Sunday, 9 November 2014

How To 'Download' ABS-CBN Content?

A pinoy friend has asked me the other day how he can download videos from ABS-CBN TFC.TV site. Knowing that this is a subscription site and there is no download button to press except play, I told him 'I can't'! Then he reminded me a post that says just that. He was referring to an old post that mentioned about downloading a content, although it was not the main topic, " how to reduce windows media player from buffering".

He was right. During the early days of ABS.CBN, the download button was still there. Now that it is  gone, and the URL of the streamed contents are hidden on Java Scripts or Active Scripts to prevent downloading a copy.

But an alternative is available if he really wants to own a copy of the videos or wants to play the same content offline. It is a bit complicated and needs patience. This is to record it on the fly, whilst the video is playing!

Note: This post is just to point out that there are still ways to copy videos in a creative way using free softwares. This is not meant to encourage readers to record without the copywrite owner's permission.

The Any Video Recorder.

This program basically records everything on your screen. You can also 'trim' the record window  to capture just the part of the screen you want to record. And the best part is, the output file is on MP4, so it can be played on virtually any device and any operating system.

Download the software from the link below and you need to install the bundled audio program to make it work.

How to use it.

  •  Download, install and run Any Video Recorder software to your PC.
  • Under general settings(A) you can specify the directories(1,2) you want the videos to be saved in default by clicking browse or you can leave it as it is. For easier video search,  define the output video name(3).

  • Under video settings(B) you can also customize the output video quality and performance (4,5)according to your preference or according to your hardware capability. The higher number of bitrate and framerate, the clearer and smoother the resulting recorded video. But this needs higher processing power as well. You can experiment with the default numbers(25 and 6000) to start with.
  •  Click Record Now button to start recording videos

  • Navigate to your TFC.TV stream. The software should automatically detect the stream and open the recording interface. You can then manually set the area(7) for video recording. You can limit the recording by specific time(10) or choose automatic stop(11) Press the red "REC"(9) button to begin recording.
  •  You can pause(12) the video being recorded or stop the recording manually by pressing the button(13)

You can access the recorded video from the output directory that you have specified. Now you can easily play, copy  or transfer to view it from other devices.


  1. Why the video I recorded was having no sound? Can you tell me how to enable sound recording as well? Or is it just a video only recorder? Without the sound? Please tell me, thank you...

    1. Hi,

      I suspect that your recording device is default to built in microphone instead of the programs virtual device. So try to right click the speaker button > recording devices > then highlight and click the anvsoft virtual sound device and enable it. Just do not forget to reverse the process after you finish recording.

      below is the 4 step screenshot for you

    2. I,m sorry, Lakay, I'm using a realtek hd audio and I still don't get how to follow your instruction there. Actually I'm kinda old fashion with all of these application for window things. So sorry if I make you in trouble but please can you explain to me how to enable my recording device using realtek hd audio? Thank you soooo much for your help...

    3. There are 2 recording devices with the native realtek audio. one is using the mic or using the internal sound. The mic pick ups everything and the internal one pick ups only the one being played back in the speakers. You can enable them both but you can only use one at a time to be your default sound recording device. If you are trying to record your voice and could not do it, I suspect the default device is the sound card. So you need to make your external mic as the default device. do this by right clicking the speaker icon>Click recording devices> choose your requirement the mic or the stereo mix then set it as default. You may need to enable which ever you choose first before you can set it as default. You can give me more details on what you want to record and I will try to answer the best I can!

      see photo 4 you below

    4. copy and paste if not clickable

    5. Thank You! Followed your instructions and it worked like a charm.

  2. Hi Lakay! Any other options? Is there a website or app wherein I can download video from TFC?
    I'm mobile now. I only have my iPhone.
    Thank you!!



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