Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Modular Phone

Samsung and Apple are the company to beat in the smartphone arena, creating trendsetter phone models that can force fold other mobile makers on their path. How could they possibly be beaten on the smartphone market? I can not think of any factor as long as consumers still like what they offer, and I think they will live as long as they introduce something different everytime they make a sequel to their soap opera like top models!

Now, other mobile phone players are venturing into a more imaginative product rather than the solid one piece flat form. It's hard for me to explain in simple words, because I think this new flat form of mobiles is a bit complicated, but the concept is simple. Welcome the modular phone!

The Modular Phone

They called it that way, as the new form will be like lego pieces joined together to make a working mobile phone. The screen, processor, ram, battery, camera and other pieces can be put together like a puzzle. This will be a highly customizable product that a user can build according to his needs. For example, if multitasking is what you require, you can buy a faster processor module, take off the old one and put the new one in place. Or if you are a budding photographer, you can opt for a better quality camera module. This is without the need of buying a new phone model to keep up with the on going tech trend.

Google and Motorolla's Project ARA 

This concept is a good news to those who would like to experiment and have a strong sense of creativity. This could also be a money saver to those who are keeping track of new products, as they will just be buying component modules to do the upgrade. And in a way, can make it simpler to use as users are involved in building the handset. The most significant advantage is, you do not pay for a component you do not use!

As this concept is very good, manufacturers are already racing on making their own versions. The worst then that could happen is the incompatibility of modules from different makers. This would produce more electronic waste as time goes. I just hope that there would be a standard module for every component and can be used cross brands, like the lego!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A "Ninite" Solution In Installing Softwares

After a software upgrade to Firefox, it became unstable and crashes often. My next move was to uninstall it. When I tried to re-install again, I failed all the time. The installation doesn't go too far. After clicking the run(1) button, it can only go until the run as(2) window. No matter what option I tick, the installation process stops.

One post at a mozilla forum suggests to use Ninite to install it. I followed the link at and an installer(3)  is downloaded for Firefox. After clicking the installer, Firefox is installed in a flash and without the annoyance of the User Account Control. 

Why Use Ninite Rather Than The Official and Mirror Download  Sites?

  • Other benefits of using Ninite installer is you do not need to stay infront of your computer after you have clicked the install button. There is no "next" button to click as it installs the software straight away. 
  • If you have been very cautious not to install annoying bundled software like toolbars, with Ninite, you are rest assured there are no excess apps included, just the specific program itself.
  • It also skips any reboot request from the usual installers. This means it can save you time.
  • You can also download multiple installations and run in with one click by selecting several applications (4) included in the list. 

 Though this is an excellent utility, it also has it's own let down. One of which  is it only supports Windows and Ubuntu versions of a program. The other one is only a handful of programs are included in their lists. You can see the list and try Ninite at .

The Quickest Way To Back Up Android Mobiles

My mobile phone contains almost all of my important files like contacts, messages, photos, videos, and music. Backing up these data is the best way not to loss them in case disaster strikes, like losing the phone, or a break beyond repair. There are backup softwares available there that can offer free online storage but usually are limited in service and in space. Here's something that let's you back up your mobile phone's content via cloud storage, direct to your PC or to a removable memory device.

In this post, I used Galaxy Note 2 as a source, PC as a backup location and the Nero BackItUp application. Here's the free, quickest and easiest way to backup your android device.

1. Download and install the application Nero Back It Up.

  • In your Android device, go to play store, search for NeroBackItUp and install it.

The good thing about this application is you do not need to create an account to use it unless you use the online storage as a target.

2. How to Back Up

In order for this application to work, both the android smart phone and the target storage laptop should be on the same wi-fi network.

  • Open the application in your computer and mobile backup(1).
  • A new window will pop up(2), a QR code(2a), and the path of the back up file(2b).

  • Open NeroBackItUp on your mobile device and select target(3). This time I like to back it up using my computer(4). Then press scan now(5) and scan the QR code from the computer(2a).

This might be the trickiest part of the procedure specially when this is the first time for you to scan a QR code. One tip is to keep the phone steady by resting your hand holding your phone on a flat surface.

  • Now you are ready to back up. Just press back up now(6) and it will start the back up process. This will take from few minutes up to an hour or more during the first back up. 

3. How To Specify Files To Back Up

The time to back up is determined by the amount of data you have in your phone. Photos and videos usually make the back up process a pain when there are too many and the files are large. You may want to leave the videos to make things easier. You can do this selecting files before selecting the target(3).

  • Choose mobile(8) then untick the source file(9) you do not want to back up. Click next and proceed back up.

4. Where's the Back Up Files?

On your computer, your back up files(10) will be on this path(2b).

c://Users\Richard(username)\Documents\Nero BackItUp Device Backup


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