Saturday, 23 July 2011

Windows Scam!


1. A person calls you and says that he knows about a threat or fault in your PC system.
2. He  convinces you that you need their services by showing you warnings which are not really harmful.

3. He lets you download a malicious software or even a legitimate REMOTE DESKTOP software (ammyy in this situation)

4. Once installed, he can control your computer just like sitting next to it! He can copy the whole content of your drive, the personal things and even banking details you have saved in your PC

5. In case of malicious scarewares, a useless software that pretends to scan your drive  will show you fairytale infections after finishing the fake scan, and will make you purchase  or donate something to help you get rid of these.


As I was waiting for my bleep to go off ( called twice this day already), I received a call from a man with an indian accent claiming to be from windows, and told me that they have "monitored" that my computer has a problem. How miraculous! My wife got the same call two weeks ago and did not bothered to speak to them, which is good!

I was bored and nothing to do, so I decided to play with them for fun, and I wanted to know the things they do to scam somebody. I deliberately followed their instructions and took the bait of opening up computer management, (START, RIGHT CLICK ON myCOMPUTER, CLICK COMPUTER MANAGEMENT, CLICK + sign of WINDOWS LOGS) and see warning signs on APPLICATION and SYSTEM logs. I told them I could not see anything and it was just white screen and the bottom grey screen. In fact there were signs and warnings especially at the applications and settings folder. But these warnings are automatically logged as an event when you use applications, warnings, alerts and so on, these are just NORMAL processes.

Having said that I can not see anything, the man asked me to go to I noticed that it is a PC remote desktop application! There's one thing that came from my mind. So if he is really from windows, he should be telling me to use the built in "remote desktop assistance" pre installed in any windows machine! Remote desktop applications include log me in, go to my PC, teamviewer , and so on. These programs allow sharing of files, manipulating a computer from a remote location using internet protocol. I am familiar with team viewer, which I used remotely with a friend whose screen image appeared sideways before, I am sure Arnold can still remember that magical afternoon, 20 to 30 miles apart.

I am not familiar with ammyy remote assistance which they told me to download. I did not download it because I thought it was their product that can infiltrate my laptop for more damage. I used whois and found out that it is a legitimate program. So I just googled some screenshots of the program and told them what I see in the screenshots to make the impression that the program is already installed in my machine. Then when he asked me to start connection, I just told him that the computer hanged and "blamed" the sofware I downloaded for the crash. He instructed me to download again, and complied three times but he can not get through it because I always reason out the computer hanged. The man gave up after 30 minutes.

After 10 minutes, he called up again and told he has a solution, he will give me a disc for computer trouble shooting and management for half price. £49.99 is the full price, and he is just charging me for £20.00 plus a set of precision tools. I asked him if he takes credit or debit, cheque or cash, and he answered any card will do. I gave him imaginary names, address and numbers which miraculously accepted by his "data base".

Will I get the items? Surely not. The address is wrong, the recipient is wrong, the card is wrong!

 So be careful with calls telling you, you have a problem with your computer. They just want you to get infected or they want to control your machine with your help! Do not also fall for their offers. If they are legitimate, they should have detected the false details I supplied them, like when you are buying online, just one wrong character or number nullifies everything!

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