Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to speed up internet without breaking the bank

Does your internet connection seems slow? And do not have a clue what happened and what to do? There are settings that can be tweaked, but tweaking is for the more experienced user. There are sofwares that can do this for you but come with a price. Rather than trying to get your hands dirty or making a hole into your pocket, this software is free and do the dirty job to make your connection a bit better.

Here's how its done.

Check internet speed

1.Before going any further, it is useful to know your actual internet speed by going to Just wait for the speed detection window to completely loaded before you click the test. There is nothing to download or scan at the moment so do not be tempted to press scan now!

2. The resulting speed test below.


1. Download it from !
Note: at the download page there are some download links for other programs that are rather confusing, just refer to the screen shot below where to click.

2. Download and install the application.

Note: at the installation, the installer will give you the option of installing their toolbar and changing your home page. You can opt not to do that by unticking the boxes. Anyway you can disable the toolbar later or change your homepage back if you happened to tick them.

3. Now you are ready to launch the optimizer. The program analyze your system to see the settings it will recommend to be optimised. You need to tick your known connection speed as you've determined before the download.

4.  After analysis, the recommended settings for programs  that are related to internet usage will be shown

5. Click run or proceed with the optimization, in the process you neeed to close down programs that are using the internet.

6. After the result, you need to restart your computer.

7. Then go to the speed test page again to see if there's any improvement.  Here's what it did to my system.

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