Saturday, 8 November 2014

Use 64-bit Browser To Improve Surfing Experience

Handhelds dominates the world of gadgets because of their portability and use anywhere functionality, but practicality wise, I still prefer to surf the net properly, with a laptop, that has a full sized keyboard and larger screen than any handheld device. A problem that usually put off windows users is the fact that this product can't be left alone to stay in tip toe condition. As we use it each day, it becomes slower. And tidying and clearing up the files and folders to make it work faster become a tiring chore.

Another way of making our surfing experience faster is by using a 64-bit browser. You do need a 64-bit system to install it thought. 

How to know if  it is a 64-bit system?

1. If your laptop or computer is at least 3 years old, and if it has 4GB or more of RAM, then this might be compatible. 

2. You can also check it by clicking start(1), right clicking computer(2), then properties(3) and look under system(4).

Here's two of my favourite 64-bit browsers

If your system is 64-bit, then you are ready to download one or both of these superb browsers.
If you have one of them already and you are not sure if it is 64-bit, go to the menu(5), about (6), then you'll see which version (7) you have on the next page.

Why use 64-bit browsers?

64-bit browsers can process more memory (RAM) than 32-bit counterparts. The 32-bit can only process 3.7 RAM at a given time no matter how much RAM is installed in your system. The 64-bit goes beyond that. This means more data is processed at a given time. Also take note that websites are adding more and more codes every time that translates additional data to process at a given time. The faster these data is processed, the faster the page to load.

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