Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Fire Phone

The latest buzz is official, the amazon's phone flagship has sailed, bearing the familiar name of a variant of it's successfully launched tablet. The Fire Phone, is set to compete with the big names of the mobile industry like apple and samsung. Will it set fire to the high tech departments apple and samsung already hold  or bring a new battle ground for amazon has been known for, price to beat functional and practical products?

So we skip the boring the same "standard" features of a smartphone and jump to the interesting "practical" things the Fire Phone is starting to set fire and aims to lead!

Dynamic Perspective

Loved 3D but do not want to wear glasses and head ache afterwards? First of it's kind, the dynamic perspective feature changes the "perspective" view of a picture by adopting to the location of the viewer's eyes. The phone has 4 camera sensors in front of the phone to do this trick. So the image moves in relation to the viewer's angle of view.

A better alternative to the existing 3D displays that makes the image alive by offsetting two image sources, a "stereo image". But if you close one of your eyes whilst viewing a 3D, this becomes 2D because the other  receiver (the other eye) is not conveying the other signal to the brain.

With the dynamic perspective, it can show you the same output, either you use one eye or two!

Dynamic Perspective Video

Free Unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive

Another outstanding freebie of the phone is the unlimited photo cloud storage. Amazon understands that a smartphone can not live on being smart alone. It needs an ample supply of storage to keep up with everyday use and snapping.

With other mobile brands, you may need to spend arms and legs to get this freebie. No doubt that snapping photos is usually the reason why internal phone storage is easily filled up. And free cloud storage is very limited. This is a selling point to frustrated smartphone owners that are having a problem with low capacity internal and free cloud storage.


This is a feature of the fire phone's camera that can recognize anything. It's visual recognition ability can recognize a painting and tells you something about it by drawing data from wikipedia. Or scan an item and it tells you how much it is. Then directs you to Amazon marketplace in case you are enticed to buy it. It's voice recognition feature can give you the title of a song and other information. Text's are also recognised from an image, like a phone number or name and address. It also scans the usual barcodes, QRcodes and URL's.

See Firefly Button at Work

MayDay Button

This is the customer service of the the Firephone. If other phone manufactures let you ring a number for their customer assistents, this one is different. It let's you see the advisor in real time using a oneway video chat. This means you can see the advisor but she can not see you. You can ask any question relevant to the device and expect to be connected to an advisor  in at least 10 seconds or less.

The Mayday Customer Advisor

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