Monday, 3 November 2014

Why My Internet Is Slow?

There are many factors affecting the speed of the internet(home broadband and data powered handheld devices), like the bandwidth the internet company provides, the number of connected devices and how powerful is the device to access the web. If the problem lies on one of these factors then we can not do much about it. But if it just day by day  gradually becoming slow then the problem might can be solved.
(For Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8)

Why surfing become so slow?

Assuming that you do not have problem with the bandwidth, not too many devices sharing the router, and using not so old system, most of the time the problem lies with your browser. What happens is every time it visits a website, it gets dirty. Like a pair of boots that walked into a muddy field. This mud that accumulated in it's soles make it struggle to connect and bring the latest content of the site you want to visit. These "mud "consists of cookies, web histories, and add ons like useless search engines, shopping bots, and extensions. And if you use multiple browsers, then these "mud" is multiplied as much as the number of browsers you are using. As they are just grime at the sole of the  boots, they need to be eliminated to improve the surfing speed.

How to remove it?

You can manually clean the browsers one by one and cherry pick which one to delete or all at once in one interface by using a free software, the Auslogic Browser Care. This cleans the "mud" from top browsers like internet explorer, chrome and firefox.

How to use Auslogic Browser Care?

Begin with downloading the program at, just scroll down to the browser care download link. Once installed, you need to close the browser you want to clean.

1. Click the browser(1) you want to clean and make sure it is closed or not active before you proceed.

2. From the interface you can see other browsers that are compatible with the program(6).

3. You can easily start cleaning the grimes and extensions you do not use. Cache and internet histories (2) which the browsers bring home whilst surfing the web, can be easily removed by just ticking the corresponding buttons and clicking clear data.

4. Add ons(4) that can be accumulated without your knowledge whilst downloading free apps or viewing movies can be safely removed by just selecting it from the list and clicking the bin icon at the far end of each entry. You have also the option to only disable it.

5. Homepage hijackers(5) can also be removed by choosing default from the drop down menu. The same applies when your search engine has been changed.

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