Monday, 30 June 2014

Improve Browsing Speed Using Hola

There are several ways to speed up browsing experience, like adding more RAM, upgrading to a more powerful machine or trying the latest internet connections like fibre optics and 4G. No doubt these ways can improve the way you access the web but this also means an extra money out from your wallet. Here's a way you can improve your browsing speed without spending anything!

Use Hola

This is a "social caching"site that speeds up browser by saving web contents from it's users in one location. Instead of your computer doing the "caching" of web pages, Hola's servers does this. As it involves all of it's users, this means the web pages "saved" from one particular site is on a massive scale compared to the pages saved by one user on a particular computer. This means loading of pages is faster as well.

Get it!

I use google chrome for this demo.

  • Just go to    and download(2) the extension.
  • The downloaded file(3) is automatically added to Chrome's browser extension.
  • The Hola icon appears(4) at the top right after successful Chrome integration
  • If the extension is not added for unknown reasons, as long as it is already downloaded(3) click "Start using Hola, it's free" one more time (5). Click Add(6) at the pop up dialogue.

Use It!

  • You have the option of signing up(7) with social network or google account (8), or choose to register with existing email.
  • Move your mouse to the browser picture area and from there an address bar window(10) appears where you can type the website you want to go.
  • You can also change your location (proxy server) by going to the flag's(9) drop down menu.

Enjoy it!

This is an additional feature of the site that can "change" the location of your access so that you can "unblock" (11) restricted contents according to region like the US exclusive(12) Hulu.  To see which region restricted popular sites that can be accessed to your location, go to


There are some sites that do not work with proxy servers like gaming sites or even website hosts. So if you are having a problem doing financial transactions or editing a website or a blog, click the power button(13) to  shutdown Hola.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Windows Log In Problem

I was not expecting  this warning when I signed on to my windows account. It says "the user profile service failed the logon".Whatever happened, I do not know. What I remembered is I just finished downloading a movie overnight and shutdown my laptop early morning before going to work. Then when I tried to log on ot my user account this evening after work, the error message appeared. Clicking Ok, logged me off  completely. Logging on to other profiles doesn't seem to have a problem. My profile has the problem. It might be corrupted? I do not know. What worries me is I might not be able to access the files only my profile can have the access. Luckily, there are other profiles that I can use to search for answer and solution.

This is one of the reasons why you need to set up other accounts to your laptop and at least two administrator accounts. At least if you have a spare administrator account, you can try fixing the problem. Regular accounts will not be allowed to change settings  specially when you make changes in the registry values.

But if you only have one account, restarting the machine in the safe mode will log you on to it's default windows administrator account.

To fix this, follow these steps.

1. Log on to another administrator account. 

If you are not sure if there are other administrator accounts, go to  control panel>user accounts>manage accounts(1). This will show all accounts and their restrictions. Select the administrator account that does not have a problem, in this case my wife's account(2).

2. After logging in to an administrator account, click start>type regedit>then enter

The registry window will show and  at this point, it is better to make a back up of the registry before proceeding. To do this, click File(01)>Export(02)>then choose a folder, in my case I created a new folder for registry only(03)> then create a back up name(04), then save(05).

Going back to the problem, click the folders as follows.
  3. Microsoft
  4. WindowsNT
  5. CurrentVersion
  6. ProfileList
  7. Then you will be presented  with folders that start with S-I-5 and with additional long number sequences. The user profiles are contained in this. Look for the two folders that look similar, the only difference is the other has an additional  .bak extension and the other doesn't have. 
  8. Double click each entry and at the other window, see under ProfileImagePath, that you are at the profile with the problem(see Data>C:\User\Richard).
**This screenshot is edited to limit space usage. You need to scroll down on every folder after clicking it to find the next folder.

     9. Right click the file without extension and click rename. Use your right arrow key to navigate until the end of the file name and type in .ba (a) then press enter.

     10. Right click the second file with .bak and click rename. Use your arrow keys again to go to the end of the file and use the back button to delete .bak extension, then enter(b).

     11. Go back to the renamed first file and rename .ba to .bak using the same technique with the arrow keys. 

     12. Click the folder without .bak and double click RefCount(9). Set the value to 0(10).

     13. Again with the folder without .bak, double click State(11) and change the value to 0(12)

     14. Exit Registry, restart your computer and try logging in to the problematic User profile.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Free up Android Smartphone's Storage

Smartphones are mini computers. And similarly, they accumulate "dirt and grime" from everyday use, like by browsing the web, downloading applications, making calls, sending messages and others. These remnants of smartphone activities are not necessarily deleted automatically and need the users intervention to erase these. Why erase them in the first place?  Because they are just taking up space and contributes to cpu usage strain!

If your smartphone is loaded with unnecessary items, this makes it slower to respond to every command, applications launch sluggishly and are just wasting memory space. 

The problem is, most of the clutters are hidden to folders users do not know where they are, or they do not realise that they are just unnecessary "leftovers". There are also files that are worth keeping like downloads, bluetooth transfer files but sometimes it is also  hard to decide which of these files are considered junk, and which one is worth keeping.

To help users automate the detection and deletion of these junks easily, a free utility is available from the play store.


Download Ccleaner for Android

How to use it.

  • Launch the application and click clean(1)
  • The software will analyse the smartphone's content and calculate how much space can be saved after removal of the recommended files. 
  • The list of  folders where unnecessary files are kept comes up.
Not all files in the download folder are junks. There might be some that you want to keep up. To pick which one to keep just tap to open it up and select from the list.  Application's installation files are usually huge and these can be deleted because you won't need them again. And also, these installation files are available at play store when you choose an application to download.
  • Tap the folder's name to see the content of each folder(2)
  • Tick the name of the contents that you want to delete and leave the one you want to keep.(3)
  • Or go back to the folder list if you want to delete all content of a folder and just tick the box or boxes of the folder/s
  • Press clean

  • There are entries for phone calls and text messages(5,6) as well. It can show you how many messages you have kept in the phone's memory. As a safety feature, there is no box to tick at the SMS(6) entry, this is to prevent accidental deletion of an important message, the SMS needs to be previewed before deleting. The call logs(5) on the other hand can be deleted completely or open(7) it up to select an entry to delete.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How To Unsend An Email

If you have been in a situation where you've sent an email to the wrong recipient or the wrong email to the correct recipient then this tip is for you. I have sent an unfinished attachment to my agency work just a moment ago. And there is nothing I can do but to send another email apologizing to my mistake. Well this is not really a major problem but it is embarrassing. The thing I did not know is there is a way of "unsending" an email, specially if you are using Gmail. This is a face saver and could save potential complications from miscommunication.

Here's how to do it.

How To Enable Undo Send

Whilst you are in your Gmail, click the cogwheel(1) at the top right corner then click settings(2). Go to labs(3) then at the search menu, type "undo send"(4) then enter. Be sure to type it with a space between the two words. Undo send will appear below then tick enable(5).

Set it up

Now that it is enabled, go back to general(6) and scroll down to Undo Send(7). From here you can set up the amount of time to undo sending after you have pressed the send button. You can choose from 5 to 30 seconds. (8)

How To Use It

 After clicking the send button(9) when emailing, a message pops up confirming the message has been sent(10). Additional menu of Undo, View Message, is also shown. Click undo(11) to unsend your message and a confirmation message(12) will pop  up!

This will stop your message from being sent. You do need to be quick as the unsending can be done only from 5 to 30 seconds depending on the  set up you used. It is advisable to use the longest 30 seconds to give you enough time to change your mind or rectify a mistake.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Fire Phone

The latest buzz is official, the amazon's phone flagship has sailed, bearing the familiar name of a variant of it's successfully launched tablet. The Fire Phone, is set to compete with the big names of the mobile industry like apple and samsung. Will it set fire to the high tech departments apple and samsung already hold  or bring a new battle ground for amazon has been known for, price to beat functional and practical products?

So we skip the boring the same "standard" features of a smartphone and jump to the interesting "practical" things the Fire Phone is starting to set fire and aims to lead!

Dynamic Perspective

Loved 3D but do not want to wear glasses and head ache afterwards? First of it's kind, the dynamic perspective feature changes the "perspective" view of a picture by adopting to the location of the viewer's eyes. The phone has 4 camera sensors in front of the phone to do this trick. So the image moves in relation to the viewer's angle of view.

A better alternative to the existing 3D displays that makes the image alive by offsetting two image sources, a "stereo image". But if you close one of your eyes whilst viewing a 3D, this becomes 2D because the other  receiver (the other eye) is not conveying the other signal to the brain.

With the dynamic perspective, it can show you the same output, either you use one eye or two!

Dynamic Perspective Video

Free Unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive

Another outstanding freebie of the phone is the unlimited photo cloud storage. Amazon understands that a smartphone can not live on being smart alone. It needs an ample supply of storage to keep up with everyday use and snapping.

With other mobile brands, you may need to spend arms and legs to get this freebie. No doubt that snapping photos is usually the reason why internal phone storage is easily filled up. And free cloud storage is very limited. This is a selling point to frustrated smartphone owners that are having a problem with low capacity internal and free cloud storage.


This is a feature of the fire phone's camera that can recognize anything. It's visual recognition ability can recognize a painting and tells you something about it by drawing data from wikipedia. Or scan an item and it tells you how much it is. Then directs you to Amazon marketplace in case you are enticed to buy it. It's voice recognition feature can give you the title of a song and other information. Text's are also recognised from an image, like a phone number or name and address. It also scans the usual barcodes, QRcodes and URL's.

See Firefly Button at Work

MayDay Button

This is the customer service of the the Firephone. If other phone manufactures let you ring a number for their customer assistents, this one is different. It let's you see the advisor in real time using a oneway video chat. This means you can see the advisor but she can not see you. You can ask any question relevant to the device and expect to be connected to an advisor  in at least 10 seconds or less.

The Mayday Customer Advisor

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Quick Fix For A Sluggish Chrome Browser

No doubt chrome is one of the fastest browser available. Backed up by google, it's reliability to open up web pages easily is one of it's selling factors. As an internet user, I do not care much of the add-ons available until I need them. The most important is for me is it brings me to a web page I want to go, pronto!

But like windows computers, I noticed that as days passes by, it somewhat losses some of it's speed. Sometimes it is sluggish to start up. Like a diesel car in a cold weather. So I do not have any choice but to click another alternative browser to do the job. But once it is up and running, I switch again to my favourite browser. The question is, why it is behaving like that and what should I do to stop this annoying behaviour.

Before installing and reinstalling chrome, here are the causes that might contribute to this and their simple solutions.

1. Too much applications running in the background

Programs like antivirus run in the background. This is essential specially when you are connected to the internet. Other programs like VOIP, instant messengers, and other programs updating can use up computer resources (CPU and RAM) specially when they are active at the same time. And also those application that are opened and remained active because they are not terminated properly. This leads to the delay of executing a command from a click of a mouse.

What to do?

  • Terminating the activity of these non essential programs would free up CPU activity and RAM, and thereby reserves more power to execute a  command. To do this, press the 3 key combination ctrl-alt-del> then windows task manager>processess.  The running applications will be listed and sorted according to memory usage. Right click the applications that use the most RAM(1) and end the process(2) quit. 

  •  Still at the task manager, click applications(4),  right click the application(4) you want to quit, then end the task(5). If  there is an applications that has a "not responding" status, end it as well.

2. Chrome is busy syncing.

Not just the other running applications is causing the problem. Even chrome itself.

When you have more than one google account or your laptop is used by other google account holders, everytime a new account is logged in, the browser attempts to synchronize the data of the logged in account. The sychronisation time depends on the number of elements and the overall size of the data. This causes chrome to become unresponsive. Usually, all elements of google account is synchronised by default but the good news is you can choose which element to update or not to update at all by just ticking a box. 

How to do  it?

Type chrome://settings (6) at the address bar then click advanced sync settings(7). Click the dropdown menu and choose what to sync(8) by ticking or un ticking the elements you do not want to sync.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How To Convert Downloaded Movies To Stream Using Apple TV?

Apple TV is very good in streaming movies from apple's iTunes library. In fact any movie that you can  play with iTunes even without adding it in the library can be streamed from any computer that runs iTunes, windows PC's included. However, not every video format is compatible with it. Downloaded videos in FLV, MKV and even AVI formats will not play in iTunes. This means they are just ignored when you want to play them with iTunes. They need to be converted to MP4 first.

I use a free application to convert almost any movie format into MP4. This can be downloaded from

Aside from being free, Freemake Video Converter is very easy to use and fast too. It can convert a video into many popular formats like apple, android, avi, flv, mp4 and many more. See picture below.

How to convert videos compatible to apple TV using FreeMake Converter.

1. Open the application and click video(1)
2. This will open an explorer window and go to where you kept the video you want to convert, in this case, it is under Movies(2). 
3. Choose the one you want to convert(3).
4. Click OK(4).

5. Choose which format you want to convert it. MP4(5) is usually compatible to most media players, iTunes included. This is more flexible than any of the formats available.

6. Next step is to choose the quality(6) of the video. The quality affects the file size, so if you want to transfer your video into a mobile phone, there is a selection for mobile quality. The only downside is, it will not look good when played in a big screen.

7. Choose where(7) you want to save the converted video.

8. Click convert(8)

9. The elapse time during conversion is shown at the popup window. At this point, you can cancel or pause the conversion anytime by pressing the correct button.

How to stream converted video to Apple TV

10. The video is now ready for apple TV streaming. Assuming your apple TV is already connected to the same network as your laptop, right click the converted file(10).

11. Click "open with" and select iTunes(11)

12. Click the airplay button(12) 

13. Then choose appleTV(13).Now you can enjoy the converted movie on a bigger monitor using apple TV!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Microphone Problem on Samsung S3

My daughter's S3 phone is having a microphone problem. I can not hear her when we have a phone conversation. She needs to shout at her phone in order to hear what she is saying. But still, her voice is still very faint to understand.

What went wrong?

1. Microphone is faulty 

Obviously, this might be the case. But there are other conditions that can "mute" a working microphone. So before deciding to send the unit to Samsung for repair, do the following to diagnose if it is faulty.  

How to diagnose?
  • Use voice recorder(under samsung folder)
Enable voice recorder and try recording your voice. If this works, then the microphone is working well, otherwise, it is not working.

  • S voice (under samsung folder or double click the home button)(1) or  browser's voice search(2)(tap any browser and clear the address bar area to show microphone icon)
Enable S voice or any browser and say a word to search. If both of them can "hear" you, a respond will be shown on the screen. This means the microphone is working.

The fix.

If the microphone fails with the two tests, then the microphone may need replacing, send your unit for repairs. For the meantime, you can use a wired handsfree kit to make calls or a wireless bluetooth headset.

2. Software fault?

If you have other applications installed that can make calls, like viber, localphone, skype and etc., then most probably one of these apps is on and might be using the microphone that in effect is not available to use using the phone's dialer. 

How to diagnose?

  • Sign in to skype on the S3 with mic problem and ask anyone from your contact to sign in as well or if you have two skype accounts then you can sign in to one of your account to a different device.
If they can hear you from the other end then this means the the microphone is working. And there might be a software that is causing the problem.

The fix.

Disable all communication apps that use the mic. Then try to call using the mobile network. If this does not work then resetting the phone to factory setting is the last resort.

**This is what happened with my daughter's phone. Although I can not pinpoint which application is the culprit, after forcing these apps to stop, I was able to hear and understand what she is saying over the phone.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

3 Uses of the Mobile Phone's IMEI

What makes cellular devices unique to another is it's IMEI, the 15 to 17 digit code that is assigned to one particular device. No two devices should be with similar International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is usually printed behind the battery slot of a phone and can be accessed by dialing *#06# on the phone's key pad.

This is not only limited to cellular phones though. Tablets that use SIM cards and internet dongles do have IMEI as well. Other phones with multiple SIM card slots have multiple IMEI's as well. One for each SIM card slots.

  • Anti Counterfeit

Online bidding is a good place to buy cheap items but there is a good risk of getting a counterfeit, specially with mobile phones. The fact that you can not  scrutinize the product before sending over your payment can result in inevitable financial loss. To give you a piece of protection from fakes and counterfeits, knowing the phone's IMEI can at least slim the chance of getting ripped off.

You can use this online utility to analyse the IMEI of the one you are bidding on.

 Just type the IMEI (1) and it can tell you the exact model of the unit(2), if the IMEI is valid(3), the date (4) when the device is released in the market and which region(5).

Having this information can check the validity of the specifications the seller is advertising.  You can also check if the phone you are bidding on is stolen or lost by checking the data base at

  • Identity and anti-theft protection

This is the only form of identification of the phone that can not be faked. This means in the event your phone is stolen, you can contact your network provider and make your lost or stolen phone blocked so that it can be of no use to anyone. 

  • Remote Unlocking

IMEI is also a requirement in case you want to unlock your phone remotely. The IMEI number is connected to a network's data base and they need this to generate a code that is keyed in to the phone's keypad, most particularly to high end smartphones. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

iPad Quick Fix: Skype Not Working

A friend told me he has a problem with his iPad particularly with Skype. He said he can not use it properly or the application fails at some point. As we are just talking over the phone, I do not know what really is happening.

At lunch time, he brought the iPad for me to take a look. We launched the application on his iPad and on my laptop then try to communicate with each other using Skype. Video is good and can hear me loud and clear but I can not hear him. So this is the problem that he is talking about! His contacts can not hear a word he is saying during their video call conversation.

Things that can cause the problem paraded in front of my mind. It might be the device itself(microphone), the internet bandwidth, the software or the setting!

Problem solving

  • Rule out device(microphone), application and bandwidth

To rule out if his device or the application is the problem, I let him use my laptop to log into his Skype account and I log on to my Skype account to my android device. Our Skype conversation has no problem, we can see and hear each other very well.  I am now suspecting the iPad's microphone causing the problem. To test if it is, I asked him to download other VOIP (oovoo) software on his iPad. After downloading and creating a new account for him, we used oovoo to communicate. The video is superb and the sound is OK as well. This time we know that there is nothing wrong with the iPad's microphone and the bandwidth. So it is down to the Skype application. We might need to re install again or look under the hood and check the settings.

Looking under the iPad's microphone setting, we noticed that the device does not allow Skype(3) to use the iPad's microphone! Tapping the button on did resolved his problem.

To go to the iPad's microphone setting, tap settings> then privacy(1)> microphone(2)>slide and turn the button on(4).

Friday, 6 June 2014

Note 3 Quick Fix: Negative Coloured Screen

Last Tuesday, I was making fun of my workmates by discreetly changing the channels and turning down the volume of the telly at lunch time with my Note 3. They are convinced something is wrong with the remote or the TV. But one colleague noticed what I was doing and he got interest of setting his Note phone as well. When we accessed his watch on application, it was saying it needed updating. And because the signal is not great and my lunch break is almost over, I told him to update at home and do it the following day.

He looked troubled the next day, saying his phone's display has gone funny. The photos on his gallery became unrecognizable and everything on the screen is showing weird colours. He said "everything is messed up after the update!" I felt guilty because I was the one who told him to update. But at the back of my mind I suspected he did something that made his display looked like this!

As this was a screen display problem, my hunch is I might be able to find the solution under Display (Settings>Device>Display) settings. But there was no clue or whatever that can reverse this. Investigating further with his device, I noticed that the texts and messages are very clear and easy to read with the unusual combination of colours. This made me suspect it might be a setting that affects ease of access that he messed up.

My conscience was relieved when we found out that he accidentally activated the negative colours(1) under accessibility menu. To reverse the negative effect, go to Settings>Device>Accessibility>scroll down to Vision>untick Negative Colours(2).

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Magic of iOS 8

Here's good news to apple fans, the new iOS 8 is coming to your devices. It will be compatible to apple products from iPhone 4s, the iPod 5th generation, and iPad 2, to the newer versions. Improvements and enhancements are surely would enchant apple users because they are new and are just the things they really are missing out from other smartphone users.

More Open

 Apple is mean in terms of keeping away non-apple recognized applications and very reluctant of integrating third party apps as one of its native apps. Users can not really choose but to helplessly use the one provided by the company. This time, iOS 8 gives you the freedom to pick a non apple keyboard input style which has been long enjoyed by the android market. "Swyping" rather than typing is at last in the list of tricks. And as the gate is partly opened, users can anticipate more apps and improvements from the already millions of  existing application catalogue.

Camera Magic

iOS 8 will be a charm to use to take photos with the new features and powerful edit functions away from a desktop computer. This will let the captured moments as perfect as possible even though captured awkwardly. Perfectly cropping and adjusting a loop sided photo will no longer need a full photo software but the native app within the phone's camera. The software also took advantage of the touch interface to easily re orient photos with the aid of a compass like tool. Aligning the horizon this way is more accurate than tapping a button or entering number angles.

Auto settings for photos will make a photo beginner feel like a pro with adjustments at real time. The changes it makes whilst moving the slider help the novice see the difference at every increment and help determine the best result. And with the aid of built in filters, a masterpiece is just waiting to be discovered.

First in the history of mobile phone camera comes the time lapse function which you can only find at a high end professional camera. Users can now experience how to take an accelerated view of the sun from rising from the east and ultimately setting to the west.

 iCloud Magic

Understanding what users need is one of the ingredients of a successful product. Apple did know, that with the integrated powerful camera will impact the use of the phone's storage. As the iPhone is still not ready to  embrace the use of an external storage, it made a practical move of creating iCloud Photo Library. This do not just remedy the limited internal storage but to integrate more apple products in the same library to access the same file. This means while a user will be taking a photo in his iPhone, he can go home and edit the same photo on his iMac, and view the photo on his iPad while laying lazy on his bed.

Handoff feature does more when connected to iCloud. It picks up user's activity from one device to another. This means a user can start surfing from his iPhone and can continue the same link from his iPad. Other synchorized applications include  Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts.

Connected devices to the same wi-fi network as the user's iPhone now can be used to answer or make a phone call. There is no longer a need to run upstairs where the iPhone is charging as the call can be picked up from iMac, or iPad. Long text messages can be composed easily at an iPad or iMac and can be sent directly to any contact without using the iPhone.

Messaging Magic

First thing that comes to mind in terms of messaging is text messaging, where user type what he sends and the recipient read at the other end. The iOS 8 made messaging exciting by the ability to send voice messages. This is useful when the recipient is behind the wheels or it is imposible to take a glimpse at the screen. Users with disability will also find this useful.

Staying in focus whilst doing something is brought possible by being able to read and reply to messages without leaving the application you are on. This is a form of multi tasking that is practical and productive.

Family Magic

Apple fan family has something to smile about specially the one who did the i-Pay part of the iPad, iPhone, iMac and iPod. After setting a Family Sharing account, everything is shared, from music, videos, and apps  except user names and passwords. So the premium applications of mum and dad can be used by anybody in the family circle. Dad can now forget about shocking bill from a family member tied to his credit card as he can see every invoice directed to his card. \It is just a matter of tapping the necessary button for dad to authorize the purchase.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Why You Will Like The HTC One Mini 2

Buy Now From  £25per month!
Here's the smaller version of the metallic premium looking mobile sensation, the HTC One Mini 2. With the front facing speaker to wow you with your favourite mp3's and a friendlier size of 4.5 inch screen for a comfortable grip while doing a selfie, this smartphone is a contender and can steal the spot light from top selling models. Why not?

Size and Handling

Although it is a mini, it is still longer and wider than the iPhone 5 with 137.43 x 65.04 x 10.6 mm dimensions. If you are used to apple products then the size could be noticeably big when held but the bigger screen is an advantage during multi media playback. I personally favor wider screens as they have ample space to play with and can save you from pinching out the images and texts. It's size is not a problem getting in and out of my pocket. It's aluminum body gives the confidence of surviving a tight jeans pocket.

Multimedia and Entertainment

It has an amazing sound like no other, thanks to the HTC Boomsound stereo feature to it's tiny but powerful front facing speakers. The refinement in audio playback is brought by built in software control and amplifier complimented with well crafted speaker chamber to make every sound  crisp and powerful. In my opinion, you do not need a speaker dock to enjoy your movies and music inside your room.

One significant feature is the selfie mode that uses the front facing 5MP camera and useful selfie tools like timer, on the fly editor like the "make-up" feature that can turn blemished skin as flawless as possible.

Connectivity, Memory and Performance

This phone takes the nano size sim card. This means you need to purchase a compatible sim if you have a plan to use your old phone number on a regular or micro sim. The battery is built in but unlike the original HTC One, the mini takes a micro SD to expand it's memory to a total of 128GB! More than enough to carry all of your MP3's or  movies.

It's computing power is brought by a quad-core processor from qualcomm running at 1.2GHz speed, coupled by 1GBof RAM, enough to run a program smoothy, but may struggle with more application opened at the same time.

It has the usual bluetooth, wi-fi, NFC and the latest data protocol 4G! This means with the correct data tariff, you can experience the fastest mobile internet connection available. You do not need to be in a wi-fi area to stream videos or engage in video calls. Just do not forget to get the right amount of data according to your need.


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