Friday, 30 September 2011

Cool Android Smartphone Apps 2

1. QR Droid

Barcodes seem like a thing of the past. Welcome QR(Quick Response) codes. These are black squares and lines you see printed in a product as a replacement for barcodes in a white background. Info's encoded can made up of any kind of data. See QR Droid page by scanning the code below!

You'll gonna need a QR code reader or scanner to translate this code into something that can be understood. In my android phone, I use "QR Droid", just search for it when you are at market place. It is very easy to use. it uses your existing camera to scan. Blinking blue lights will guide you into the best distance between the object and your camera. Instructions on how to use is also included with the download.

Please see video tutorial below on how to use it!

With the application, you can make a QR code with contacts, websites, notes, etc. etc., which you can store it as codes. Cool!

2. Norton Mobile Security Lite

Tips tο avoid trojan attacks, especially fοr those οf уοu whο hаνе Android phone like me. Android devices аrе expected tο become thе mοѕt vulnerable tο Trojan bесаυѕе іt іѕ open source, not only to trojans but other malwares. This is a bad news for Android users! A study shows that 99 percent of Android phones are vulnerable to a security attack which allows hackers to access their Google accounts!
Symantec's free app will protect your android device against malware and minimise the damage from loss and theft. An automatic virus scan will dtect and remove threats from downloads and can also check your SD cards. It can also be used to remotely lock your device in case it is stolen simply by sending a text.  Get it by scanning the QR code at the right, or you can search at the market place by searching for Norton Mobile Security Lite

Watch video below.

3. Unlock with wi-fi

 PIN's are good in securing your phone againsts theft and unauthorised use. But sometimes it can be a pain tapping in your passcode everytime especially in places you do not need to lock your phone, at home.

Good news is, you can use your wi-fi to disable the PIN feature when the phone is in range with your home router.  The app is called "Unlock with wi-fi".

 Screen shots below

Watch related video below.

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