Sunday, 23 October 2011

Facebook chat for iPAD Update 2

I haven't been using the iPad for a while to access FB, neither by using the default application or either by the customised aps to access FB contents, specially the chat function. Just recently I've found out that the FB's native application for iPAD already has a chat function on it.

 The updated native iPAD FB  app is neater , the interface is easier to follow and navigate. It's chat function is somewhat hidden, and  only is available on the landscape mode. If an iPAD user rarely use the device in the landscape mode, he surely will not know FB chat in official application.

Screen shots below.

At portrait mode, tapping the the menu button, squared with green box, will only show the sub menus at the left. and will not allow you to scroll left.

From the portrait mode, rotate your device into the  landscape mode and scroll the page to the left and the chat button will be shown on the left.

Pressing the box with the arrow will get you online.

And your online friends will be shown ready to chat!

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  1. I can't find the "Chat" word on my Ipad 2...supposedly its on the upper right hand corner. All I see is a list of friends, as well as friends with a green dot. I want to go OFFLINE.

  2. Please provide a screenshot and email it at



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