Friday, 2 September 2011

How to Internet Tether on iPhone

Providing internet on a laptop while away from internet source is easy with the internet tethering function on an iPhone. Access the function by  pressing home button, settings, general, network, internet tethering

You can either use  bluetooth or USB to connect to the recipient device. The major downside with this connection is, iPAD is not supported! This is due to the limited bluetooth service allowed at iPAD.Onother one  is, it is network dependent. Meaning your mobile network contract or tariff determines internet tethering to work (screenshot on 3 network), otherwise internet tethering button under network will not show. (screenshot from Vectone network that does not allow tethering) if not included with the data tariff.


Another downside is, it's one on one approach, you can only connect to only one device at a time either through USB or bluetooth. Jailbroken iPhones can become a hotspot device using a suitable software. This will enable the iPhone to provide internet to upto 5 devices at the same time. I do not know why there is no official program at the app store. I am sure this will be a sure hit if apple loosen up the software restrictions on their device.

If you ask which connection is better, I think USB is a better option, it is more stable and while tethering, the phone is charging.

Below are two screen shots where internet tethering connection is successful.


Just do not forget that the  computer or laptop you want to tether should have iTunes downloaded and installed. Download the latest itunes here if you do not have it yet in your system. And the tariff you have with your mobile network includes internet tethering.

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