Saturday, 28 June 2014

Windows Log In Problem

I was not expecting  this warning when I signed on to my windows account. It says "the user profile service failed the logon".Whatever happened, I do not know. What I remembered is I just finished downloading a movie overnight and shutdown my laptop early morning before going to work. Then when I tried to log on ot my user account this evening after work, the error message appeared. Clicking Ok, logged me off  completely. Logging on to other profiles doesn't seem to have a problem. My profile has the problem. It might be corrupted? I do not know. What worries me is I might not be able to access the files only my profile can have the access. Luckily, there are other profiles that I can use to search for answer and solution.

This is one of the reasons why you need to set up other accounts to your laptop and at least two administrator accounts. At least if you have a spare administrator account, you can try fixing the problem. Regular accounts will not be allowed to change settings  specially when you make changes in the registry values.

But if you only have one account, restarting the machine in the safe mode will log you on to it's default windows administrator account.

To fix this, follow these steps.

1. Log on to another administrator account. 

If you are not sure if there are other administrator accounts, go to  control panel>user accounts>manage accounts(1). This will show all accounts and their restrictions. Select the administrator account that does not have a problem, in this case my wife's account(2).

2. After logging in to an administrator account, click start>type regedit>then enter

The registry window will show and  at this point, it is better to make a back up of the registry before proceeding. To do this, click File(01)>Export(02)>then choose a folder, in my case I created a new folder for registry only(03)> then create a back up name(04), then save(05).

Going back to the problem, click the folders as follows.
  3. Microsoft
  4. WindowsNT
  5. CurrentVersion
  6. ProfileList
  7. Then you will be presented  with folders that start with S-I-5 and with additional long number sequences. The user profiles are contained in this. Look for the two folders that look similar, the only difference is the other has an additional  .bak extension and the other doesn't have. 
  8. Double click each entry and at the other window, see under ProfileImagePath, that you are at the profile with the problem(see Data>C:\User\Richard).
**This screenshot is edited to limit space usage. You need to scroll down on every folder after clicking it to find the next folder.

     9. Right click the file without extension and click rename. Use your right arrow key to navigate until the end of the file name and type in .ba (a) then press enter.

     10. Right click the second file with .bak and click rename. Use your arrow keys again to go to the end of the file and use the back button to delete .bak extension, then enter(b).

     11. Go back to the renamed first file and rename .ba to .bak using the same technique with the arrow keys. 

     12. Click the folder without .bak and double click RefCount(9). Set the value to 0(10).

     13. Again with the folder without .bak, double click State(11) and change the value to 0(12)

     14. Exit Registry, restart your computer and try logging in to the problematic User profile.

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