the net.

The practical but surprisingly low priced case.

1. Beautiful.

This folio case is attractive. I bought it online, sometimes when things cab only be seen online, there are times that the item you are looking is not as good when it arrives. But to my surprise, it goes beyond my expectations.

2. Functional.

All buttons of the unit can be accessed with the case. I remembered one case I bought on the web that was pretty but the port for charging is obstructed. So I need to take the device out of the case to charge it. There was also another branded case for an iPhone4 that the hole for the camera is much too low than that of the phone's rear camera, but this one is not. The Tab's ports, and accessory access points are well fitted with the case.

It fits very well with the Tab. It also have pockets for cards, or notes. The case has a protective strap for the device so it will not accidentally drops.

3. Practical.

This is the best part and I am sure you will be surprised! For less than £4 I had this accessory, and delivery is free. High street site prices with this product can fetch a minimum of £15.

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