Friday, 13 January 2017

How to Copy Articles From Flipboard

Flipboard is a useful app for mobile users who love to read. It kills boredom especially during long travels or waiting for transport that is taking forever to arrive. It is even more useful for researchers or copywriters who are looking for interesting story to work on, as the application can be modified to which topic it will show to the reader.

The only problem is, the mobile application does not allow users to highlight the text which makes it impossible to copy a portion or all of the text.

But there's a practical trick to do just that.

This post will show you how to get around this restriction, enable you to highlight the text that makes copying of the article possible,

  • On android device

1. Tap the menu button at he top right of the screen,
2. Select "view on web"
3. Long press on the text and position the slider to the desired position
4. Then press copy.

Now you can paste it to anywhere you want like in a document you are working or note. You can also share the entire article by pressing the share button next to the copy button and you can email the whole article without copying it.

  • On iOS device

5. Long press on the article until the built in menu shows then press "open in Safari". 

6. Long press to select the information you need and press copy!


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