Wednesday, 11 June 2014

3 Uses of the Mobile Phone's IMEI

What makes cellular devices unique to another is it's IMEI, the 15 to 17 digit code that is assigned to one particular device. No two devices should be with similar International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is usually printed behind the battery slot of a phone and can be accessed by dialing *#06# on the phone's key pad.

This is not only limited to cellular phones though. Tablets that use SIM cards and internet dongles do have IMEI as well. Other phones with multiple SIM card slots have multiple IMEI's as well. One for each SIM card slots.

  • Anti Counterfeit

Online bidding is a good place to buy cheap items but there is a good risk of getting a counterfeit, specially with mobile phones. The fact that you can not  scrutinize the product before sending over your payment can result in inevitable financial loss. To give you a piece of protection from fakes and counterfeits, knowing the phone's IMEI can at least slim the chance of getting ripped off.

You can use this online utility to analyse the IMEI of the one you are bidding on.

 Just type the IMEI (1) and it can tell you the exact model of the unit(2), if the IMEI is valid(3), the date (4) when the device is released in the market and which region(5).

Having this information can check the validity of the specifications the seller is advertising.  You can also check if the phone you are bidding on is stolen or lost by checking the data base at

  • Identity and anti-theft protection

This is the only form of identification of the phone that can not be faked. This means in the event your phone is stolen, you can contact your network provider and make your lost or stolen phone blocked so that it can be of no use to anyone. 

  • Remote Unlocking

IMEI is also a requirement in case you want to unlock your phone remotely. The IMEI number is connected to a network's data base and they need this to generate a code that is keyed in to the phone's keypad, most particularly to high end smartphones. 

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