Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How To Disconnect Your Kid's Device From Your Wi-Fi Discreetly

Having a wi-fi access has given us the convenience of online activity anywhere as long as the signal range permits. Juggling bills, shopping, being entertained and communicating can be done in less the hassle, effort and time.

But convenience has a price to pay, specially when your kids go online most of the time and telling them off has no effect. The  most effective way of censoring or monitoring their online activity maybe is by taking away the gadget and just give it to them when they really need it for school works. I find this also as the drastic way that leaves frown face at your back. I also admit that I did this several times and failed because I myself is a forgetful person( I forgot where I hide things). Turning off the router might sound as a good idea, but it is not. I run into problem the last time I turned it off, and spent half of my day fixing the wi-fi signal not working after turning it on. And one more problem is, all of us will not have an internet access.

So instead of hiding it every time I want them to stop, or turning the router off and leaving everybody without internet, I just control their devices not to connect by using the router's setting.

Here's how to do it.

My internet provider is sky, but the steps I will do is identical or almost the same to every router.

1. Log in to your router.

First is to see the default gateway. The default gateway is the ip address of your router in the form of numeric value. Whilst your computer is connected either by wire or wireless, click the start button (1) and type cmd(2) at the search box. Click cmd.exe(3) and at the command prompt, type 'ipconfig' (4)(without the qoutes) then press enter.

Scroll down until you see the wireless adaptor and wireless network connection.  See the value of default gateway(5), which is in this case. Open a browser and type the number at the address bar. You can type it as it is or add ''(without the qoutes) then press enter.

Before you can proceed, you need to enter the default username and password(7), then log in(8) The default gateway can be obtained from the internet provider or written on a sticker somewhere on the router or you can search it online.

Common default router usernames and passwords

CompanyUser NamePassword
BTadminadmin or password

2. Choose device to disconnect 

 Once you have gained access into your router, click  wireless(9) so you can set up the preferred devices to connect to your router. Click set up access list(10) to activate access control menu.

 You can now tick the devices that you want to have an access to your router from the available wireless stations then click add. You need to repeat this several times as it only allow one selection at a time.

You may need to know the ip address or MAC address of the device you do not want to have wi-fi access.

On android go to settings>about device>status>wifi MAC address.

On iPhones go to settings>general>about

All wireless devices that you've allowed to connect to your router are listed under trusted wireless stations. When you are happy you can now tick turn access control on(11). The device that is not included in the list will no longer connect through your home router.

You can reverse this restriction by unticking the access control button.

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