Friday, 6 June 2014

Note 3 Quick Fix: Negative Coloured Screen

Last Tuesday, I was making fun of my workmates by discreetly changing the channels and turning down the volume of the telly at lunch time with my Note 3. They are convinced something is wrong with the remote or the TV. But one colleague noticed what I was doing and he got interest of setting his Note phone as well. When we accessed his watch on application, it was saying it needed updating. And because the signal is not great and my lunch break is almost over, I told him to update at home and do it the following day.

He looked troubled the next day, saying his phone's display has gone funny. The photos on his gallery became unrecognizable and everything on the screen is showing weird colours. He said "everything is messed up after the update!" I felt guilty because I was the one who told him to update. But at the back of my mind I suspected he did something that made his display looked like this!

As this was a screen display problem, my hunch is I might be able to find the solution under Display (Settings>Device>Display) settings. But there was no clue or whatever that can reverse this. Investigating further with his device, I noticed that the texts and messages are very clear and easy to read with the unusual combination of colours. This made me suspect it might be a setting that affects ease of access that he messed up.

My conscience was relieved when we found out that he accidentally activated the negative colours(1) under accessibility menu. To reverse the negative effect, go to Settings>Device>Accessibility>scroll down to Vision>untick Negative Colours(2).

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