Saturday, 8 October 2011

Browsing Tweaks 1: Speed Up Chrome

Internet browsing is affected by many factors, from the hardware's capabilities, the ISP's bandwidth, the amount of internet traffic at a given time, the data components of the sites you are visiting, and the things you want to do while online. Watching videos and making online communication with video or audio seem the most frustrating part, as these requires large bandwidths.

Remedy to this includes hardware acceleration which includes overclocking the system, buying components such as bigger RAM, upgrading ISP's into better and bigger bandwidth and so on, and these costs really a price, time and effort.

The average internet user can  speed up our browsing speed by just doing some practical solutions which includes enabling or disabling features from the browser you are already using, or by using lower bandwidth version of the sites you are visiting.

How to Speed Up Chrome

Improve Search Speed

In CHROME browser, type about:flags in the search bar and enable Preload Instant Search. This make things  faster as the search function is already enabled before even typing a search word into the address bar. When you click the top result on that page, the site will appear almost immediately.

Disable plug-ins

You can speed up the time chrome takes to bring up web pages by disabling plug-ins and letting them on manually. Still at about:flags, enable click to play option.

Then click on the I. Tools icon, Options, II Under the Bonnet, Content Settings, III tick Click to play under plug ins. If click to play is not in the option, manually disable all by clicking disable individual plug-ins.

Turn On Hardware Acceleration

Turn on hardware acceleration by enabling GPU Composting and GPU accelerated canvas 2D. You can compare the before and after results by going to before and after enabling it, and see the difference at the frame rate speed.

See the frame rate difference between before on the left and after on the right.


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