Friday, 27 June 2014

Free up Android Smartphone's Storage

Smartphones are mini computers. And similarly, they accumulate "dirt and grime" from everyday use, like by browsing the web, downloading applications, making calls, sending messages and others. These remnants of smartphone activities are not necessarily deleted automatically and need the users intervention to erase these. Why erase them in the first place?  Because they are just taking up space and contributes to cpu usage strain!

If your smartphone is loaded with unnecessary items, this makes it slower to respond to every command, applications launch sluggishly and are just wasting memory space. 

The problem is, most of the clutters are hidden to folders users do not know where they are, or they do not realise that they are just unnecessary "leftovers". There are also files that are worth keeping like downloads, bluetooth transfer files but sometimes it is also  hard to decide which of these files are considered junk, and which one is worth keeping.

To help users automate the detection and deletion of these junks easily, a free utility is available from the play store.


Download Ccleaner for Android

How to use it.

  • Launch the application and click clean(1)
  • The software will analyse the smartphone's content and calculate how much space can be saved after removal of the recommended files. 
  • The list of  folders where unnecessary files are kept comes up.
Not all files in the download folder are junks. There might be some that you want to keep up. To pick which one to keep just tap to open it up and select from the list.  Application's installation files are usually huge and these can be deleted because you won't need them again. And also, these installation files are available at play store when you choose an application to download.
  • Tap the folder's name to see the content of each folder(2)
  • Tick the name of the contents that you want to delete and leave the one you want to keep.(3)
  • Or go back to the folder list if you want to delete all content of a folder and just tick the box or boxes of the folder/s
  • Press clean

  • There are entries for phone calls and text messages(5,6) as well. It can show you how many messages you have kept in the phone's memory. As a safety feature, there is no box to tick at the SMS(6) entry, this is to prevent accidental deletion of an important message, the SMS needs to be previewed before deleting. The call logs(5) on the other hand can be deleted completely or open(7) it up to select an entry to delete.

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