Monday, 9 June 2014

iPad Quick Fix: Skype Not Working

A friend told me he has a problem with his iPad particularly with Skype. He said he can not use it properly or the application fails at some point. As we are just talking over the phone, I do not know what really is happening.

At lunch time, he brought the iPad for me to take a look. We launched the application on his iPad and on my laptop then try to communicate with each other using Skype. Video is good and can hear me loud and clear but I can not hear him. So this is the problem that he is talking about! His contacts can not hear a word he is saying during their video call conversation.

Things that can cause the problem paraded in front of my mind. It might be the device itself(microphone), the internet bandwidth, the software or the setting!

Problem solving

  • Rule out device(microphone), application and bandwidth

To rule out if his device or the application is the problem, I let him use my laptop to log into his Skype account and I log on to my Skype account to my android device. Our Skype conversation has no problem, we can see and hear each other very well.  I am now suspecting the iPad's microphone causing the problem. To test if it is, I asked him to download other VOIP (oovoo) software on his iPad. After downloading and creating a new account for him, we used oovoo to communicate. The video is superb and the sound is OK as well. This time we know that there is nothing wrong with the iPad's microphone and the bandwidth. So it is down to the Skype application. We might need to re install again or look under the hood and check the settings.

Looking under the iPad's microphone setting, we noticed that the device does not allow Skype(3) to use the iPad's microphone! Tapping the button on did resolved his problem.

To go to the iPad's microphone setting, tap settings> then privacy(1)> microphone(2)>slide and turn the button on(4).

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