Saturday, 24 September 2011

How to use find my mobile on iPhone or iPad

There's an aplication on iPhone  and iPad that can track the location of your device, just in case it got lost or stolen. This app lets you know where your device is at real time, provide your device is turned on or online. You can also send a message to the device, lock it up, especially when got stolen, or wipe out the contents you have put into your iTunes account access. It is easy and straight forward. Here's how!

1. In your device set up mobile me by going to SETTINGS, MAIL CONTACTS CALENDAR, then ADD ACCOUNT

2. Choose Mobile Me

 3. Set up account using your iTunes account

4. Go to your email for itune's log in and verify your account by clicking the verify button

5. Go back to your iPhone and turn on FIND MY IPHONE

6. In your computer, go to and log in to using your iTunes account, the next page will show the devices connected to your account which are "online" at the moment.

7. Click on the device you want to locate, it's location will be shown and you can choose to  send a message or wipe out it's data and lock it in case it is stolen. In this case I've chosen to send a message

8. There will be a confirmation when the message is sent and your device will make a sound for at least 2 minutes while the message is shown on the screen as an urgent message.

Same instructions when you have iPAD assuming you have created your account at



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