Monday, 26 September 2011

Top of the rest free phone apps

Smartphones are not smart without applications. Clever apps make the device standout whether it is an apple, android, blackberry, symbian or windows operating system. Below are FREE apps you can download to make your phone smarter, practical to use and a must have to unleash your phones full potential.


For android, apple, blacberry, symbian

If you like to sing along to songs while you're out and about, TuneWiki is a must-have. It streams tracks with synchronised lyrics from music sites, and has Social Music Player that lets you hear what your friends are listening to.


For apple

This app lets you create mini-movies from the videos you capture. You can edit with effects and sounds on clips of up to 15 seconds, and share the result on social network on the move!


For android, apple

This is a note taking tool which makes it easy to share and organise your thought along with other personal content. You can take photos within the application and you can save web pages you can open and read while off l  no internet connection


for android, apple

If your internet connection seems consistenly too slow get to the bottom of it by using this app. It checks your internet speed over wi-fi or your network.

Boat Browser

for android

I use the default browser or the  opera mini for my android while surfing the net. Boat browser is new and packed with useful features for web browsing. Your most visited sites are stored on the home page. And if you are struggling to find screenshoot punction on HTC, this browser has it but with limitation, it can only make a shot on web pages.


for apple

For the shopper addicts, this little app will be useful in finding bargains for you it can find you things like:
  • Store Finder: Maps, opening hours and phone numbers for over 15,000 UK fashion retailers
  • Label Finder: Maps and store locations for over 2,000+ fashion labels
  • Sale Finder: Find out where the best sales are!

Team Viewer

for android, apple

This app lets you transfer files to and from laptop or PC. You can use your phone to access documents, photos and videos stored on your hard disk as long as your PC or laptop is connected into the internet.

Battery Update

for android

If your android phone drains battery very quick, this app will let you tweak the settings and kill apps easily to conserve battery.

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