Tuesday, 2 August 2011

iPAD: Crashing Safari and FaceBook Application

I have not used the iPAD for a while and noticed that SAFARI randomly crashes and closes, leaving a blank black screen. Whether you are at youtube, watching movies on other sites, or on facebook.  It can be fired back again though.  My wife confirmed this happening from time to time, and even the facebook apps does the same.  Other apps that do not require internet connection do not have any problem.

The Suspects and Ultimate Fix.

1.Internet Connection

As the apps with the problem use the internet, internet connection was my first suspect.  The antenna of my router falls to either side sometimes. I tightened it up to keep it straight.  It was not resolved. Could it be my  internet provider giving me dropped signals?  I went  to the routers utility to see if there’s a drop in  the traffic  provided by my ISP(usually by typing at any browser's address bar, and looking at the stats, there’s no sign of  slowdown traffic or interrupted service as it has been up for at least 800 hours.

2. Low Memory

I googled if there are other iPAD users that  might  have the same experience, and one user says he suspect a low memory. Freeing memory by closing the apps you might not noticed to be opened might solve the problem. To show the apps running, I double clicked the home botton and at the bottom part, I saw about 8 apps running.  I closed them but the problem still persists.

To close, press the icon until a minus sign appears, then press the minus sign 

3. Clear Safari Cache

It’s been a while since I used it so I thought of cache clogging up the system. I cleared the cache by going to SETTINGS, under GENERAL, choose SAFARI,  then CLEAR CACHE. No joy!

4. Software Update (Ultimate Fix)

Then I noticed  another obvious situation that I have not updated the unit for sometime. After connecting the machine to the  MAC, it detected  a new update. Download and installation took about 45 minutes, and it seems that it solved the problem! 

Why I have not suspected that first and saved two hours tinkering!

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