Sunday, 9 March 2014

A "Ninite" Solution In Installing Softwares

After a software upgrade to Firefox, it became unstable and crashes often. My next move was to uninstall it. When I tried to re-install again, I failed all the time. The installation doesn't go too far. After clicking the run(1) button, it can only go until the run as(2) window. No matter what option I tick, the installation process stops.

One post at a mozilla forum suggests to use Ninite to install it. I followed the link at and an installer(3)  is downloaded for Firefox. After clicking the installer, Firefox is installed in a flash and without the annoyance of the User Account Control. 

Why Use Ninite Rather Than The Official and Mirror Download  Sites?

  • Other benefits of using Ninite installer is you do not need to stay infront of your computer after you have clicked the install button. There is no "next" button to click as it installs the software straight away. 
  • If you have been very cautious not to install annoying bundled software like toolbars, with Ninite, you are rest assured there are no excess apps included, just the specific program itself.
  • It also skips any reboot request from the usual installers. This means it can save you time.
  • You can also download multiple installations and run in with one click by selecting several applications (4) included in the list. 

 Though this is an excellent utility, it also has it's own let down. One of which  is it only supports Windows and Ubuntu versions of a program. The other one is only a handful of programs are included in their lists. You can see the list and try Ninite at .

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