Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to Perform Internet Passthrough Function

Those who have internet pass through function mobile phones might be wondering what is it. This is the reverse of internet tethering. While internet tethering means a mobile phone acting as a modem for internet for other devices, internet passthrough function is where a computer acting as a modem for internet connection to a mobile phone. Or we can just call it "reverse tethering". This function is available on HTC models and at the moment, only supports windows computer.

When do you need it? 

This function becomes important when your mobile's network signal is low or none at all specially when you are inside a building, and therefore can not use the internet, and where wi-fi is not available or you do not know the wi-fi password or key. You can just use the computer which is connected into the internet to give your mobile phone the data it needs to get online.

It is also applicable when you are abroad and do not want to spend anything on internet using your data roaming plan, which is expensive. Or your phone is locked into your network and  foreign sim card do not work. Or you do not know the wi-fi's password and can't be bothered to ask. 

How is it done? 

Before you can use the service, your need to download and install HTC SYC to your computer or laptop (WINDOWS only). You can download it from this link

After installation on your PC or laptop, turn on your HTC phone, connect to a USB port  and go to 


Your computer will begin installing the USB driver services needed for the connection particularly the HTC Remote NDIS based Device..

The driver needed for the service is boxed above and should be added at the device manager under Network Adapters.

Your phone should then be enabled to go to the  internet. The animated arrows below showing the exchange of incoming and outgoing data traffic confirms your connection, and you have just done reverse tethering!

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