Thursday, 7 July 2011

How to Facebook Video Chat

At last, the functionality FB fans are waiting for, the official  video chat has arrived. I termed it official because there are video chat copycats there but before you can use them, you need to do something for the apps developer, like joining something, liking it, or completing  an offer.

Again, these copycats are not really safe, specially when you'll be asked  permission for the apps to post on your wall, to have access on your info offline, or your friends infos. I can only advise not to fall into these apps, or any apps that can access your info and can post into your wall. Before you know it, your friends will be receiving inappropriate content sent by YOU!

Let's get started with FB Video Chat.

1. Log in to your FB profile and in new tab or window, go to the apps official FB Video Chat page which is  

(If you are in a rush just click the download link at Then go to next step

2. Click the GET STARTED BUTTON and FB chat applet will be downloaded and you need to click the downloaded file to begin the installation.

3. Once finished installing, click your chat button and go online. See your contacts for anyone online and click their name and start chatting. 
4. At the chat window, you will notice the videocam icon at the top, click that button to initiate video call. 
   4.1. If your contact has already installed FB Video Chat installed, you can initiate video call straight away.    
   4.2  In case she has not, a notification to install the applet will be shown at her side and she needs to install the apps before you can use video chat.

4.3 Below is the notification that my contact is installing FB Video Chat.

5. After my contact has finished installation, the video chat is initialised.

The video is of decent resolution and the audio is also good, although the resolution depends on the quality of your webcam. Sometimes the video is not in sync with the audio, but this depends on the broadband connection speed (upload and download speed) you are getting and the speed of the provider of the one you are on chat with. The condition I described above is with this upload and download speed conditions.  3016kbps download and 321 kbps upload. Overall performance I can say is OK!

.FB Video chat maybe disappointing to those with lower broadband speed. You can check your internet speed at  or just google check my broadband speed when not in the UK.

Now you know how to start, let's FB Video Chat!

If you find  this article helpful, please post it on your wall by clicking FB share button at the left! And not the least thanks, Cecil!


  1. help pls
    everytime when i try to install it says " facebook update installation failed with error 0x800401f5

  2. It seems like your download is corrupted or in simple terms, it was not downloaded properly. If this is what happened, when you install it, the program can not be installed because of missing parts. You need to provide me info about your browser(internet explorer 0r firefox or others) and your operating system, (vista, windows 7, xp or others). Please tell me about your internet connection as well if you are using broadband or mobile broadband or others. Thanks for reading.

    For the meantime please delete the cache of your browser and your temporary files see for guidance and try to download and install the application again. please tell me if you are successful

  3. hi....
    im using internet explorer and broadband internet.....already dwload a few time that app/plug in. but the video icon dosn't come out. or i've to dwload skype too...any solution for me

  4. Hi,

    Have you tried clearing up your browser's cache? In internet explorer click TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, then at GENERAL TAB, click INTERNET OPTIONS, under BROWSING HISTORY, tick PRESERVE..TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES, CACHE, DOWNLOAD HISTORY. Then try downloading again, if this does not work, try downloading firefox, and do the downloading with that browser. Do you need skype? I am not sure, but I have skype already when I downloaded FB Video chat. You can try as well, message me what will happen! Good luck

  5. hi....sorry bcz i take a few weeks to answer back to u... actually, im already give up when the app is not working after done everything. i just leave it for a month without making anything.... and the video icon suddenly appeared after a month. now it worked.... and im happy to use it...thanks

  6. It might be because the cache in your browser is set to expire in a month's time. But if you have emptied the cache and did not worked, and it worked after a month, I wouldn't know the answer to that. Anyway you are welcome! and thank you for reading.

  7. this is very interesting

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