Monday, 2 June 2014

Why You Will Like The HTC One Mini 2

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Here's the smaller version of the metallic premium looking mobile sensation, the HTC One Mini 2. With the front facing speaker to wow you with your favourite mp3's and a friendlier size of 4.5 inch screen for a comfortable grip while doing a selfie, this smartphone is a contender and can steal the spot light from top selling models. Why not?

Size and Handling

Although it is a mini, it is still longer and wider than the iPhone 5 with 137.43 x 65.04 x 10.6 mm dimensions. If you are used to apple products then the size could be noticeably big when held but the bigger screen is an advantage during multi media playback. I personally favor wider screens as they have ample space to play with and can save you from pinching out the images and texts. It's size is not a problem getting in and out of my pocket. It's aluminum body gives the confidence of surviving a tight jeans pocket.

Multimedia and Entertainment

It has an amazing sound like no other, thanks to the HTC Boomsound stereo feature to it's tiny but powerful front facing speakers. The refinement in audio playback is brought by built in software control and amplifier complimented with well crafted speaker chamber to make every sound  crisp and powerful. In my opinion, you do not need a speaker dock to enjoy your movies and music inside your room.

One significant feature is the selfie mode that uses the front facing 5MP camera and useful selfie tools like timer, on the fly editor like the "make-up" feature that can turn blemished skin as flawless as possible.

Connectivity, Memory and Performance

This phone takes the nano size sim card. This means you need to purchase a compatible sim if you have a plan to use your old phone number on a regular or micro sim. The battery is built in but unlike the original HTC One, the mini takes a micro SD to expand it's memory to a total of 128GB! More than enough to carry all of your MP3's or  movies.

It's computing power is brought by a quad-core processor from qualcomm running at 1.2GHz speed, coupled by 1GBof RAM, enough to run a program smoothy, but may struggle with more application opened at the same time.

It has the usual bluetooth, wi-fi, NFC and the latest data protocol 4G! This means with the correct data tariff, you can experience the fastest mobile internet connection available. You do not need to be in a wi-fi area to stream videos or engage in video calls. Just do not forget to get the right amount of data according to your need.

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