Thursday, 26 December 2013

How to Uninstall Stubborn Android Apps

My android phone was struggling to follow my touches this morning, despite of having a 1GB ram and a quad core processor running at 1.4GHz. I have tried to turn it off and on, but still, it was so slow to respond. Seems like there is a big weight that is making it so hard for any program to run.

I have suspected there are too much installed applications and when I found out that there is only about 750MB of space left with the built in 16GB capacity, I decided to weed up those that I do not use often.  I have uninstalled one by one without any problem, until I came across something unexpected, one of the applications uninstall button is greyed, meaning it is not active, so I can not uninstall it! I do not have a clue why, I've tried deleting the data, the cache and re started the phone hoping the application in question just hanged, but to no avail.

Without a clue, I tried to look for a solution in going to the phone's settings and after sometime, my persistence paid off. The application in question was appointed as a device administrator. I have unticked it. To go to the device administrator(android 4.3), click settings, more, security, device administrators. For androids using previous versions, goto settings, security, device administrators.

When I went back to the uninstall menu (settings, more, application manager), the uninstall button is already clickable and have successfully get rid of it!

So the next time you can not uninstall a program from an android phone, goto the device administrators section and see if the stubborn application is set as one, untick it then uninstall it!

And yes, the phone is more responsive when the space was cleared!


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